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I write this sitting on the sofa. Which is less interesting, I grant you, than some other literary openings. Anyway, so much has happened for me to tell you all about, that I'm bound to leave everything interesting out. However, I will try my best, sadly hampered by the fact that I'm about to explode from an excess of chicken korma (mmm, chicken korma).

1. I can't remember whom I have previously button-holed on the subject of chicken korma. If it was you, I apologise. As PG Wodehouse so perspicaciously pointed out once, it is so difficult to know how to pitch your tale, when there is the possibility that bod A may know more of the story than bod B. Anyway, I have never really cooked a curry or anything like it, so it was with some trepidation that I embarked upon a recipe for c.k. that Emma gave me, but it turned out OK and I have now cooked it approximately fourteen times in the last week. Next stop: thai chicken curry, which I love but which I have, again, never cooked.

2. Do any more northerly folk know what's going on at the Tesco-roundabout-end of the Chesterfield bypass? They demolished the glassworks there ages ago, but apparently they're now building a giant (new) Tesco there, and there are rumours that there's going to be a bit of football stadium action on the remaining land - that's going to bugger up the traffic nicely come match days.

3. In re release of Lockerbie bomber as what is dying fairly imminently, WTF FBI man? Scotland's case, Scotland's jurisdiction, Scotland's decision. Fuck off out of it.

4. I'll stop waffling now and get to the nub of LIFE and the only topic about which anyone will have any interest. I'm sure you will all be delighted to hear that my hair has faded quite a lot, and although it is still massively, stupidly red, I no longer look like Jane Goldman, so yay. Also, Helen cut me a bob, which is ACE and also AWESOME (even though Pim's bathroom was apparently covered in my hair for quite some time EVEN THOUGH I totally tidied up after myself).

5. So, ja, the other weekend, I went to Helen's, and we hung out being ineffectual together, and then we went to Pimly's, where she cooked us Mexican lasagna (always a treat, and who knew Nellie Dean could even cook?! I thought she lived on scraps...) and we watched St Trinian's and Mamma Mia - frankly, what could be more glorious? What indeed? I hear you say. And, as mentioned, Helen cut my hair, which was a TRIUMPH because she is unexpectedly skilled in that arena. &Helen;

6. Subsequently, Pim and I went out to dinner at that gourmet institution that is Pizza Express. I had - no, wait for it - chicken caesar salad! I know! *makes I-know face* Who saw that coming? Service was fairly rubbish, as per, but we had a nice meal and chatted and bitched, and then wandered down the South Bank (which may well be MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD) to the National, where we sat on the giant grass furniture and met Katherine and brushed our hair like land-locked mermaids and had ice lollies and chatted. All vee nice. We were, however, saddened by the absence of Kathryn, who blew us off for COLLEAGUES SHE PRESUMABLY SEES ALL THE TIME. Pah.

7. The day after that was Thursday (an accurate timeline is crucial), which was my last day at work that week. Now, we have a thing at work where, when it's someone's birthday, we bring in food AS A SECRET and have a little lunch party. However, Emma and I are the only ones who have ever arranged this, and as Emma's last day had been the Wednesday, I was not expecting lunch. We continued our hilarious file purge in the morning, and then I was called into the office in a tiny emergency TO FIND THEY'D DONE ME LUNCH ANYWAY! Woo! It was so exciting! Also, Cath had bought me a bottle of No 6 Pimm's (a sort of Pimm's No 1/vodka hybrid which turns out to be DELISH). All in all, a good day.

8. On Friday, after getting up ridiculously early to pack and blow dry my hair and such like, I bopped to Victoria to meet Katherine and Pim and wend our way up to Chesterfield, where the CBB Summer Frolick was - well, actually not scheduled to take place. It was to take place in Barlborough, the village where my parents live. The mater (eventually) picked us up and we went to Sainsbury's where Katherine shopped for Frolick food and Pim and I wandered around and bought clothes and stuff. Went home and then OHNOES! TRAGEDY! Katie was cutting short her holiday to come up to the old borough of Barl, and had booked her ticket from Cornwall to Sheffield, but tragedy had struck! Fearful traffic along the byways of the west country! No train catching! No movement of any kind! EPIC SADFACES ACROSS THE LAND. In the end, she had to give up the Sheffield plan and buy a ticket back to London. I will not lie. There was a tiny crystalline single emo tear*. Anyway, as luck and the script would have it, I managed to find a relatively decent ticket for London-Doncaster on the Saturday morning, and, with a bit of (FRANKLY GENIUS) jiggery-pokery, I booked it for her. \o/

9. On Friday evening, we had savoury pancakes and my parents were ridic. I love them. They're awesome. Also, on a similar note, Pim and I suspect that our mothers may actually be THE SAME WOMAN. Have you ever seen them in a hospital together? Have you? I didn't think so. I mean, we always knew there was the daughters-of-NHS-managery-women bond between us, but even so...

10. Saturday! Frolick! Tiny plastic Jesus watched over us all, and the Frolick went according to plan (except for the bit where I kept leaving out bits of activity, but that happens with the most well-regulated frolicks). Katie arrived sans problem. The Little School even had a cake stand for all Katherine's cupcakes (lemon cakes = delicious beyond measure). I made quiches.


12. Saturday PM: back to the homestead, and time to open presents! Woo! I was in receipt of a tea towel (a present classic), a giant Cornwall pencil, a thing to make Virgin Mary toast, two pairs of Holy Socks AND PIM KNITTED ME A SHATNER!FACE! YES! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! AN ACTUAL, HONEST-TO-GOD SHATNER!FACE, LIKE SHE SWORE SHE WOULDN'T! (Yeah, she's weak. Exploit her, people.) IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE WORDS! I LOVE YOU, NELLIE!! Also, Katie made me a birthday card that had me and Jim sailing down an Amsterdam canal, while Spock watched us go, his left eyebrow a picture of emo woe. Fucking beautiful. I love my friends. Then Daddy made us his chicken curry thing, which is always yum, and Katie and I tidied the kitchen and went to bed. A smashing day.

13. Right. Sunday. Got up, had some orange juice and a tea cake. Had a shower. Faffed. Katie and I went to the station with Katherine and Pim and bid them adieu, then Mummy took us on to Grandma's, where I had more presents, and enjoyed Grandma being as ridiculous as ever. Then Chris turned up and there was a bit of chatting, and then we went down the road to see Grandpa, who was much as ever, though he'd managed to bash himself up a bit falling down the drive. Went in the garden to admire decking and fish - all vee nice, actually. We went home and had some lunch, then Mummy took us to Sheffield to catch the old coach back to London. We had a surprisingly smooth, un-awful journey. Had a bit of tea (God's honest pork pie, some tomatoes, some Babybel, some pickled onion Monster Munch, and an apple). Got home not too late, all in all. So, that was my weekend.

