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♥ Katie reminded me last night that I have not updated you as to my fringe-cutting escapade. Now, you know my fringe-cutting escapades. You know them well. I have not spared you the smallest of gory details. Waiting until Katie was out for the evening to cut my fringe is probably the first indication of the madness that seems to envelop me every time I reach for a pair of scissors and pull my fringe over my eyes to see just how far down my nose it reaches (answer: almost to the end, this time; I’ve been having a very, very swoopy fringe). I started out with the green kitchen scissors but they’re useless. I meant to change to the blue kitchen scissors because they’re very efficient and can cut off an entire fringe with a single snip. Sadly (or perhaps not, in retrospect) I could not find them (don’t worry: I did subsequently – they were under my duvet. Obviously). Thus, I was left to cut my fringe with my nail scissors (only ever so slightly rusted). Now, this may sound like a recipe for disaster but actually, because my nail scissors can only cut about three strands of hair at a time, it went OK. I was very sensible (mainly because I was not, for once, under the influence of the demon alcohol), and now I have a sensibly short, fairly straight fringe. Which is, I feel I ought to point out, more than my mother ever managed.

♥ WTF? Where did the sunshine go? La la la nice weather, bit of sun, nice weather, sunny sunny, FUCKING DELUGE. I mean, quoi? Pah, say I.

♥ It is a truth universally acknowledged that finding out someone has been bitching away about you, even when logic has always dictated that this be the case, is a little distressing. Not least because there has probably been bitching away to complete strangers who now think I am indeed an utter queen of evil. Which, OK, I’m not exactly Little Miss Lovely, but still. Oh, let me flail my hands with woe, collapse onto a cushy surface, and proclaim my tragic victimhood to the world…

♥ I love Megan. She’s such a star. Yesterday, she was a snail and I was a ladybird. Good times. I shall remind her of this when she is fourteen, and she will die with shame. We also played hide and seek, but I’m so bad, because I just leave her hidden for ages and do other stuff. Yesterday, I was upstairs with Kathye and Hannah, and Megan sent Katie as an emissary to see when I was coming to find her. Shame, shame on me. Also, much cuddling with Hannah, which is always joyful, because she is, obviously, the most darling baby in the history of the world, ever.

♥ Hmm, my laundry has stopped smelling quite so much of the washing powder. This is a good thing. Also, on the domestic front, I have cleared away the crap from outside my bedroom door. I can now leave my bedroom without performing a series of daring acrobatic acts. It’s almost too much to cope with. Also changed bedlinen for the first time in about three years. Joy.

♥ TV. I love TV. Love it so much I am unable to articulate the depth of that love. Fortunately for the ongoing domestic bliss of the love nest, Katie loves TV too. Our fall schedule (if I may borrow the American phrase, as under the circs that seems more appropriate) is packed and we are joyous. It has started tentatively this week. Prison Break and Gossip Girl on download, with the ends of NCIS and Dexter on FX. Prison Break is obviously a familiar friend, but Gossip Girl was new, and a later addition to our televisual timetable. We weren’t blown away by the beginning, and were contemplating not even finishing the episode. This was something of a relief, as we have a lot of TV to get through every week, even bearing in mind that some shows are being left for hiatus. But no, we foolishly continued, our English passion for fairness working against us. It’s teen crap of the best and brightest kind, and we now eagerly await episode 2. Dammit. Also, we saw the end of NCIS. A lot of questions about Tony and Jeanne and La Grenouille and that CIA bloke and who knew what, but I think it’s clear now. And 0.o at the end of the series. Fortunately, of course, season 5 starts imminently, so resolution will be swift. Dexter. Ooh, Dexter. I can say nothing, because Katie has not yet seen the last episode (we taped it last night and I, queen of instant gratification, stayed up to watch it, while Katie sensibly went to bed). But we had not realised it was a mid-season replacement and thus only 12 episodes, and so the season is now over. So we may have to watch that one on download as well. Curses.

♥ Guides tomorrow. It feels about three years since the last meeting.
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♥ I am bored of patient questionnaires. Maybe I should invent a mind-reading machine that can interface with my database and extract specific responses from patients, which responses can then be entered directly into the database using the power of my brain and milk bottle tops.

♥ I have not written any new fic in about a week. I fail at life.

♥ I need to sort out my receipts for Anne. And arrange to go over my pink book with her, because I think I’ve done everything and I want my warrant (I spoke to the pater about the whole Promise/God thing, and he said clearly in practical terms it didn’t make much difference, and what mattered was what I could bring to the guides etc, but I am still not sure, and I meant to ask someone officially and haven’t done yet). And we need to finalise next term’s programme, and write to the guides’ parents about stuff, including when the start of term is. And I meant to write to Guiding about the lack of information available about 4, and I haven’t done that yet either. Once again, failing at life.

