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Greetings from this side of the weekend! Had a smashing time, and I will now proceed to tell you all about it. Well, not all about it. Let's aim for the highlights, what, and leave it at that. So, Katie and I bopped to the South Bank and met Helen and Chloe at midday, and went round the National with, it mun be said, quite a lot of old people, who asked questions like "How much of the National's funding comes from the Government?" But, anyway, it was fab and, best of all, only one (1) of God's honest pounds.

Then we went and had lunch in Trafalgar Square, which was vee yum (Prezzo is actually very nice), and then we walked down the Mall to Mayfair, where we made our way to Heywood Hill, an extremely adorable bookshop (located, so the blue plaque outside would have us believe, in one of Nancy Mitford's former residences) with a quite beautiful old chap running it. Anyway, thus was the Wodehouse exhibition, which was dandy. (Total, total love for the bookshop - the sort of place where you ring them up on the 'phone and ask for such and such a title, and they send it round in a plain brown paper parcel - gorgeous! I want to get all my books that way.) So that was all super, and then Katie and I went home on the bus (a routemaster - always jolly) and got the last bits of Helen's birthday present. (And I watched Merlin and decided to become an Arthur/Gwen shipper.)

Accordingly, on Sunday, I arose late and we went to Helen's for cake, wine and general bitchery (always a staple), which was perfectly charming.

In conclusion: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HELEN!!

And also: I got offered that job I wanted (at ten to eight this morning - ye gods!), so woo!
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Oh, what a lot of things I have to relate. Well, not that many really. My life is not, after all, so very thrilling. Hmm, let me see. So, the other night, [ profile] pim2005 came round for dinner. I cooked curry. It wasn’t ace. I also made some chocolate mousse, ditto. We watched Waiting For God and had a little bitch. It was perfectly charming. Last night, we had pizza (yum) and watched NCIS. Tonight, I am going to [ profile] weird_bird’s, and then bopping back home to welcome into the fold Chris, who is using FT as a cheap (viz. free) alternative to a hotel.

Tomorrow, however, will be a beautiful day. [ profile] katie__pillar and I are meeting [ profile] balooky and [ profile] klo_the_hobbit at the National Theatre and doing their backstage tour (OMG HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THE NATIONAL? AS MUCH AS THE SKY!), then going on to lunch in Trafalgar Square, and then rounding things off with the Wodehouse exhibition in Mayfair (or wherever it is; I’m not really sure; I just like the idea of its being in Mayfair). How ace does that day sound? Fingers crossed the weather will oblige, for there’s nothing drearier than tramping round the grey streets of London in the pouring rain (espesh when one doesn’t own an umbrella; or, rather, all one’s umbrellas have mysteriously vanished: I blame Borrowers).

Anyway, further to the tale of last night’s pizza, I was extremely disappointed in the White Hart Lane Sainsbury’s. Six kinds of cheddar and grated cheddar in a bag, but do they have any grated mozzarella to put onto homemade pizza? No they fucking don’t. It’s like the new Tesco in Sheen, which, although full to the gunwales of stuff, never actually seems to have anything. It’s freakish. Every single time I’ve gone there to get something, they’ve never had it, and I’ve had to go to Waitrose. Given that they constructed themselves right opposite Waitrose (where the Woolworths used to be – oh, Woolworths, my lost darling…), you’d think they’d make more of an effort to compete, but they’re rubbish. Anyway, that’s all by the by. Grr – Sainsbury’s – no cheese. Also, apparently a lead-lined box, because I had no phone reception.

On the plus side, however, when I was walking down the Terrace between Barnes Bridge station and the White Hart pub, it was so lovely! The sun was just sliding behind the horizon, and the sunset was glittering off the Thames (high tide), and there were lots of trees and ducks (and, fine, the Mortlake Brewery, which is a bit of an eyesore), and it were all gorgeous like out of yon picture book. We do live in a nice area. *sighs happily*

In other news, I’m a bit late to the party with this, but what the fuck is it with this free Polanski bollocks? Leaving aside the total bizarreness of slebs queuing up to support a man found guilty of inappropriate sexual conduct* with a thirteen year old girl who then fled the country (OMG WHAT PART OF ‘HE DID A BAD, BAD THING’ DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?), this is a man who was found guilty of a crime, fled the country before he could be sentenced, and finally got caught with a view to being extradited. Whatever the whys and wherefores of the case, simple judicial procedure is at stake here: of course he should have to answer to the courts. And then, of course, there is the RAPED A CHILD aspect, which you would think was a no-brainer. Are the people supporting him actually damaged in the head? So fucking what if he’s an ‘artist’? No one should be above the law.