Anyway, that's about it. Not much else to report.

In Conclusion

Item: I am in possession of one (1) tiny plastic Jim Kirk and one (1) knitted Shatner!face.
Item: I have new short hair.
Item: I have, this very moment, been outbid on the chest of drawers I want. Damn you, eBay, damn you!
Item: Chicken korma rocks.

Addendum: My little brother, who works for Accenture, has just had a promotion and a 25% pay increase! I am very proud of him, and also very envious! Still, he's been working ridiculous hours, so I think I'd rather have my poorer paying much less working job!

* This is, in fact, a lie.
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I have three lovely weekends coming up for the rest of August, so I thought I would share them with everyone so that you might envy me...

Weekend #1

This weekend, I will be bopping into Kingston on Saturday morning to have a bit of a wander, buy a milkshake and browse round the ever handy Sussex Stationers bookshop. I will then wend my way to Forest Hill in order to hang out with Helen and share a bin bag or two. She wants to decorate her flat so we can look at colours and pretty things and then, probably, as is our wont, be totally ineffectual. I shall stay the night and then on Sunday afternoon we are going to Pim's for Cliquey Tea. Smashing.

Weekend #2

Next weekend is notable for (a) the Frolick and (b) MY BIRTHDAY WOOO!!! I love birthdays. Anyway, Katherine, Pim and I are bopping up to Barlborough on Friday, where we will prep for the Frolick (that reminds me - I need to get the gather box out of our downstairs perambulator cupboard). Katie will join us later as she has to make the epic journey from Cornwall to Derbyshire. Saturday is MY BIRTHDAY and also the Frolick, so that should be vee jolly, and then on Sunday, my cunning plan is for me and Katie to go and see Grandma.

Weekend #3

August Bank Holiday weekend. Possibly the best weekend of all. On Friday, Katie, Ben and I are going to see Arcadia (managed finally to get some tickets on, although they are vee restricted view but who cares because (a) they were cheap and (b) YAY ARCADIA!!). On Saturday, it is my party of Jossverse Joy. On Sunday, Katie and I are going to Kathye's for family birthday tea chez King, and on Monday it's the traditional Staines summer fair thing (tragically, I missed it last year, otherwise I think this would be my fifth year on the trot).
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What ho, peeps! This is just to remind Chalet School people who may have missed the joyous news that there will be a CBB Summer Frolick on 22 August in Barlborough (NE Derbyshire). There will be cake and quiche and jolly games and quizzes etc, and the day should be delightful. Spread the happy word... *g*

For more details, see the thread on the CBB or ask me (Frolick Now; Ask Me How).
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Our kitchen has been invaded. Yes, you heard aright. Invaded. But don't worry, this is not the long-anticipated apocalypse. The invader in this instance is The Vegetable. Ah, I see you, glancing hither and thither, wondering to what I could possibly be referring. A few people in the back exchange confused whispers.

The Vegetable is a beast. Easily as big as MY ENTIRE BODY (or, OK, my arm - no, wait, bigger than that), it is a looming, hulking green monster. (Not the actual Hulk, of course. That was something else entirely). Anyway, yes. Giant courgette (zucchini)/marrow in our kitchen, courtesy of chez King. Katie plans to make courgette pasta out of it tomorrow.

So, yes, we went to Kathye's BBQ on Saturday, which was vee enjoyable, though there was a bit of drizzle whilst we were attempting to embrace the BBQ concept, but I'd stolen a chair under the umbrella very early on in the proceedings and was personally absolutely fine, so that was all that mattered, really. Anyway, then I couldn't be arsed to leave, so stayed overnight. We watched Hannah Montana (class) and Coyote Ugly (OMG IT'S SO STUPID AND I DON'T EVEN CARE I FUCKING LOVE IT). Sunday morning, I watched a bizarre video with the girls about how everyone in the world loves Mickey Mouse. Slightly freaky. Hannah loves Mickey, and also goes 'quack' for Donald Duck, which was quite adorable. Also, she got really invested in the cartoons, and was all *arms up* when it looked like something bad might happen (hilarious because, y'know, Mickey Mouse, but I guess when you're two you don't quite understand that traditionally short kids' Disney cartoons are unlikely to end badly). And then Mummy and Tatie left and we had lunch, and then I went home too. Via, as it happens, Waitrose, where I bought a load of fruit to make crumble (gooseberries, raspberries, nectarines, apples and pears - yum) and milk and cheese so I could embrace the ongoing wonder that is tuna lentil spectacular.

In other news:

♥ I have painted my nails with my very favourite Christian Dior nail varnish. Except someone, pray, explain to me why I insist on doing this right before I go to bed?

♥ I finally got round to posting The Lost Expedition to Wraithbait.

♥ I failed to finish my next village!verse fic, because I apparently can't get past the second section - boo!

♥ We watched two more episodes of Chuck.

♥ I received and read #25 and #26 of Buffy Season 8. #27 comes out on Wednesday, so woo. Have also ordered Madame Xanadu vol 1 and Ex Machina vol 3. And at some point I need to read Powers vols 9 and 10, because I've had them for ages. Also, I am totally behind with Fables since the Great Fables Crossover, so I might just wait for the trade(s). And Katie gave me the single issues of vol 2 of Umbrella Academy to read, which I keep forgetting.


♥ I am currently reading This Little Britain (How One Small Country Built the Modern World) by Harry Bingham, which actually has a giant sticker graphic on the front with the Mail on Sunday singing its praises that, had I noticed it, would probably have made me not buy the book. And it's an odd read. I don't know if it's fundamentally an English thing, to be so reluctant to concede one's successes and yet simultaneously TOTALLY CONVINCED THAT IT'S ALL TRUE AND ONE IS TOTALLY ROCKING AWESOME, but that's sort of my reaction to the book. In parts it does feel like some Telegraph or Mail editorial about how everyone always moans about Britain being shit when SECRETLY OMG WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE GOOD STUFF IN THE WORLD LIEK WOAH and makes no bones about being anything other than a history/miscellany of 'British exceptionalism', but in other parts it's more self-deprecating and aware of our shortcomings as a nation. Anyway, I was reading it till half-midnight last night, so I must be enjoying it a bit.

