Oct. 10th, 2010

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Does anyone know what the deal is with the National's production of Twelfth Night, that they seem to think it's such a big deal and everyone in the world will flock to see it? I mean, I like a bit of Twelfth Night as much as the next person, but still...
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Meh. I have managed to waste today entirely. I have done nothing except waft around in a nightie watching TV (oh, I so want someone to write White Collar AU with Neal Caffrey as Ferris Bueller, Peter as a slightly less angsty Cameron, and Elizabeth as Sloane, because that would win), poking around on the internet, and just now having a giant sleepy so that I have no time to go out and buy some tea for dinner before Downton Abbey (because I don't want to cook). I just ordered pizza. Extravagant.

Oh well, these things happen. If I didn't want to spend most of the evening asleep, I shouldn't have gone and had a little snuggle in bed.

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