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Title: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
Author: [ profile] chaletian
Fandom: Bones
Rating: PG
Summary: Booth is pretty sure that Sweets has not, at any point, considered having a spare generator in case of emergencies. Tag to 8x19.

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Thing the first: I have somehow managed to plot a 12-book school series allegedly written by Josephine M. Bettany, and then get super invested in the characters. I will be sharing this extensively. I cannot lie.

Thing the second: Remember this time last year, when I was obsessively posting and filling prompts at the Awesome Ladies Ficathon? I have (embarrassingly) only just got round to listening to a podfic that [ profile] podklb made of my Alice Longbottom fic, blow me bluebell bubbles, that I wrote for a Harry Potter prompt. The podfic is here (download here), and it is SUPERBLY read. Please do listen, because she did a truly smashing job.

Thing the third: Nellie, darling, remember that Bones vid I was going to show you in Dorset, only to be scuppered by the failiness of our internet? This is it. BEST BONES VID EVER.

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The urge has come upon me to do a recs post. These will mostly be Star Trek (Reboot), because that, obviously, is my current obsession, with maybe a few random bits thrown in for good measure. OK, so I will get to the Star Trek recs later!!

So, onto the fic...

The Unified Theory of Everything [The Big Bang Theory, Penny/Sheldon] by [ profile] montycrowley
I don't really have the words to explain why this is so wonderful. The characterisation is perfect, and the plot is lovely, and the style just blew me away. It's in turns funny and sort of heart-breaking. (Technically it's part one of two, but it stands alone perfectly well.)
"Has a polar bear eaten Howard yet?"
"Penny, polar bears are from the Arctic and I am in Antarctica. They are quite literally the separate poles of the world. I could not get any farther from polar bears if I tried."
"Well, what do you have there, then?"
"Has a penguin eaten Howard yet?"

The Office Incident [The Big Bang Theory, Penny/Sheldon] by [ profile] ruby_caspar
Just because the premise cracked me up!
“Oh no? Is that all you have to say?” Howard demanded. “Leonard, this is like a 9.5 on the Sheldon Scale - if he realises that someone’s had sex in his office he’s… it’s…”
“It’ll make the Laundry Room Incident look like a walk in the park,” finished Raj. Howard nodded emphatically.
Leonard winced. Sheldon had made him drive him to a Laundromat forty minutes away every week for three months until the Laundry Room was ‘sanitised’ properly. The Office Incident was bound to be even worse.

AU post-apocalyptic P&P roadtrip [Pride & Prejudice, Lizzie/Darcy] by [ profile] ninevah_uk
Elizabeth swears she will not have Darcy if he were the last man on earth. So. About that...?
‘Mr Darcy! I cannot believe that you sought me to tell me about Maggie Grey’s sewing, or the kittens at Holme Farm. Nor that when you did so last week you were so deeply occupied with the inconsistency that Georgiana had found in one of Fordyce’s sermons as you appeared.’

Four Ghosts [Buffy, Gen] by [ profile] holli
By the end of your sophomore year of high school, you're pretty sure that Sunnydale High is haunted.

The Other Man [SGA, Parrish/Lorne] by [ profile] l57371
This is seriously, seriously adorable. Parrish has a thing for Lorne, but becomes a bumbling idiot whenever he's around him.
Lorne watched as Parrish finally turned his attention to his mangled sandwich and forlornly started to eat, gaze fixed on his tray. He wondered sadly if it was just that the botanist didn’t like him or if he was scared or intimidated by him. Either way, he thought, I have to find out. If it was dislike, he could transfer Parrish to another team, as much as it would hurt to do so. If it was fear or intimidation, maybe he could fix this. He grit his teeth in steely determination. He wasn’t going to give up that easily.

Starcrossed [SGA, Sheppard/McKay] by [ profile] lavvyan
Rodney is a musician. John is an alien. This is lovely (and has great art).
The alien had been slumped unconscious over the controls of his ship. It had seemed human enough, looking like a regular – if unreasonably attractive – guy. Except for how it – he – had taken Rodney's patting down of his person as a marriage proposal. Marriage proposal. Rodney had only been looking for injuries as he'd carded his fingers through the alien's dark, feather-soft hair, no matter what it might have looked like! But when he'd said as much, the alien's eyes had gone all flinty and he'd pulled out what was undoubtedly a ray gun and asked in an icy tone if Rodney was planning to sully his honour, or something. Rodney had always been inclined to follow a compelling argument, and death or marriage seemed pretty compelling to him.

Dean and the Company Picnic [Supernatural, Gen] by [ profile] ficwriter1966
Hee, I love this. Dean, being the blatant little family-whore that he is, makes Sam go to the company picnic of some random place he worked once for about two days. Adorable.
“I sold stuff,” Dean said proudly. “I was a Sales Associate. Had the red shirt and everything.”