♥ I have also started the first book in my LJ Smith omnibus, which I bought in the Waterstones 3-for-2 with the above (and a Stella Gibbons book I hadn't read, which, come to think of it, makes it sounds like I've read loads of hers and not, as the case happens to be, just Cold Comfort Farm (so awesome)). I blame this ENTIRELY on [ profile] ungratefulwench - not that she's ever actually recommended them or anything, but because she's had fanlistings etc since forever, and my curiosity finally grew to a head.

♥ I should go to bed now. I am sleepy.
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Last night, Katie, Emma and I went to see Snakes on a Train at the Bad Film Club. So, yeah. There were snakes. On a train. Involved in some barely explained Mayan curse. There was also a drug-smuggling subplot that made little sense, and at the end the woman turned into a giant snake and ate the train. Good times.

In other news, I go on holiday on Sunday!!! I am sure you have all been on tenterhooks waiting to hear about the ticket situation, but rest assured it has all been resolved, by dint of me ringing the train company and LYING with neither blush nor shame. I will be picking them up at Paddington on Saturday (a day early, mark you, in case of any problems – how practical am I?) and all will be well. Holidays!! Currently I am trying to work out how many books I can take. Normally, of course, I’d take a dozen or so, but I am hampered these days by having to take the tiny tiny shiny laptop, phone, MP3 player, and, more to the point, all their respective chargers and cables etc. So, what with them and some clean knickers, I’ll be lucky to have space for any books. Ho hum. I will think of something.

In other news, my black nail varnish is chipping and I didn’t have time (OK, whatevs, I forgot) to do it last night. I look like a Gothy tramp. Must remember to do that this evening.

So, I’ve been watching some original series Star Trek (always a treat). I watched Amok Time and heard, for what would have been the first time ever, the magic words ‘pon far’. Little did the random bloke who came up with this meaningless collection of letters imagine the impact it would have on fandom, I’m sure. However, I was telling Emma and Katie about that particular episode on the train home last night, and about T’Pring challenging etc, and Spock giving her to Stonn, and Katie remarked upon the total gender fail! in the concept.

Which leads me to a fic rec. Or, rather, an author rec. Pat Foley has a series of Amanda/Sarek-centric fic on her ffnet page and her own fic page (link on the ffnet page). I read these stories quite a long time ago, and have been re-reading them in light of my renewed Star Trek love. They look at Sarek and Amanda’s relationship, their relationships with Spock, T’Pau, the rest of Vulcan society, and the press, amongst others. It’s not always easy reading, because the author really highlights the point that although, as Human and Vulcan, Amanda and Sarek have a lot in common, and are happy in their marriage, there are massive differences in their cultural backgrounds and cultural understanding that cause huge problems, chief of which is how husband and wife interact, and how a wife should submit to her husband. The idea that, due to biological imperatives, a Vulcan wife must be submissive, or at least passive, with regard to her husband, is interestingly explored, particularly because that is so contrary to Amanda’s character and background. I would really, really recommend all her fic, but please note that while some of it is normal gen, even a bit fluffy, some of it could be a bit distressing in terms of sexual themes. But yes, very good, and really fleshes out Vulcan society and characters. Ace work. (Also, she has an indulgently good H/C story where Spock turns into a kid and McCoy has to look after him. Spock joins the Pony Club!!)

CBB Summer Frolick

However, enough of such fol-de-rol! Frolick time! CBB peeps who haven’t been on the board, the Summer Frolick this year is taking place on 22 August in Derbyshire and it’s going to be AWESOME. Maybe even AWESOME SQUARED. The programme and venue details are in the Gathering forum, so bop along. To the forum. But to the Frolick, too. Frolick FTW!
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(a) Waking up

Woo. No hangover. Room still like a sauna, though. Wandered around like a zombie. Had various tiny woes. Got dressed. Had giant woe. Katie made me toast and juice and calmed me. Shoved stuff onto the Sale table with a sternly worded sign about it not being open yet. Caroline opened her bookstall: cue a mad rush for cheque books.

Me: Hmm. I have A World of Girls, and I see Caroline has A World of Women for sale.
Me: Hmm.
Me: I think I would like to read this book.
Me: I think I may buy this book.
Helen: What?
Me: Come hither.
Helen: [comes hither]
Me: This is A World of Women.
Helen: Ooh. That looks interesting.
Me: I think so too.
Helen: I wish to read it.
Me: I wish to buy it.
Helen: OK. That works out well. I will borrow it.
Me: OK. I’m going to get my cheque book.
Helen: OK.
Me: [fetches cheque book]
Me: [returns]
Helen: [gazes blankly at book]
Me: Thank you for guarding my book, Helen.
Helen: I think I have this book.
Me: Oh. Well, do you?
Helen: I don’t know.
Heather: What?
Helen: Come hither.
Heather: [comes hither]
Helen: Do I own this book?
Heather: [stares]
Helen: I think I lent it to you once.
Heather: Maybe.
Me: [is vexed]
Me: Do you own this book?!!
Helen: Maybe. Or maybe I own the first book. Or maybe I still need to read the book. I DON’T KNOW.
Me: I have the first book. You may borrow it.
Helen: Thank you. I think I have the second book. You may borrow it.
Me: I should not have fetched my cheque book.
Helen: Twas a foolish move.
Me: Yes.
Me & Helen: [depart stall without buying anything]

(b) Fifteen-to-One

Pim: I am playing this merely for the glowsticks.
Rosie: I too am chiefly engaging with the glowsticks.
Gnome: Glowsticks!
Beth: I know actual answers.
Vikki: I know answers too.
Lesley: Hey! I have an answer!
Helen: I do not know how many kittens Minette had.
Beth: I know the name of the boat on which Carola was meant to sail.
Everyone: [is amazed]
Rosie: I am covered in fluorescent paint.
Everyone: [talks a great deal]
Everyone: [misbehaves generally]
Catharine: I fear this game is not being played according to the official rules.
Me: I have just realised I do not know the rules to this game.
Katherine: I have just realised I do not know the rules to this game either.
Me: I suspect there may therefore have been a flaw in our planning of this event.
Katherine: I suspect you are right.
Pim: I am going to make a Death Star out of glowsticks.
Rosie: [is dying from fluorescent paint]
Me: [has lost track of game entirely]
Me: I do not even know what this means.
Me: Or to whom I am speaking.
Everyone: [makes noise and misbehaves]
Me: [weeps]
Vikki: [wins]

(c) Lunch

We ate lunch. Baked potatoes, butter, cheese, red onion and tuna. Yum.