* My understanding of this is that he was accused of rape, and then plea-bargained to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor (presumably statutory rape by any other name?). And, please. My understanding of thirteen year old girls is that they are unlikely to be mature enough to properly consent to sexual intercourse with old men.
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I have (yet another) dreadful tale to relate. You’d better all sit down. Yesterday, I WENT OUT WITHOUT A BOOK. I know. Horrible, isn’t it? I can’t remember the time I made such an awful mistake. Rest assured, it wasn’t deliberate, merely an oversight, but still: tragic.

Anyway, moving on. The weekend: Katie was off at Connotations, so I had the run of the flat which, natch, I managed to trash in approximately 3.7 seconds (a personal best), which meant I had to get up at 6 o’clock yesterday morning to make some vague attempts at tidying. Other things I did over the weekend included watching TV and making egg fried rice. Also, I read Genesis, which was interesting, if a bit mental. It’s odd though, that most of the bible stories I was taught at school, all happen right at the beginning. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Exodus and the all-singing, all-dancing Joseph.

Last night I tottered off to the theatre with Xanthe and Kerry (with whom I went to school) to see All’s Well That Ends Well at the National. And when I say ‘tottered’, what I actually mean is ‘walked all the way from St John’s Wood to the South Bank’ – go me. Along my route (which encompassed, for any who might be interested, Baker Street, Oxford Street, South Molton Street, Brook Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Charing Cross Road, St Martin’s in the Fields and Charing Cross Station), I encountered the former residences of no lesser personages than William Pitt the Younger, Ernest Bevin, George Handel, Jimi Hendrix and Prince Talleyrand. I also saw St George’s on Hanover Square which is where any couple of note in any Regency romance ever gets married (unless they elope to Gretna Green, natch).

Eh bien, the play. For the play, as we all know, is the thing. Oh, William. William, William, William. What am I to say? I mean, I should have known. I’ve seen A Comedy of Errors. I know the hideous depths to which your ‘comedies’ can sink. AWTEW is a ridiculous play. Absolutely absurd. Helena remains determined to have Bertram LIKE A MENTALIST, and Bertram is a cad and a bounder! You know how I feel about the noble Claudio? BERTRAM IS WORSE. They are welcome to each other. Bertram and Helena, I mean. Not Bertram and Claudio. That would be another play altogether and, for all we know, a better one. Anyway, the set was absolutely beautiful, very dark fairy-tale-ish, and worth the trip for that alone, frankly. The acting was so-so – it was mostly very STAND BACK, WE’RE PERFORMING SHAKESPEARE NOW with a lot of random monologues etc which got slightly tedious. Having seen various productions of Shakespeare (the Donmar Warehouse’s Twelfth Night, for one, or the Open Air Theatre’s Romeo & Juliet) where the action and language flow as easily as any modern play, to see this performed in such a pedestrian manner was disappointing. Still, as shit a play as it is, they probably couldn’t have done it much better. It was nice to be back in the Olivier, though – I can’t remember the last time I saw something there.

La. So, that was last night. Tonight, I was supposed to be going to Kathye’s, but I need to prep for my interview tomorrow (if anyone happens to know anything about diabetic retinopathy screening (or, in fact, about any DoH mandated screening programmes), please tell me everything!!), and possibly do some photoshopping for Alexandros’s leaving present, so will have to stay at home and be productive. Also, must remember to wash some tights.
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"I cannot spend day and night satisfying the demands of the Chater family!"

Arms up, darlings. \o/ Katie and I are off to see Arcadia again tomorrow. Probably with ludicrously cramped seats again, but what else can you do when you don't have £100 to spend on tickets? Nothing, that's what, except squish up like an accordion.

In other news: they're planning to make a Teen Wolf TV series (hilarious), copy-and-paste girl is WHINGEING LIKE HER LIFE IS TRAGIC (annoying), my apple is crunchy (excellent), I need to remember I'm going to Oxford on Saturday (difficult)*, and my bracelets are still being all bangly (joyous).