A Couch at Need [Bones, Gen] by [ profile] monjinator
Post Mayhem on a Cross, Sweets spending time at Booth's. So sweet - I love how eager Sweets is to be let in, and how Booth and Bones let him.
“My parents took me to an Amish family-style restaurant once,” he commented, his mind hooking back on Booth’s emphasis on family. “They had like thirty kinds of pie.” He took another sip of scotch.

Homing Pigeon [Wonderfalls, Jaye/Eric] by [ profile] osprey_archer
Jaye burns down her trailer. This is my favourite perfect Wonderfalls fic.
Jaye fed the face cards one by one into her toaster. “This,” said Jaye, watching the cards curl and blacken and sputter into smoke and ash, “is the last time you ruin a game of strip poker. I’m telling Eric that graven images are against my religion, you demonic—”
The toaster exploded.
Jaye hated losing arguments with inanimate objects. Especially when they got the last word by burning her trailer down, and her car with it.

The One Where Tony and Tim Read Fanfiction [NCIS, Gen] by [ profile] xanthelj
Does exactly what it says on the tin, basically. *g*
“Nope…I got something even better!” Tony said. Tim looked up suspiciously.
“Better than that one where Agent Tommy and Agent Lisa were locked in the evidence garage overnight?” he asked, frowning. It didn’t seem fair to him that Agent Tommy seemed to get some of the best – and hottest - storylines while Agent McGregor – who was clearly the hero of the book – mostly just got mothered. Or beaten up. He got beaten up a lot. And then mothered.

Sympathy for the Devil [Supernatural/Babylon 5, Dean & Garibaldi] by [ profile] lyrstzha
I love this fic so much. It's not so much a crossover of Supernatural and Babylon 5 as an intersection of two characters who must make sacrifices for those they love. Beautifully written.
And that’s when Garibaldi decides to go with it. “I don’t care what you look like. You can wear a rubber chicken on your head if that’s what floats your boat. A buddy of mine told me you could make deals. That true?”
“Rubber chicken,” the demon muses. “I like that. Might try that one sometime. Eternity’s kind of a long time, y’know—it’s the little things that keep you going.” His teeth flash white in the dimness, and the streetlights make pinpoint reflections in his black eyes like stars in the night sky.

SDC #27

Jan. 8th, 2008 01:13 pm
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Bones, security officers
::as requested by [ profile] pim2005::

Jim’n me’ve got a bet on. Twenty bucks. Agent Booth and Doc Brennan. Cuz, man, it’s gonna happen, sooner or later. The Doc’s pretty clueless, but that’s not gonna last forever. Though how she manages to not get it, I just don’t know. Booth’s all over her, ‘specially when some nutjob has threatened her. Or the Jeffersonian. Or, like, someone with a name that begins with B. Jim says it’s not gonna happen, that they just work together. But then Jim thought Ms Montenegro and Doc Hodgins just worked together. Uh-huh. I know. Jim should just go, like, register himself blind. That’s gonna be a sweet twenty bucks. Plus, once they’re, y’know, doing it, maybe Booth’ll have a better idea of what she’s up to, and not keep calling us every damn day wanting to ‘just check in’ and making sure she’s not been kidnapped or anything crazy.

Don’t think he doesn’t do that. Every day. Clockwork. I tell ya, it’s a relief when he’s working a case with them over here and can check for himself. Now that we’ve got that Golga-whatsit thing in the building, he’s been even worse. Geez, I hope Jim doesn’t let it slip to the Doc. She’d be pretty pissed. Still, Booth’d talk her round. He always can. That kind of a guy. I wonder why her? I mean, she’s pretty hot and all, but, if you ask me, kinda crazy. Though I guess she was nice when she signed her book for me. Ah, whatever. As long as I get my twenty bucks, I’m happy. Hey, gotta go. Phone. Yeah, three guesses who that is.
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Title: Elf Lord
Author: [ profile] chaletian
Fandom: NCIS/Bones
Rating: PG
Characters: Brennan, Booth, McGee, Tony, Ziva
Spoilers: None
Summary: Bones has a question about McGee.
Author’s Notes: Written for [ profile] pim2005, just because she’s ace.

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I really need to get a Bones icon.

Bones and tapping-fingers
::as requested by [ profile] katie__pillar::

At first, it had annoyed Booth. Really, really annoyed him. He liked Brennan. God’s own truth. OK, she was all kinds of weird, and seemed to have entirely missed the concept of ‘popular culture’, and her insistence that she needed a weapon couldn’t be considered anything but disturbing, but, y’know, that’s people for you. And he liked her. But, jeez, the tapping!

He’d be on the phone with someone, anyone, nothing to do with anything, and there she’d be. Tap tap tap. They’d be on a stake-out and he’s trying to concentrate, and there she’d be. Tap tap tap. He’d be trying to sweet-talk a witness, really bonding with him, getting him to give up more than he thinks he knows, and there she’d be. Tap tap tap.