(d) Raffle in aid of Tiny Burning Australian Children

Having finished my lunch in 3 nanoseconds, I proceeded to draw the raffle with the help of various not particularly glamorous assistants. Fortunately, there had been the sorting of raffle slips into cups the night before by various minions (for which help much thanks), so it all went very smoothly and I was very strict and terse and it took all of about 10 minutes. I won a book! It was very exciting. [As a side note, we raised about £500 (final total to follow once I’ve done the posting and worked it out), so many, many thanks to everyone who donated items and bought tickets. Any winners who weren’t at the gather will be notified this evening if they won a prize.]

(e) Tidying Up

I did a tiny bit of tidying up in the morning, and then left it to other people because of (a) organising things and (b) being shit at tidying. I did however collect together gathery stuff and my own belongings etc so woo. So, other people tidied and washed up and stuff, and I was vexed by Pim and Gnome. And then people fucked off and we all went home.

(f) Ikea

Except that’s a lie, because once we’d wedged ourselves into Kathye’s car, we decided to go to Ikea.

Kathye: We need to go to Ikea.
Me, Katie & Katherine: OK.
Kathye: Darren has given me a tiny, tiny list. It’s just glasses.
Me, Katie & Katherine: OK.
Roundabout: [is confusing]
Roundabout: [is still confusing]
Another Roundabout: [is also confusing]
Everyone: We have no idea where we are.
Me: [is knowledgeable]
Me: I think we need to go that way. Down Saxon Street.
Kathye: [drives]
Kathye: [drives some more]
Me: Um. I did actually mean it.
Kathye: Oh.
Kathye: [drives back]
Everyone: We love you, Ikea!
Kathye: [finds glasses]
Katie: [finds plate to replace broken one]
Me: [finds napkins]
Me: [finds 3 pairs of scissors for 77p]
Me: [finds fitted sheet]
Me: Can I buy mixing bowls?
Katie: Still no.
Me: I love Ikea.
Katie: I love this rug.
Me: I love this rug too.
Katie: We should buy this rug.
Me: We totally should.
Katie: But how would we get it in the car?
Me: It would fit on the roof.
Katie: This is true.
Me: And…
Katie: …if we’re involving the roof…
Me: …we could totally get the cabinet thing we’ve been wanting in our living room FOR TWO YEARS.
Katie: So we could finally unpack that box that has been in a corner FOR TWO YEARS!!
Katie: [is indescribably happy at the thought]
Me & Katie: [go and investigate cabinet]
Me & Katie: [are pleased by cabinet]
Katie: I wish to buy this.
Me: I wish to buy this too.
Katie: We should go and find Kathye.
Me: Yes. Good plan, Batman.
Me & Katie: [return to just past previous rug location]
Katie: Kathye will be further on than this.
Me: No, I think she will still be back there.
Kathye: [is still back there]
Katie: Kathye, whom we love so much, please may we take a cabinet home on the roof.
Kathye: I do not like things on the roof.
Me & Katie: But you love us.
Kathye: But I love you, so I will.
Everyone: [hugs]
Katherine: I notice I am chiefly absent from this dialogue.
Me: This is true. I cannot remember what you were looking at at this stage.
Everyone: Don’t sit under the apple tree, with anyone else but me…
Katie: I hate that song.
Everyone: …anyone else but me…
Me: [finds tray]
Everyone: [pays for things]
Everyone: …anyone else but me…
Me & Katie: [buy salmon paste]
Katherine: [buys crisps]
Kathye: [buys biscuits]
Me: [buys hotdog]
Everyone: …No, no, no, don’t sit under the apple tree, with anyone else but me…
Car: [is completely full]
M1: [is completely broken]
M25: [is completely busy]
Everyone: …till I come marching home!


Cabinet: [is gradually constructed with many muttered imprecations]
Freezer: [has bizarrely defrosted over course of weekend]
Food: [is partly ruined, but partly OK]
Rug: [is very curly at ends but fits in hall]
Flat: [smells of wee on account of narcissi bought by mater]
Tiny triangolini crackers with Ikea salmon paste: [are delicious]

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Saturday (contd)

(f) Afternoon Craftiness

We got back just in time to start the afternoon’s activity (creating costumes and scenery for skits), which I SKIVED ENTIRELY due to nervous exhaustion from organising stuff (I am not a natural organiser (as if people hadn’t noticed)). Helen and I went upstairs and ate petits filous whilst spying on people from the window overlooking the hall, which was highly entertaining. Rosie joined us briefly on her voyage to scavenge foliage. There was much giggling. Helen and I, both being THE WORLD’S HUGEST DRAMA QUEENS, should in fact repel each other utterly, but it seems to work OK. After that, we wandered around a bit, and eventually made our way to the Gentian dormitory where Katie was having a little sleepy, and we lay around and watched Bones and were generally idle and snoozy until dinner time beckoned.

(g) Evening Larking

Dinner was to be interleaved the plays (dinner theatre, alive and well in Milton Keynes). Tables were arranged in a suitable fashion and we bagsied one IN AN INCREDIBLY EMBARRASSING DISPLAY OF THIRTEEN YEAR OLD BEHAVIOUR for which I am suitably shamed.

{i} Why did old girls stop sending their daughters to the CS?
Dominatrices at the Chalet School: whips, neon pink net and Pim prancing around with a multi-purpose red beard. It were beautiful.

{ii} Lady Acetylene Lampe
Home to the best scenery ever, which we STOLE and are planning to put up behind the front door at FT. Seriously, it’s gorgeous. Plus, Heather’s St Bernard got a work-out…

{iii} The torrid affair of Miss Annersley and Commander Christie…
This was a tiny bit hilarious (as indicated by the fact they won). Katherine (in a Naval uniform and beard) and Rosie (in the ubiquitous mortar board) whispered sweet nothings in a comedy restaurant, with some inspired silent film-esque narration. How we all laughed, though I’m not aware of anyone weeping gently or sliding off their chair.

{iv} What did Captain Carrick do to make India too hot for him?
Kill Reepicheep, apparently. Puppets and Beth being genius on the organ. It was fabulous, and produced Captain Carrick.