* Xanthe - alas, I already have plans for Saturday, so cannot come with the Brownies, I'm afraid.


Aug. 31st, 2009 11:10 pm
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What ho, chaps! I trust everyone has had a jolly August bank holiday! I certainly have, and have every intention of now telling you about it in great detail. Good times. Ein minuten bitte, however, while I check ticket availability for Arcadia...

OK. Back now. So, Friday. Due to Ben having rehearsals, Chloe came with me and Katie to Arcadia (which was still ace, though our seats were a bit restricted view-wise, which wouldn't have been so bad but for all the people in front with APPALLING theatre manners, who kept leaning forward THE WHOLE TIME like they were never taught you shouldn't). On Saturday, I half-heartedly fettled the living room, then watched as Katie did some hoovering. Then we went to the big Sainsbury's (ooh, always a little adventure) and bought pizza and pizza toppings etc and alcohol, and then came back. Then people came for party goodness, and it was all excellent.

And, hey, I'm bored of LJ now. Sunday: woke up not as late as I'd've liked, given that we stayed up till half two. Went shopping in Staines then continued on to chez King. Monday: went to see Hannah Montana at the kino with Kathye and Megan, then went to a fete, then had birthday tea (carrot cake woo!). Fun. Bye now.

(PS: have possibly just compounded GIANT HAIR CATASTROPHE by dying it dark. In for a penny etc. NOBODY JUDGE ME.)
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I have three lovely weekends coming up for the rest of August, so I thought I would share them with everyone so that you might envy me...

Weekend #1

This weekend, I will be bopping into Kingston on Saturday morning to have a bit of a wander, buy a milkshake and browse round the ever handy Sussex Stationers bookshop. I will then wend my way to Forest Hill in order to hang out with Helen and share a bin bag or two. She wants to decorate her flat so we can look at colours and pretty things and then, probably, as is our wont, be totally ineffectual. I shall stay the night and then on Sunday afternoon we are going to Pim's for Cliquey Tea. Smashing.

Weekend #2

Next weekend is notable for (a) the Frolick and (b) MY BIRTHDAY WOOO!!! I love birthdays. Anyway, Katherine, Pim and I are bopping up to Barlborough on Friday, where we will prep for the Frolick (that reminds me - I need to get the gather box out of our downstairs perambulator cupboard). Katie will join us later as she has to make the epic journey from Cornwall to Derbyshire. Saturday is MY BIRTHDAY and also the Frolick, so that should be vee jolly, and then on Sunday, my cunning plan is for me and Katie to go and see Grandma.

Weekend #3

August Bank Holiday weekend. Possibly the best weekend of all. On Friday, Katie, Ben and I are going to see Arcadia (managed finally to get some tickets on, although they are vee restricted view but who cares because (a) they were cheap and (b) YAY ARCADIA!!). On Saturday, it is my party of Jossverse Joy. On Sunday, Katie and I are going to Kathye's for family birthday tea chez King, and on Monday it's the traditional Staines summer fair thing (tragically, I missed it last year, otherwise I think this would be my fifth year on the trot).
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♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] megaleena!!

♥ I have just eaten so much squash risotto I may well turn into a giant grain of starchy rice. Think of me fondly, darlings.

♥ I was supposed to draw Rob's leaving present this evening but I HAVE NOT DONE IT! Am vee bad and Venom will scold me tomorrow.

♥ LOL the Go Fug Yourself girls discovered Shooting Stars and were much confused.

[ profile] xanantha, I have given Katie a cheque for tomorrow.

♥ Katie and I are going to see Ben in Orpheus in the Underworld at the Holland Park Opera on Sunday - vee, vee civilised. I foresee the wearing of dresses.

♥ I have discovered that just the music for The West Wing makes me happy.

♥ I made apple sauce last night and heat sealed it into a jar and everything. We had sausage and mash for dinner, and I added some apple sauce, and the combination was delightful.

♥ Have been watching an anime version of Daddy-Long-Legs. A tad bizarre.

