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Title: One more time around the block
Author: chaletian
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: PG
Summary: This relationship is fated to disaster. All Susan's relationships are fated to disaster. Now, she is sanguine about it. She enjoys the sex.

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:: for [ profile] bookwormsarah ::

Guy Marcel crossed his arms and scowled. “I don’t get it.”

The director sighed (not for the first time). “What don’t you get, Guy?”

“So, he what, laid down and died for this chick? Who he wasn’t even boning? Jeez, who does that?”

The director pinched the bridge of his nose. “Clare?” The writer stepped forward, a look of concentrated patience on her face.

“Marcus believed in old-fashioned chivalry,” she explained. “He loved Susan. She was his lady and he was her knight.”

“Sounds fuckin’ stupid, you ask me,” muttered Guy sullenly.

“Yes, well, whatever you think about it, that’s the sort of man he was,” said Clare.

They resumed the scene, Guy leaning over Ashley, the actress playing Susan Ivanova, clasping her lifeless hand in his, reaching out for the alien medical device that would…

“This is bullshit!” exclaimed Guy, backing away and throwing up his hands in disgust. “Someone get me my agent on the comm!”


”Marcus, you can’t! They’ll kill you!” Susan Ivanova, her uniform shredded in such a way that her heaving bosom was very much on display, flung herself at her lover. Marcus leant down and kissed her… and kissed her… and kissed her.

“There’s only a couple of dozen of them,” he said, devil-may-care, tossing his fulsome ponytail and flexing his biceps. “If it means you will live, my dearest.”

“Oh, Marcus!” sighed Susan. Dramatic music swelled and held as Marcus pushed her into an emergency evacuation pod, and then turned to face the growing horde of alien soldiers. He sneered, opened his fighting pike, and started shooting lasers from its end…

“Marcus was awesome,” said Tony, turning off the holo-projector.

“I’m gonna do my school project on him,” said Gaz.

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Ivanova and Oz
::as requested by [ profile] bookwormsarah::

AU after season 4 of Buffy; set immediately post-Rising Star of B5.

Oz appears to be in an episode of Star Trek. Huh. It’s pretty cold in the future, and he wraps the blanket that covers around himself. He’s naked underneath. Good thing he’s used to waking up in strange places with no clothes on.

He looks around, taking in the room. Everything shiny, with colourful screens all over the place, not to mention… OK. Aliens. That’s new. Definitely the future then. Although, technically, he was always going to wake up in the future, compared to when he fell asleep. Or lost consciousness. How did he end up in the future with aliens, exactly?

Oz figures he’s in a medical centre or something. It’s a hospital blanket he’s covered with, that much he can tell. Some things don’t change. It’s busy, with people coming and going, and he can sense that this isn’t the common hustle and bustle of an ordinary day. Something unusual has happened. And given that nobody’s paying him any attention, he reckons it’s not him.

Finally, a doctor comes over to him, and checks him over, but brushes off his questions, and tells him to stay in bed. Oz is sleepy, and lets nature take its course. When he wakes up, there’s a woman sitting on the bed next to him. She has long red hair that needs a brush and pale skin, but for all that ranks low down on the resembling-Willow scale that is Oz’s basis for judging women. She has been crying. She notices that Oz is awake, and says merely, “We found you on an abandoned vessel three light years away. You were cryogenically frozen.”

“Oh,” says Oz. The woman laughs, harshly.

“You’ve been frozen for years. Centuries, maybe. Everyone you’ve ever known will be dead by now.”

“Bummer,” says Oz. Way, way in the future then. That’s sort of depressing. He thinks maybe he won’t think about it for a while.

“Don’t you care? The people who loved you… they’ll never know that you’re alive, here, now, still loving them.” Oz thinks about Willow, and Willow not loving him, and her girlfriend.

“All love is unrequited,” he says. The woman starts to cry again. Oz just feels sorta numb.
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Title: These Blue Remembered Hills
Fandom: Babylon 5
Author: Liss
Rating: PG-13
Notes: AU, post S4.