(h) Captain Carrick, and Other Unauthorised Evening Larkings

The most important thing to understand about the rest of the evening is that Kathryn had brought along a bottle of vodka, which our table proceeded to drink in its entirety during the course of the evening. We played Katherine’s Eustacia game (beautifully crafted but slightly confusing once we’d had alcohol) and then moved on to some more impertinent questions (my hair featured heavily, as is only right and proper, as did Helen’s and my respective rights to be considered the queens of drama, not to mention the likelihood of Katherine and Helen having some kind of sapphic cupboard experience, given Helen’s propensity for walking in on naked people), then Captain Carrick joined our merry throng and, being the black sheep that he is, proceeded to wreak havoc in our hearts. We had a bit of tongue action because he loves me best. Helen (WHO IS NOT IN ANYWAY A QUALIFIED COLORECTAL SURGEON) chopped off his bottom and we then abused him as a wine… well a wine-hider, basically.

(i) Helen’s near-death experience

Then Helen CHOKED NIGH UNTO DEATH on water or vodka or life or something, so that was quite funny.

Helen: I am choking nigh unto death on water or vodka or life or something.
Everyone: [ignores]
Helen: [chokes]
Me: Um.
Helen: [chokes]
Me: Are you OK?
Helen: [chokes]
Helen: [flees]
Everyone: [ignores]
Me: [is worried]
Me: Did the satnav choke?

(j) The rest of the evening

We drank more wine and chatted and then Helen and I (being geniuses) made a beautiful sign for Katie that said “Nobody puts The Katie in the corner…” which is funny BECAUSE IT’S A LIE. Kathryn dried it with her hairdryer, and we pinned it up IN HER CORNER. (That was irony.) Probably more stuff happened. We all wound up in Gentian and chatted more and then I very much suspect I fell asleep. This is the end of Saturday.

Still got Sunday to go, but the end is in sight…
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So, where was I?


(d) Setting up

So, we managed to get to Heron’s Lodge (by some strange miracle of temporal dynamics, a couple of minutes before Kathye and Katherine, who had been heading back to the car when we left Bletchley, so heaven only knows where they went), and started setting up. I organised bits of paper. Other people did actual things. The Tesco man came (OMG WITHOUT ICE CREAM WHAT WAS THAT EVEN ABOUT?) and gave us food. People started arriving. Stuff probably happened that I can’t remember. I discovered that the tiny, tiny shiny laptop and its USB modem worked perfectly well (woo).

(e) Evening entertainment

There was ricotta and spinach lasagne (yummy mcyum – as ever, food was a bit of a highlight, because Katherine and Nicola and minions etc are MADE OF KITCHEN WIN) and then some wine and possibly a degree of silliness so by the time Katie, Pim, Kate and Kirsty rocked up we were quite giddy and playing impertinent questions. We forced Katie to judge the CS dustjackets (Kathye and I made good use of a Desperate Housewives picture to create “The Chalet Matrons Come Up Trumps” which was a work of art though tragically did not win). There was more giddiness. People laughed at me BECAUSE THEY ARE MEAN. Kathryn and I attempted the medium su doku and were doing INCREDIBLY WELL INDEED until it all went hideously and traumatically wrong and we had Phil Graves in about sixty places at once which apparently is not the idea behind su doku.. Helen drank about a pint and a half of pink wine and we had hysterics. We showed Katie her little nest in the corner of the room. She did not get a bed. Or a mattress. Or enough space to actually lie down. But hey. (I was noble AND OFFERED MY OWN BED, which she did not accept and I must admit that is probably as well because I am whiny and whingy and like having a bed.)


(a) Waking up quite early

I woke up, if not early objectively speaking, then at least early enough to do the prep I needed for the morning activity. Our room was in fact A TOTAL SAUNA on account of the heating being on all night so we basically DIED. I faffed with tiny cardboard knickers (decorated by Nadine at work) and tiny cardboard vests (also decorated by Nadine at work) and beautiful cardboard gentian blue dresses (made by me at work), and then had a shower, got dressed in my beautiful new Monsoon dress that I bought for Kathye’s birthday party on Saturday and dried my hair. Then Katie brought me juice, which was as well because I was about to die of thirst. We went out (it was a lovely morning) to hide many, many items of tiny cardboard clothing, which was fun.

(b) Becoming a Real Chalet Girl

This was my tiny brainchild, and I think it went off OK. I added my truly absurd subfusc to my dress in imitation of Miss Annersley. Helen was Joey (in a green cardigan, earphones and pearls, complete with Bruno (courtesy of Heather) and lemon biscuits (courtesy of Kathryn)), Katherine was Slutty Matron, and Katie was Miss Dene (with one of my tweed skirts safety-pinned about her), and between us we guided the teams (Pollyanna, Anne, Jo and Katy) through the Chalet School, via inventory checks, working out their timetables, a tasty bit of Latin translation (ah, Belimicus, how tragic was your end…), having tea at Freudesheim, and other such lovely japes. Mostly went according to plan. Occasionally not.

Katy Carr: We think this would be a good idea for a Sale.
Miss Annersley: Lovely, my dears, lovely.
Jo March: We are missing pieces from our puzzle.
Miss Annersley: Well, make do. Back to you, Katy…
Miss Dene: Miss Annersley!! Jo March are missing HALF THEIR PUZZLE.
Miss Annersley: Oh.
Jo March: We just got shafted by Miss Annersley. Also, she failed to mark our prep on account of being blind and stupid.
Miss Annersley: Have my mortar board to make up for it.
Jo March: That is pathetic. But thanks. We will dress up as a dominatrix in it.
Miss Annersley: Ah, happy memories.

(c) Lunch

We had some lunch. It was soup. Vee nice. I had a giant bowl.

(d) Rest hour

Or, technically, rest two hours, and for me personally it was in fact Tesco two hours. As people wandered off to knit, chat, ramble and SET FIRE TO THE COUNTRYSIDE (according to taste), Katie, Helen and I nipped off with Heather to visit the giant Tesco to “buy some bread and marmalade for the gather” though blatantly our ulterior motive was in fact “go shopping in the giant Tesco and buy a load of crap”.