♥ Grandma's latest plan: to go into business providing sound effects for the BBC. Who are we to argue?
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So. Yes. [ profile] xanantha and I went to see Arcadia. IMPOSSIBLY AND INCONTROVERTIBLY MADE OF WIN. Anyone in London et ses environs: go and see it IMMEDIATELY, please. As soon the intemperate donkey of poverty has ceased to bray in my ear, I shall be booking tickets for me and Katie to go. FABULOUS and THOUGHT-PROVOKING and HILARIOUS and about stupid poets and physics and dahlias and theodolytes and tortoises and geometry and waltzing and carnal embrace and landscape gardening and hermits and time and engines and rice pudding and knowledge lost but never forever. I LOVE IT AND TOM STOPPARD SHOULD BE GOD AND ♥ ♥ ♥.

And I wore stupid shoes and had to take them off between Barnes Bridge and home and now my feet are very sore but I had a shower so at least they're clean. Also, I was wearing a dress (the black Next one with red and orange flowers that I wore for [ profile] pim2005's birthday lunch) and leggings and high heels and it all worked quite well, frankly. Woo. For the world, and life, and the fact that I didn't wear my stupid uniform AT ALL today (victory!!) and THE BEST PLAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD EVER. (Which has a hilarious joke about determinism in the middle which, disappointingly, very few people in the audience seemed to notice.)

Anyway, yes, to bed.
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♥ This evening, Katie and I switched our gas and electricity to one supplier that will save us lots of money - woo! Crucially, we have been proactive and sensible and adult. Go us.

♥ Spin ris for tea - yum. You're never alone with a bit of spin ris.

♥ In the course of writing fic, I have learnt new things. Angola, on the south west coast of Africa, was a Portuguese territory between the c16th and 1975. "Mitochondrial Eve" is the theoretical most recent common matrilineal ancestor of humans today, and is believed to date to anywhere between 50,000 and 215,000 years ago. "Y-chromosomal Adam" is the theoretical most recent common patrilineal ancestor of all Y-chromosome humans today, and is believed to date to about 60,000 to 90,000 years ago.

♥ Ha. We're watching Green Wing. SO MADE OF WIN!

♥ I realised today that I had made an incorrect mental note about when we're going to see Arcadia. It's on Monday! Woo! So excited!

♥ We just had two giant monster flying beetles in the living room. Freakish. They were like tiny insect Zeppelins.

♥ FFS there's nothing as annoying as old-school fans who get pissy at those damned new like-the-shallow-pretty-boys newbie fans and their Kirk/Spock porn. I'm sorry, what? Do you recognise your fandom?

ETA - Also, does anyone happen to have my S3 DVDs of The West Wing? Or S1 of Supernatural?
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Ooh, I'm feeling all domestic... have just made some tabbouleh up for lunch tomorrow and made the pastry for mini quiche (when are mini quiche not hilarious? Never, that's when) and now I'm going to put some bread on and make chocolate and raspberry cupcakes - yum. Mm. Cake. Should probably make dinner at some point, and hang out my laundry. Also, guess what? You never will so I'll tell you: I washed up on Wednesday night. Woo. Go me.

On the way home (a remarkably straightforward journey, under the circs), I was reading an abandoned thelondonpaper, and it had a review of Arcadia (5 stars - I have high hopes now) which was just perfect, and I AM SO SO EXCITED ABOUT GOING BECAUSE IT'S MY FAVOURITE PLAY EVER EVER EVER AND TOM STOPPARD IS A TINY PLAYWRITING GENIUS and also I didn't realise it was Neil Pearson as Bernard, which I suspect might also be perfect. TWO WEEKS ON MONDAY IS NOT SOON ENOUGH!!!

Also, I had a letter back today from SOUTH WEST TRAINS MY EVIL NEMESIS** about the whole Barnes Bridge/Staines contretemps, which kindly included credit vouchers, but which entirely managed to miss the point of my letter and made it into a complaint about THE ONE THING I SAID I WAS EXPRESSLY NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT. FFS. No, South West Trains, just because it's easier to reply to a complaint about rude staff members does not mean that you get to pretend that was the point of my letter and not a fundamental flaw in your logistical planning, and hope that I won't pursue it. I love writing these letters, South West Trains, and I will PURSUE THE MATTER TO THE BITTER END.

* Disclaimer: I totally wouldn't do that.