♥ We’re starting to give some thought to Chadstock. Some OTH is a must, and I think we’d all quite like to see House of Wax, because not only is it Chadful, it also has wee Jared. Plus, I really think we need some dreadful teenie film with him as the dashing hero (I know, I know, you have to be eight for that to work, but let’s go with it…). There will be no proper food at Chadstock: instead, we will utilize the wonder of the chips’n’dips bowl. Oh yes.

♥ My poo is still not blue. Think there may be something dreadfully wrong with my digestive system. My villi fail at life.

♥ I really, really want to customize my LJ properly, but I cannot work it out. Please could someone guide me through the process? I hate not being able to do it myself. My designing skillz fail at life.
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What a hideous article! Rawwwwrr. I want to go and slap her.
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Come closer, my chickadees, and I shall relate a tale. A tale of glamour, intrigue and romance. Okay, actually, there’s no romance. And it is, objectively speaking, a little light on intrigue. And the glamour is unmistakably missing. But other than that, it is a tale exactly as advertised.

It is a tale that begins last Saturday afternoon, at about five o’clock. I had slept off my early morning Harry Potter read, and was in Richmond, shopping. I had bopped around M&S’s sale, as one does, and decided to buy the previously-mentioned yellow-striped polo shirt. And then, fair readers, my eye fell upon a skirt. A navy, knee-length skirt, with a bow thing at the front and a few pleats. It was sort of like a netball skirt, except longer and less routinely pleated, and without the… actually, no. It was not at all like a netball skirt. Expunge that comparison from your minds. Anyway, I quite liked it. And being a creature of impulse, I bought it along with the yellow-striped polo shirt.

And now I’m having a quandary. I tried it on with the yellow-striped polo shirt, and decided it didn’t suit me (it is a trifle boxy, and as I am myself a trifle boxy, not to mention deplorably short on the old leg front, it was not a happy union of clothing and figure), and I would return it. But this morning, for some reason, I tried it on again with a red v-neck top suitable for the purposes of working like a trojan (don’t say a word), and my red shoes, and I decided it didn’t look too bad. I consulted Katie on the matter, and she agreed that all in all I could have looked more hideous. I am now at work, wearing my navy knee-length sort-of-pleated skirt. And I’m still not convinced. Obviously it’s too late to take it back now, but – oh, fiddle! What to do? What, as the constant cry goes, did Baby Jee do in the fit of a clothing crisis? When he stood in front of his little cupboard, deciding whether to wear the brown robes or the slightly shorter brown robes with the little twiddly red bit? What then, fair readers?

Having put aside this trauma for a moment, I shall embark upon another, not dissimilar tale. I braved the Monsoon sale last week on having a spare ten minutes at Waterloo, and purchased with my dwindling pennies a skirt and an evening top. The skirt has met with unqualified approval in the sartorial centre of my brain. The top failed at the first hurdle and I decided I would perforce have to take it back. Monsoon sale items must be returned within a week. I made my purchasal a week ago. I have forgotten to bring the top with me today. Katie, was the plan to take the Silverlink up to Camden this evening? Because if Monsoon is still open later in the evenings, I thought I might just train it into Waterloo, take the wretched thing back, and tube it up to Camden instead. But I shall see how late Monsoon is open.

Moving away from my clothing-related woe, last night saw the Guide trip to see Wicked, which more or less went off without a hitch, from my point of view. The Guides were all on time. N and H had their forms (N rather mysteriously so, given that her mother had denied all knowledge, but there you go), and R had left hers behind, but filled in a new one and her grandmother signed it. H realised whilst we were waiting for the train that she had left her glasses at home, but she rang up and her father brought them to the station in time, so we caught the planned train. Got to Victoria at about quarter to seven, and I let them roam free in WH Smiths for a while whilst we waited for Xanthe. Pobbled over to the theatre, where they all wanted to go to the loo, though unfortunately the theatre three-minutes was called, and I eventually had to go and hustle them a bit so we didn’t get stranded (not that it was going to happen and usually, of course, one ignores the theatre three-minutes as it is a giant lie, but on this occasion I was playing it safe). Wicked is, of course, made of win, and the girls seemed to enjoy it lots, and were reasonably well-behaved (though N and O could have won prizes for rustling at one stage, and R kept having to explain the plot to H). We got home without any bother, and at the stated time – huzzah! They all piled out at the end, and I wish I had told them beforehand that they needed to come and tell me who they were going home with, because none of them actually bothered, and we were peering around trying to see who was with whom.

So, I hope all the grown-ups enjoyed themselves! Tis a fabulous show, n’est-ce pas? Merci to Pimly for coming to Mortlake with me, and holding all my bits and not minding my bad temper, and merci to Katie for being the Other Grown-Up on the way home. In an evaluatey kind of way, did it work smoothly for those who went? If there was anything you thought I should have done, or shouldn’t have done, please could you let me know so I can fix it next time!