At first he’d thought, yeah, she knows how annoying it is. He knows his Bones, after all, and she likes to yank his chain sometimes. But he doesn’t think she’s trying to piss him off. So maybe she doesn’t have a clue. He wonders if he should mention it. Y’know. ‘Hey, Bones – the tapping thing. Cut it out.’ But in the end he doesn’t.

For a while, he’s not sure why he’s not doing anything about. Then, and this is kinda weird, Booth thinks, it stops being quite so annoying. And after a while, Booth finds himself almost expecting it. When she’s gone, he misses it. Because it’s tap tap tap, and she’s there.
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Zach Addy and wellies
::as requested by [ profile] pim2005::

They got the call about the body in the lake first thing that Tuesday morning, and Dr Brennan had called her team, telling Cam quite firmly that they were *her* people and she would notify them. Zach slid out of Hodgins’ car, and looked around, a little sleepily. Cam and Brennan were already down at the lakeside, their Jeffersonian overalls on, waders on up to their waists. Booth stood to one side, a heavy black overcoat protecting him from the worst of the rain, dress shoes already muddy. Swinging shut the car door, Zach watched with no little amusement as Jack struggled into his own waders, almost falling on his ass into the mud before sorting himself out. Suppressing a grin, he followed the older man towards the rest of the team, congratulating himself on having put his own waders on before leaving the house.

He was still congratulating himself as Booth’s gaze slid over him, only to halt, disbelievingly, at his feet.

“What the hell?” The others were already looking confused or, in Jack’s case, laughing his tiny fuzzy head off. Zach glared at his colleague with a look that had never, ever, in his entire life, succeeded in intimidating anyone, and then looked down.

Putting waders on before leaving the house would definitely have been a plan. Zach had been right in theory, at any rate. It didn’t work so well when you were half asleep, and put on your joke-Christmas-present-from-Aunt-Maudie: bright green wellington boots with giant frog eyes sticking up from the front.

Zach sighed.

This was going to take some living down.
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Bones and popular culture
::as requested by [ profile] katie__pillar::

The week in the Henderson household went like clockwork, with never a change. Mondays was the A-Team. Tuesdays was Knight Rider. On Wednesdays the girls got their say with Beverley Hills 90210. Thursdays was Star Trek, because Josh, who was nine, insisted, and no-one had the heart to say no to him. Fridays was comedy night, and the kids watched as many sitcoms as they could fit in between dinner and Mrs Henderson despatching them off upstairs to bed, in careful chronological order. Weekends were always weird, because sometimes some of them saw family members, and others went out with friends. There wasn’t much pattern to the weekends, but the weekdays were cast-iron reliable, and the Hendersons knew it and were glad for the security it offered.

But there was one person who remained oblivious to the oil that ran the Henderson household, and it sometimes worried Mrs Henderson, which was silly of her, really. After all, Temperance Brennan was a clever girl, and there wasn’t much doubt, really, that she would get a scholarship, go on to college, and have a good life. But… how normal was it, really, for a sixteen year old girl to spend all her time up in the bedroom she shared with thirteen-year-old Julie, sitting at the scarred desk Mrs Henderson had brought from her parents’ garage? That girl did nothing but work, barely spoke to anyone, barely made eye contact. Sometimes it was like she lived in a different world that had nothing to do with this one.

Mrs Henderson told herself not to worry, because Temperance Brennan was a clever girl who would have a good life. The rest – it didn’t matter so much, surely?

And maybe it didn’t, really. Temperance Brennan was a clever girl, who did win a scholarship, and did go on to college and did have a good life. But she had missed out on the rhythm of the A-Team and Knightrider, of Beverley Hills 90210 and Star Trek, and sometimes she just didn’t know what it all meant.
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::as requested by [ profile] katie__pillar, [ profile] mardy_bum and [ profile] helenmia::

Hello. Hi there. I’m Joy. My name is Joy Kelleher.

It wasn’t right. It didn’t *feel* right. It shouldn’t matter, logically. Brennan was confident that Zach would be able to point that out to her. And he would be quite right; there was no logic in letting yourself be defined by a name; an arbitrary label attached to you at birth – or later, as the case might be. It was, after all, just a label – something that could be taken on and off at will. It didn’t matter.

So, maybe she didn’t mind if her name was Joy Kelleher and not Temperance Brennan.

Angela would point out that logic didn’t come into it. A name was given to your by your parents; it has an emotional connection that you can’t ignore. Anthropologically speaking, Angela was correct. Names did matter. Giving – or denying – a name was a crucial part of forming familial and tribal bonds. Her parents had chosen to deny her true identity

Maybe Brennan did mind.
Hello, I’m Joy Kelleher. Hi, my name’s Temperance Brennan.

Brennan stared at herself in the mirror, saw the same face she saw every day. Saw the same person. And she smiled, and it was bittersweet.

At least she’d always be ‘Bones’.

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