** Yeah. They're so getting tagged like that.
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OH EM GEE am so tragically (a) bored and (b) tired. Have been landed with reception due to clinic day, which is bad enough, except of course I am utterly exhausted from not getting in till midnight after seeing "Bats" at the Barbican (oh, Bad Film Club, how much are you made of win?) and then BEING UTTERLY STUPID and finishing off The Demon's Lexicon (OMG so good!) so I didn't actually go to sleep till half one, and then I had to get up to start my stupid, circuitous tube strike journey in. I actually managed to get to work by five past nine, though, by dint of NOT WALKING ALL THE WAY FROM FINCHLEY LIKE A FOOL (and also, admittedly, NOT FLAILING LIKE A FOOL IN A VARIETY OF FOOD-SELLING EMPORIA), so that worked out nicely. But yes. Tired. Bored. Woe.

But Xanthe has booked tickets for us to see Arcadia so WOO and YAY and WIN.
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HANNAH: It's all trivial - your grouse, my hermit, Bernard's Byron. Comparing what we're looking for misses the point. It's wanting to know that makes us matter. Otherwise we're going out the way we came in. That's why you can't believe in the afterlife, Valentine. Believe in the after, by all means, but not the life. Believe in God, the soul, the spirit, the infinite, believe in angels if you like, but not in the great celestial get-together for an exchange of views. If the answers are in the back of the book I can wait, but what a drag. Better to struggle on knowing that failure is final.
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How do, chaps! Am back from frozen wastes and plan to now regale you with the post-Christmas post (didja see what I did there? Did you?).

So, Christmas, eh? Vee nice. Got some presents. Went to visit Grandad. Faffed around a bit. Bought some Christmas tat from the garden centre which has sprung up outside Barlborough. Made about sixty-seven tea loaves, and ate one slice of same. Was mostly just ace. Chiefly ace in clothes. Occasionally ace in a nightie.

Anyway, all this is mere fluff and flimsy. FUCKING SOUTH WEST TRAINS!!! is really the message of this post. “Let’s close the line between Barnes and Clapham,” some little twerp in a planning meeting must have said. “The week after Christmas, let’s do it then. Nobody goes to work.” Now, to be honest, I don’t have a problem with their thinking so far. So far, their thinking is rife with reason: of all the weeks in the year, this is probably the quietest in terms of commuting. In choosing this week for closing the line, I applaud their logic.

The part where I staunchly refuse to applaud is the part where they thought, “Well, since nobody goes to work, LET’S NOT FUCKING BOTHER TO MENTION IT TO ANYONE EXCEPT POSSIBLY AS A POST-SCRIPT TO AN OTHERWISE OVERLY-DETAILED CHRISTMAS TIMETABLE POSTER THAT NO-ONE’S ACTUALLY GOING TO READ, because that’s a sturdy plan.” Bastards.

In other news, I have watched the beginning of Leverage, a highly (and somewhat surprisingly) entertaining programme featuring none other than the high-larious Christian Kane. (At one point – look away if you don’t want to be spoiled – he rides a thoroughbred champion, ventre à terre, if I may borrow the expression from Eugenie. Bareback. Awesome!)

Also, I have high hopes of shortly acquiring a bread machine, the pros and cons of which have been carefully discussed, so don’t go giving me that ice-cream-maker-slow-cooker-ooh-you’ll-never-use-it-you-know look. And last night I finally made my celeriac soup. I followed a recipe off the interwebs, but I think I should have just done it my way and shoved some ginger in. Tant pis. Tonight we shall be dining on sausage and tomato risotto with rosemary (yum) and I may make some ginger biscuits, having taken the dough out of the freezer. Possibly some laundry might be in order, as well. Hmmm.

Theatre-wise, just to keep you up to date, we will be going to some Tom Stoppard thing (yay! Stoppard!) at the end of January, and Twelfth Night at the end of Feb. Yoicks! I’ve been dying to see that one, even though we will be up in the Gods. Quite fancy seeing Gethsemane at the National, and getting tickets to see August: Osage County again, since Katie couldn’t make it last time.
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La. Had a lovely day yesterday. We arose early and made our way to Victoria, where we waited outside the Apollo for a couple of hours in order to buy day seats for Wicked, and occasionally amused ourselves by filming for a secret project. Got tickets, and then walked to the South Bank, where we looked at the Christmas market. Bought tickets for August: Osage County (actually, for this Tuesday, I think - didn't realise it was so soon!), and then went further down the river to the Ethical Christmas Market (which was in the coollest warehouse). Walked back via a food market, bought some apple juice (after a taste test) and feta cheese, and came home. Had scrambled eggs for lunch, I had a nap, and then it was time to get ready to go out. I wore a black dress and red tights which was fun. Wicked was ace - Glinda was completely fabulous! It was all excellent, though we did nearly suffocate from all the dry ice!