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I wrote this about a million years ago (well, two) and never got round to finishing it, because I suck. But I was telling [ profile] katie__pillar all about it the other night (she was trying to go to bed... I was having none of it... pay attention to *me*, please...), and was struck by the inspiration to write more. So since I just posted another chapter on the Pit of Voles, I thought I might as well elljay it too.

Title: These Blue Remembered Hills
Fandom: Babylon 5
Author: Liss
Rating: PG-13
Notes: AU, post S4.

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SDC #14

Jan. 18th, 2007 01:10 pm
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Ivanova & Garibaldi
::as requested by [ profile] athersgeo::
Working on a space station was stressful. Mostly, Ivanova had long since concluded, because sunshine became a thing of the past; nobody was going to be constantly cheery when life passed in a blanket of blackness. She quite liked that expression. “Blanket of blackness.” It sounded bleak.

But anyway, yes. Stress. An integral part of life on Babylon 5. If it wasn’t the damned Narns and Centauri poking at each other, it was the unions protesting shipping charges, or EarthGov wanting to implement some crazy new idea meant to revolutionise interstellar diplomacy, that would only result in four-fifths of the ambassadors clamouring for reparations.

So anything Ivanova could do to reduce stress, she figured was a good idea. (More or less. A couple of her earlier ideas hadn’t worked out so well, but no charges had been pressed, so it all went under the heading “General Experience – Not To Be Repeated” and no more said.) And she had been on Babylon 5 for less than a month when she found a new method of stress reduction. It was pretty OK. Probably another thing to be filed away “General Experience – Not To Be Repeated” but, as she said to Garibaldi as she shouldered her way into her uniform jacket and scooped up her hair into a ponytail, “Unresolved sexual tension is a bitch.”
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::as requested by [ profile] bookwormsarah::

Sacha Lebenyev was such a bully, and it wasn’t any surprise that Miss Nashvili had kept him in, announced Susan, as she skipped to keep up with her elder brother. Just because she had done better than him in their Maths test – and Maths is so easy, Ganya, really it is – he had tried to trip her over. But Miss Nashvili had seen, because she sees everything, Ganya, really she does, and had made him sit in the corner, and he had been so mad, but he couldn’t do anything except glare at Susan, like she cared about *that*! And Mama had given her cheese in her sandwiches again, because maybe she forgot that Susan doesn’t like it, but it was OK, because Natasha-from-next-door had tuna, and they had swapped, so it worked out.

Ganya didn’t really talk much to his little sister, because, man, she was sorta cute and all, but details of daily life in kindergarten were not the most fascinating thing in the world to an eleven year old, and Tomi had told him that he had the new Fighter Pilot X game, and Ganya could play it if he wanted, which did he *ever*! So at the corner of the street where the Ivanov family lived and the street where Tomi’s family lived, Ganya cut Susan off in mid flow, and pushed her towards their house.

“Go home, Suzotchka,” he said firmly. “I’ll be in later, you tell Mama!”

Susan nodded and headed towards home. She had heard about Tomi and Fighter Pilot X (which sounded really fun, but Ganya had said she was too little, and anyway, girls didn’t fly fighter jets) and had figured she might be walking this bit by herself. She sang part of a song that Miss Nashvili had been teaching them in class as she skipped up the steps and pushed her hand against the plate on the door. It swooshed open, and Susan ran through the house into the kitchen.


But the kitchen was empty, and everything smelt sort of funny. Susan wrinkled her nose, because it was the bad kind of funny, and not the good. She remembered it, that smell. Her father collected old coins, and once she had held one in her hand for eversolong, and then her hand had smelt like this, and she hadn’t liked it.

Susan pushed open the door of their living room, and stopped. Everything stopped. And it didn’t seem to start again for a very long time.
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And I'm having a huge Babylon 5 re-run at the moment, which is always fine. It's funny though - I just got season 1 on DVD finally (now I have seasons 1-4 - huzzah!) and was watching Midnight on the Firing Line, the FIRST EPISODE EVER, and in it Londo told Sinclair about his dream that he would die with G'Kar's hands around his neck. JMS really *did* foreshadow right from the beginning. It's so much better than Star Trek could ever, ever hope to be.

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