Me, Helen & Heather: OMG! Super cheap recipe books! Let’s buy dozens!
Katie: [pushes the trolley]
Me: I want this!
Me: [puts t-shirt in trolley]
Me: I want this!
Me: [puts earrings in trolley]
Me: I want this!
Me: [puts blouse in trolley]
Katie: [pushes the trolley]
Helen: I like this bag.
Me: It looks very tacky.
Helen: OK.
Me: I like these shoes.
Heather: They look very tacky.
Katie: [pushes the trolley]
Helen: I want a million DVDs.
Helen: [puts a million DVDs in the trolley]
Me & Heather: We want books! Also, if we buy them together, we will save 72p! Tesco rocks!
Me & Heather: [put books in trolley]
Me: Kitchen aisle! I love the kitchen aisle! Can I justify the purchase of more cake tins?
Katie: No.
Me: OK. Can I buy more mixing bowls?
Katie: No.
Me: OK. Can I buy more knives?
Katie: If you must.
Me: [puts knives in the trolley]
Me: And I want a new frying pan so I can make pancakes again.
Me: [puts frying pan in the trolley]
Katie: [pushes the trolley]
Everyone: [goes down the travelator]
Heather: I want crisps.
Heather: [puts crisps in the trolley]
Me: I want chocolate.
Me: [gets distracted and fails to do anything about it]
Katie: I have a short and organised list of food which we have been asked to get.
Katie: [puts food in trolley]
Helen: [disappears]
Heather: Helen has disappeared.
Katie: Hmm. This is true.
Me: Let’s drive off and leave her behind.
Katie & Heather: OK.
Katie: [pushes trolley]
Check-out lady: You have spent £2.91 on sensible items.
Katie: I know. Here you go.
Check-out lady: You have spent a ridiculous amount of money on a lot of tat.
Me: But things are pretty and I can make pancakes and it’s a Katie Fforde book.
Check-out lady: These are undeniable facts. Here, let me give you a bag.
Check-out lady: [provides a bag]
Bag: [falls apart]
Check-out lady: Maybe I will give you another bag.
Check-out lady: [provides a second bag]
Second Bag: [is not made of fail and retains bag shape]
Helen: [appears]
Helen: I cannot use a toilet.
Me, Katie & Heather: We do not know this crazy lady.
Helen: I found a Cath Kidston bag.
Me, Katie & Heather: She is our best friend.
Helen & Heather: [go to look at Cath Kidston bags]
Helen & Heather: [come back]
Heather: They do not have the one I want. I am disillusioned by Tesco and will never return.
Me: We shall depart this place.
Me, Katie, Helen & Heather: [spend about an hour trying to depart, due to complicated roundabout system]
Satnav: Ha! I am useless! Also, if you use me whilst driving, YOU MAY DIE.
Helen: [repeats the satnav]

More to come…
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Well, golly gee. Have emerged from the other end of the Spring Gather 2009. Woo. I shall now proceed to tell you all about it. Look excited. You know this is going to be a tiny treat.


(a) Thursday

Well, actually, Thursday evening: Darren came round to collect me and my luggage, Katie’s luggage (well, if a rucksack and sleeping bag can really constitute ‘luggage’) and FIFTY MILLION BOXES OF GATHER CRAP. Returned to chez King, and faffed around quite a bit making door signs (beauteous) and the like. Went to bed.

(b) Bletchley Park

On Friday, we faffed some more and then, once Katherine had arrived, set off for Bletchley Park (where we met Heather and Helen), which was vee interesting apart from the part where we ended up tacked onto the special IBM tour which was filled with slightly strange men in anoraks. Also, I fail at museums, because I hate audioguides, and reading signs and any kind of information. I just like to look (and touch, where possible) and go ooh. Not very educational, but certainly enjoyable. Also, there was a mock up of a 1940s kitchen/living room AND IT HAD A TINY BE-RO BOOK IN IT!!! Awesome. Bought a tiny bit of tat in the gift shop (oh, and spent too much on a very mediocre chilli con carne in the restaurant). Saw the Colossus machine, with a very interesting man talking about it (OK, so real live people talking information at me I can handle), and as with anything to do with the War, I went around feeling a little glow of pride about being British etc.

(c) Fetching Nicola

Towards the end, we managed to lose Kathye and Katherine, get bored, and ended up hanging out in Heather’s car. Then we realised it was time to fetch Nicola from the station. I present an artistic interpretation of the events that followed:

Helen: OMG! Nicola! Let’s go now!!
Me & Heather: Nicola doesn’t even arrive for half an hour.
Helen: Oh.
Helen: OMG! Let’s go now!
Me: The station is literally three minutes away. WE ARE NOT GOING NOW.
Helen: Can we go now?
Me & Heather: Yes, fine, we will go now.
[Three minutes later]
Me: See. Station.
Helen & Heather: Yeah. That’s Bletchley station.
Me: Why, yes, yes it is. Is that not right?
Heather: No, we need Milton Keynes station.
Me: Oh.
Helen: HA HA HA HA!!
Heather: How do we get to Milton Keynes station?
Me & Helen: [look blankly]
Heather: I have satnav!
Helen: I repeat everything the satnav says!
Me: [thinks “ha ha Helen is Tawny Madison” but sadly does not think H or H will appreciate this and says nothing; tells Katie later and she understands and laughs]
Satnav: If you use me while driving, YOU MAY DIE!!! Are you OK with this?
Helen: We are absolutely OK with that, Satnav. You may proceed to direct us to Milton Keynes station.
Satnav: Drive 0.2 miles and turn left.
Heather: Ha! I have already done that. Fail, Satnav!
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the first exit.
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the second exit.
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the third exit.
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the first exit.
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the second exit.
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the third exit.
Me: Does anyone actually know where we are?
Heather: No.
Helen: I’m just repeating everything the satnav says.
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the first exit.
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the second exit.
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the third exit.
Me, Helen & Heather: Milton Keynes sucks.
Me: If we’re even in Milton Keynes.
Helen: I have no idea where we are.
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the first exit.
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the second exit.
Satnav: At the roundabout, take the third exit.
Heather: Ooh! Station!
Me: Ooh! Nicola!
Helen: Ooh! There’s a restaurant that looks like a chocolate box!
Heather: Now, how do we get to Heron’s Lodge?
Me & Helen: We have no knowledge about anything.
Helen: I repeat everything the satnav says. That is my job.
Nicola: [is competent]

(d) More Gatheriness

Um, I’m bored now. More later…
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1. More stuff added to the CBB Raffle, which is a Girlsown-themed charity raffle in aid of the British Red Cross Australian bush fires appeal. Again, if anyone can think of anyone who would be interested, please do let them know. PIMP, PEOPLE! PIMP FOR ALL YOU'RE WORTH! IT'S FOR CHARITY!!