Anyway, there are various things I should do today, but to be honest I don't really see any of them happening. C'est la vie.
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♥ What ho, chaps! It's been a little while since I posted, so brace yourselves... though, let's face it, I always wander on and then have nothing to say, so I really wouldn't bother. So, today's thought of the day: why would anyone want a gift box of floral scented talcum powders? Why, M&S, why? But anyway, on the subject of M&S, god rot them and their tricksy 20% off sale (most things, until midnight on their website, free delivery on orders over £30 and Jizzy Chrizzy why am I pimping a major corporation?): I spent £80 (mostly on tights 0.o), which I really can't afford. But come on. What's new?

♥ We had our first Abel & Cole delivery today, which is quite exciting. Beetroot, eh? Found an interesting recipe for beetroot risotto, so look for that coming soon to a love nest near you...

♥ In a super exciting turn of events, Emma finally got hold of our annual leave cards, and it turned out, taking into account Christmas, that I still had a day and a half left. Woo! So I have promptly taken it, and plan to spend tomorrow finishing my long-languishing art project so that my floor is not covered in crap by the time everyone descends for the VERY SPLENDID AND ALSO AMAZING MAMMA MIA PARTY which is coming up soon (DVD was despatched a day or two ago... very exciting, very exciting indeed... have become Welsh...). Well, that and making tomato and rosemary soup. And washing up. And doing some laundry. And, um. Maybe I should make a list?

♥ After neglecting the theatre rather lamentably, Katie and I are planning to get day seats for Wicked on Saturday (maybe hopefully with [ profile] klo_the_hobbit?), and have booked for La Cage aux Folles and a Tom Stoppardy thing at the National in January. Also planning to see August: Osage County, tickets permitting, and I'd like to see Gethsemane too. Then next week we have the lovely-looking Cobra at the Bad Film Club (it has a body count of over a hundred, apparently... I'm getting little thrills of anticipation already, and that's even before I've considered Sylvester Stallone in tight 80s jeans...), whilst next month we're looking at the Christmas BFC (Batman and Robin... we're contemplating some kind of cape action...), and Tim Minchin again. Woo. Plus parties and stuff. I love Christmas. CHRISTMAS IS LIEK TOTALLY AWESOME EVEN IF I DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD AND BABY JEE WAS BORN IN SEPTEMBER OR WHATEVER.

♥ I want to do a statistics course for work purposes and am struggling to find one. Can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere that will do basic, practical stats courses (the most likely suspects seem to be ancillary university courses)?
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♥ I hope the Lords do vote not to pass the proposed legislation which will make it possible to hold people without charge for up to 42 days. I will be so ashamed of my country if this becomes law.

♥ Katie yesterday introduced me to The Hush Sound, who are really great, so you should bop off and have a listen.

♥ Off to see Avenue Q tonight, which I am really excited about, even though I keep forgetting that we're going. Woo! They had a bit from it at the Royal Variety Show a couple of years ago, and it looked really funny; it's taken us this long to actually go and, in fact, we weren't even the ones to organise it. We suck. Katie: we totally need to actually use some of our theatre vouchers and get tickets for Cabaret. Is that even still on?

♥ I am wearing make-up today. It's like a tiny miracle.

♥ Because I am an attention ho, I put one of my NCIS fics on the Pit of Voles, as well as the first part of A Haunting on Pennsylvania Avenue. I have come to the conclusion that I would do almost everything for feedback. I am, to all intents and purposes, an actual ho.

♥ Another avant-garde verse for Helen:

First I lied about you and melon
(Because you don't dislike melon)
But then I compounded
This confounded untruth
By being uncouth
And not singing
Or more to the point 'Happy Birthday!'
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Thank you everyone for my birthday good wishes! I had a splendid, splendid birthday - after work went to the National for a platform about suffragettes, which was quite interesting (though there was a mad, mad, completely insane woman who took up all the question time with some rambly diatribe at Shirley Williams which meant I couldn't ask my question which was Excellent and also To The Point unlike some people's), and then segued to the Giraffe to have dinner with lots of people and it was absolutely lovely and ace and grown-up and I had an apple martini AND a smoothie AND nice food AND half a slice of chocolate fudge brownie cake AND many, many ace presents (including the FINEST HAT EVER from [ profile] pim2005 and things to turn my poo blue from [ profile] xanantha and a WIND-UP BIRTHDAY CAKE from [ profile] morganmuffle and lots of genius other things because my friends are all AWESOME).
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With the introduction of Twitter (it’s ace), life in the love nest has reached a whole new level of ridiculousness, whereby one of us will post an inane comment and the other, sitting about 80cm away, will get a text message about it. On Wednesday, we went to see Wall-E (OMG so, so lovely, everyone should go and see it RIGHT NOW), and on the way home got near simultaneous and identical texts about the fact that we were once again sitting behind Balding!Quiff!Man on the bus.

Anyway, so, other things of note. A motley crew of us are dashing off to the beach tomorrow somewhere in the vicinity of Chichester (someone remind me why it is we go so far away?!), as is becoming something of a summer tradition. Last year we got rained off, and had to have a picnic-in-the-car (always a joy) and this time we are on tenterhooks as to the likely weather. Why, why, why do meteorologists remain so rubbish at predicting the weather? Surely it can’t be that hard…

Had a little dinner party on Tuesday, which was nice. We ate lasagne and pavlova and drank wine and listened to some more of Helen’s tax party stories – a mainstay of any social function, we are finding. All vee nice anyway, though, Helen, you left behind the book Katie borrowed. And tonight, we are off to the National to see Her Naked Skin, which is about wimmin and such.

Incidentally, I recently read Rousseau’s Discourses on the Arts and Sciences, which only served to demonstrate what a mentalist he was. Currently reading A Dissertation on the Origin and Foundation of the Inequality of Mankind, which likewise. The only thing I remember about Rousseau from studying the Enlightenment in the course of A-level history was a random quote that I found: “Rousseau could ennoble a piece of cheese.” I do not dispute this. He is quite mad enough to have done so, providing it was a savage, uncivilised cheese which lived a life of rustic simplicity and didn’t think too much… so, really, he was probably very fond of cheese. It’s interesting, though, because beneath the crap he does make some interesting points, but it’s so frustrating and anger-inducing reading all the fluff about how great Sparta was because they were all, OK, Spartan, and how rubbish civilisations get when they start arsing around with art and science and trying to know stuff. Frex: “our souls have become corrupted to the extent that our sciences and our arts have advanced towards perfection.” Has a beef with “vain knowledge” (I thought people had got over that whole thing by the mid C18th?) and a desperate longing for “happy ignorance” in a “rustic nation.” Meh. Whatever. As I said, he does have the odd point buried in there, but mostly, I diskard it.

TV is coming back soon!!!! SGA has already returned, and the others will be back soon! Very excited by this. I ♥ TV. With regard to my latest obsession (still incredibly excited about having discovered A WHOLE NEW MEDIUM), have read: Batman Year One, Marvel 1602, Runaways (to date), The Umbrella Academy, Jack of Fables, Invincible vols 1 and 2, and have nearly finished the first vol of Sandman. Probably some other stuff too that I can’t remember off the top of my head. I ♥ comics.

Have booked a table at Giraffe for my birthday – w00t! Also, am having my eyebrows tinted Monday week, which is quite exciting, but I have to remember to go into Kingston on Sunday (boo) for a sensitivity test. Bum.
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Kristin Chenowith is so ace! I wish I'd been able to see her in Wicked.
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1. As we know, Joss Whedon is MADE OF WIN. For those of you who have somehow, through some mystical means, managed to miss out on the forthcoming Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, go and check it out. Also, there is now a Captain Hammer comic, which is awesome.

2. So, Katie and I went to see the ENO’s production of Candide last night, without, it must be said, very much idea of what it would entail. Darlings, it is ACE! Absolute five-star genius! Everyone should go and see it! There was the KKK dancing merrily with flags!!! An old woman who had a buttock eaten! But, as any fule kno, all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds… Set was amazing too – the whole thing was essentially played out in a giant 50s-esque TV set. Really, really clever.

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