2. Gather planning is going well (!!), which probably only means that it'll be disastrous come the weekend. Tant pis.

3. Speaking of, my darling [ profile] weird_bird, any chance you could pick me up on Friday morning, as I will have way, way too much stuff to get to yours with?

4. Oh Merlin. Bless you, my tiny, tiny new fandom. I just want to cross you with everything!! Having done so with Stargate: Atlantis (oh, and that was supposed to be a one-off, except clearly Camelot is backwater planet in the Pegasus galaxy, how could it be anything else and I've had more ideas which I will probably never write), I am now horribly drawn to the tale of Sir Edmund of Blackadder, and his useless squire, Percy, fourth son of the Earl of Northumberland (and the dogsbody Baldrick), and how he tries to avoid all Uther's blithe assumptions that he will, of course, be desperately eager to help Prince Arthur battle all sort of terrible beasts...

5. Went to Lesbian Tea yesterday chez [ profile] balooky in aid of Iranian lesbians, and had a marvellous time with Helen, [ profile] katherinea, [ profile] kathrynw and [ profile] dozydormouse. We went on a little adventure to look at tiles and then Explored (and discovered many wondrous things, including a squirrel, a cat, some balloons, and a diseased mattress. Fun times.

6. Cookery Book: Be-Ro Recipes
Provenance: Bought off the interwebs to replace my aged, aged family one
Picture Level: Pictures for everything. Bien joué, Be-Ro...

Recipe: Upside Down Peach and Butterscotch Pudding
Ingredients: Marge, flour, eggs, peaches, caster sugar, soft brown sugar
Why Chosen: I was browsing and indecisive and it looked easy.
Outcome: Actually, not too bad. It has the air of the random 70s pudding, but still tasty nonetheless.
Mess Created: Not too much. Sort of tidied after myself. Woo.
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Well, thank heavens that finally actually worked. Rah.

So, yes. CBB Raffle of Chalet School/Girlsown books and stuff. Website is here: Sale of Works. Go, look, buy tickets. Follow instructions carefully because I can't be arsed to chase the stupid. It is in aid of the British Red Cross Australian bush fires appeal. Please pimp anywhere and everywhere you think people may be interested.

If you would like to donate any items, please check out the website and email me.
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Boo. It's me. And my hair. (Quite smooth today; I blow dried it.) Once again, I have come on to LJ and then felt completely disinclined to write anything, but here goes. So, um. Yes. New phone. It's shiny and ace and takes photos and everything. I love it quite a lot already.

Jade is going back to Australia after Christmas. I am vee sad about this. *sad face*

Went into Sheen this morning and bought milk and bread and mourned (again) the loss of Woolworths. Why did they close it? Why? (OK. Recent events make that question fairly redundant, but whatever.) Particularly vexing because (a) I broke our whisk and planned to replace it there and (b) our most excellent Woolworths-bought chopping knife has disappeared and I need to replace that too.

Weather was lovely today. Afternoon, I met Jess at Brentford and we tooled along to Staines for Kathye's Christmas gather, which was extremely and also very lovely. Leek and potato soup. Yum. Plan on making that tomorrow, what with plentitude of both leeks and potatoes in FT at the moment. Also maybe celeriac soup. There will be much soup in our future. We could do with a larger freezer. Tant pis.

At Kathye's, Hannah was unfeasibly adorable. I am well on the way to making her think I am AN ACTUAL STAR. Heh. Megan is still not convinced that I am not going to be a Russian queen. I am a little bit naughty. *cheery smile* In more distressing news, some bright sparks thought it would be HIGH-LAR-IOUS to stick about three million knitting needles IN MY HEAD and then see how many could be removed before my hair fell down. Katie filmed it for the mind of the posterity (or for the mind of the film project for my grandparents' Christmas present, whatevs).

Off to Xanthe's for her birthday party tomorrow. Or off to Xanthe's church hall, at any rate.

Sainsbury's last night. I saw a trashy magazine with the following cover:

"Daddy sent me from HEAVEN" What. The. Fuck?! If I may extrapolate from this headline, I assume this woman's partner died and then she had his baby. Vee sad. But I reiterate: what. The. Fuck? Could that be any more arse-cringingly sentimentally twaddlish? Daddy and Mummy loved each other in a special way had sex and then Daddy went to play with the angels died and you were brought home by the stork were born. Daddy did not, in fact, send you from heaven.
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Well, golly, it's been a while since I've posted properly on the old J of L. Everything's been quite busy, anyway, and I seem to have spent much of my time shaving my legs and regretting the purchase of Johnson's self-tan moisturiser (which, contrary to recent advertisements, does still smell like fake tan). I thought I might summarise the last month or so with some carefully selected and artistically underlined subheadings.

The World of Work

P has left - w00t! We went out to lunch for her last day, which was nice. Emma and I are now IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING which is how it should be cuz we are aces. Work's actually quite fun at the moment. I was vee productive today, overcoming the trauma of Emma constantly threatening to grope me again, for various, unspecified, crimes against her. Danni is also leaving in a couple of weeks' time (or maybe next week, thinking on't), and Ben will be gone by the end of May.

The Giant Spiral of Doom that is eBay

Have spent far too much money on trashy books and underwear (new, obvs) from eBay recently. Also bought a coat. And some perfume. And some ludicrously expensive moisturiser which doesn't seem to suit my skin. Boo.

The Experiment Formerly Known As "Trying Not to Eat Too Much"

Diet is actually going pretty well at the moment. Have lost nearly half a stone in the last week. Go me. Am still waiting for inevitable failure, but growing ever more confident that this will work. Emma is still being tops on the old supporting front. I made broccoli and stilton (well, generic blue cheese, but whatevs) soup for my lunch today. It was vee nice indeed.

Cardboard Boxes Make Beautiful Chalets

The CBB Gather last weekend was superb - I enjoyed myself so much and it was lovely to see people I hadn't seen at all in a couple of years, or at all in some cases. Plus, the usual suspects, natch. If the programme wasn't perfect (still learning here, folks!), the atmosphere was lovely, and the food was topnotch. I really want to do it again next year!!!! *looks pleadingly at people* [ profile] helenmia, incidentally, is perhaps the funniest person I know. True. On the CBB front, I have various new website plans, but this is me, so the thoughts are likely to avail me naught. I have, however, managed to scoop back the domain in the nick of time (it expired at the beginning of March, which I skillfully avoided noticing until this week).

Traversing Beyond These, Our Native Shores

Huzzah! Katie and I are going to Paris at the end of the month! Tis very exciting indeed, as I have never, ever been. My darling pater, on learning this sad truth, decided there and then to settle upon us a cheque of sufficient breadth to fund a trip, so we shall toast him roundly and well when sitting upon a Parisian pavement.

And On the Seventh Day...

This weekend should be nicely laidback. Katie is off gallivanting, so I have the flat to myself (always a bit of a treat). Tomorrow I'm off to Kingston for a bit of a massage (upper back is Very Tight Indeed), and may or may not come home via Homebase, to see if they have any of the little bookcases like the one I already have. L'après-midi, I shall saunter up to Town to meet [ profile] katherinea for a spot of gallerying as there is an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery I wish to see. On the Sunday, as well as other domestic pursuits, I shall be (hopefully) painting the bookcase I already have, and putting various unwanted objects on eBay.
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Well, this weekend has been quite jolly, all things considered. Went shopping on Saturday and Sunday and spent far too much money, but have acquired some new shoes, a new floaty white nightie (thank heavens, frankly – I have been in deepest mourning since my last one died, and they’re like hens’ teeth), some books (natch), a new woolly jumper (let us all embrace the UNI QLO sale), a random woolly sleeveless cardigan thing from GAP, which I am not quite sure about yet, and various kitcheny things. I am now, obviously, poor like yonder church mouse and will be whinging about such poverty for the rest of February, cheerfully ignoring the fact that it’s entirely my own fault for SPENDING ALL MY MONEY SO I HAVE NONE LEFT.

In domestic matters, I changed my bedlinen, made some mini quiches (as you do), some squash and sweet potato soup, some blueberry muffins and some LEMON CURD which was very exciting indeed, and is quite tasty. We will be eating it ad nauseam this week, as it doesn’t keep. Tonight, I am making pie (chicken, leek, and possibly mushroom), as Chris and Bex are coming for dinner. Also stitched up the buttonholes on the back of my apricot silk blouse so they don’t come undone when I move my arms, leading to indecency and disarray. Did no tidying: my room is again a tip.

In other news, I had the most hilarious email from some disaffected member of the CBB who was apparently outraged on being asked to change the size of his sig:

Delete my details from your site please as I no longer wish to be a member of it. I am not taking part in any forum which queries the size of your 'signature' yet allows you to input the details in that size in the first place

Your mods must have nothing better to do with their time.

You needn't bother to reply to this email because I shan't read any response.

I am a member of various other fan sites and have never been asked anything as pathetic as this.

I did bother to reply to his email, but only in a remarkably immature fashion to say, “Suit yourself, sunshine,” which is possibly not what he had in mind.
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Well, I have had a very nice day. [ profile] helenmia, [ profile] mat8kat, [ profile] xanantha and [ profile] pim2005 were due to bop over for a spot of Sunday lunch, and so Katie and I were up bright and early with preppy things to do. The whole thing went off extremely smoothly, we were beautifully organised, Katherine carved like a star (and washed up, for which I omitted to thank her *shamed*). It was very nice. And we had presents! Actual presents! Which I was allowed to open! So that was ace, with knobs on. Later, we formed a committee for Ents at the spring gather (will post on the CBB about that tomorrow), and might possibly have planned and produced a televised Squeen's Christmas Message, to be broadcast at, as tradition has it, 3pm on Christmas Day. So, look out for that... *g*


Dec. 1st, 2007 11:56 am
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The board is down at the moment. Entirely my fault - I forgot to update my card details. I will contact the billing bods first thing on Monday morning, and hopefully it will all be sorted by lunch time or so. Sorry about that!
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Huzzah for the Summer Frolick! Despite last-minute frantic planning, it all went off quite splendidly, and people seemed to enjoy themselves, which was indeed the aim of the exercise. It was vee tiring, and a bit stressful in places, but everyone pulled together in the spirit of Britain And Her Empire, and la, for it was fine. Obviously, giant thanks to Katie, for being the Most Helpful Person Ever (and, of course, the coollest), and to Pim for being vee handy and for doing CS Challenge (how much fun was that, btw?!) and Spanish titles, and to Rosie for being in charge of things and doing the Welsh titles, and to Xanthe for the German titles, and to Ray for helping to move stuff in her car, and to Katherine for helping to tidy up at the end, and my parents, without whom I could never have won this Oscar... oh, hang on a minute...

It was really nice to see everyone, and to meet new people, which always gets me slightly excited. So hurrah!

And thanks to everyone who donated money to the Church Tower appeal and relieved them of some sewing/knitting stuff. We made nearly £40 or so, which isn't too dusty... *g*

So, yep, we're planning Summer Frolick 2008. I have an icon already. If anyone has any cool activity ideas, do let me know!!
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Well, we had a Sunday of televisual delight, in between the inevitable attempts at unpacking. We started off with Wonder Woman whilst eating our lunch, and what a fabulously genius programme that is! We were particularly taken with (a) Wonder Woman’s giant bottom in giant blue knickers, (b) the cards on the screen – “Making their way to the secret Nazi camp…” and (c) the part where a mad German scientist cloned Adolf Hitler. Oh yes. Later in the day we watched a bit of Dawson’s Creek (first series, with the Jann Arden song, and Dawson and Joey Just Being Friends, and Pacey being so… Pacey.) There was a great deal of Pacey love, in fact, and some bonding over the fact that we had both rented The Skulls merely for his presence. Then Doctor Who. How amazingly fantastic have these two episodes been? There were *fabulous*! Better, possibly, even than The Empty Child. Yes, much love there. And finally Katie made good on her threat to make me watch My So Called Life, and we saw the first episode. Good. Grief. It was like a televisual representation of my relationship with my mother. “Yes, you can do that.” “You say that so you can just hold a grudge about it.” Oh, the joys of teenagerdom. And how much did I hate my mother? I mean, it balanced out, because she hated me too. Fortunate, really, that we both got over it.

In other news, the CBB is a bit broken at the moment, but should be working again shortly.
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Just come for a little pimp...

The brilliant News & Views mods on the CBB have started a lovely institution known as the CBB News Digest, summing up the past week's activity on the board. We thought it might be a rather cunning idea to duplicate this on LJ, for all the people who don't really go on the CBB much, but who might like to keep an eye out for anything interesting kicking off over there. So, may I introduce:

[ profile] the_cbb_digest

Go forth and friend: I am sure it will prove to be invaluable!

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