Steve tonight!!! Very excited, very excited indeed...
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Slightly random article about Guiding on the Guardian site...
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Tonight, I am taking the Guides to see Wicked in the West End. Along with a tiny group of adults. Am slightly anxious, but mostly fairly confident, I think. As long as I haven't jinxed myself by writing that. Shit, I bet I have. Curses.

Also, must remember to get forms off parents when they drop off the Guides, and to collar N's mother and get her to fill in a whole new one since she mysteriously managed not to get one at all.
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♥ My bedroom looks as if a bomb has hit it. Admittedly, in many ways it looks better than it did last week, but still, it’s a bit of a shambles. But I now have the lovely mirror I bought last year up, and my new, slightly ridiculous, pink cupid hooks, courtesy of papa Stone. I also put up a couple of my pictures, and it’s all starting to feel more like home. We also have pictures/signs etc up throughout FT – huzzah! It was all feeling rather bland before. I also unpacked some of my hardbacks, despite the fact that my bookcase from home has still failed to materialise, and put them in the little bookcase previously known as ‘yonder crap-holder’.

♥ My parents. I love them very much. But JC on a stick, have they gone off me or something? They seem to be completely unwilling to come and visit. What’s that about? It’s not like they ever *do* anything at the weekend: weekends are, in fact, traditionally spent ironing and cleaning if you’re my mother, and walking and bitching if you’re my father. Sometimes they bop off to York or Harrogate if they’re in the mood. But basically my parents have no social life (this isn’t me being thoughtless, selfish child, honest. They really, really don’t). There is no reason for them not to be able to come, pretty much any given weekend. And yet, they don’t. And frankly it’s starting to piss me off a bit.

♥ Just ate a Krispy Kreme doughnut. I am wearing a black skirt and a black top. I look like the dalmatians after they’ve rolled in the soot and been snowed on.

♥ Katie and I watched actual teevee last night. Actual teevee off the actual teevee machine. I downloaded the first ep of Dexter and we watched that, and then watched the second ep on FX. (I love that channel; so pleased we finally have it.) It is very good; looking forward to the next. Sunday evenings at 10, people!

♥ Off to see MtW being filmed tomorrow, and hopefully Harry Pee on Wednesday, the week to be polished off by some species of Brownie shindig on Friday (Xanthe – do you still need my puffin-shaped input in stuff?).

♥ Next week it’s off to see Wicked avec the Guides. It looks like Katie isn’t going to be able to meet the Guides at Mortlake with me, helas. Are any other of you adults able to get to Mortlake (about 25 mins out of Waterloo) by quarter past six? It would be VASTLY appreciated, as there need to be two adults present to escort yonder children up to London, and though there is enough of me to count for two, technically it doesn’t work that way. Ooh, and I will be sending out an email some time this week with precise instructions on when and where to meet etc, never fear.

♥ Fresh news from the front: according to my grandmother, we need to be ever vigilant for evil, world-dominating twenty(-one)-spotted ladybirds. THEY MUST BE EXTERMINATED! Possibly to blame for world famine, the destruction of the countryside, BSE, and many things besides. We can know no rest until they have all perished…
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I am currently alternating between reading The Subtle Knife (very good) and information about food hygiene, so that I can confidently claim that I know how not to give people food poisoning when I come to do the catering scheme thingy. Apparently drying dishes with a tea-towel that lives in the dog's basket is not considered the done thing. Who knew?

Katie: what was the website that that book was from?
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Guides last night. We had split the meeting into three sections, for each of us to run one. My bit was making chocolate chip buns – always fun. Went off fairly smoothly. Played memory games, and guessing what things are by feeling them, and the newspaper game, and the m&m game, which I really like – each Guide takes m&ms, and then we say, for example, if you have a red m&m, tell us what your favourite possession is etc, then they eat the m&m. It was bon, and Hannah and I joined in the last round. They are still so *difficult*, though, and have such a bad attitude at the meetings, even when they’re being nice, if that makes sense. Heigh ho. Half term next week, which is fortunate, under the circs.

[ profile] katie__pillar spent part of the day at Fangirl Towers, and you can see the fruits of her labour at [ profile] the_love_nest. I can’t wait to move! I spoke to the mater yesterday, and as usual she is brilliant, and had assumed she would be packhorsing for us, which is fine as long as she’s allowed to go into Richmond to visit Hobbes. Which I spose is fair enough. I won’t deny her that opportunity. And I was thinking on Saturday I might finish painting the fourth wall in my bedroom (this tickled me and Katie last night: it sounds like some kind of avant-garde television techniquery), and possibly la fenêtre as well.

We watched the finale of Heroes last night, which was excellent and nailbiting, BUT (and this is a big but), I was ultimately a little disappointed, which is actually heart-breaking, because I have loved every minute of this series, and to suddenly not be satisfied right at the end is really vexing. And this is why (big on yonder spoilers, obvs) )
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Rah!! There are no words for how much I hate the new Guiding website. It sucks. Big time.
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1. I don’t know if any of you have been blessed with seeing any of the posters/trailers for Eddie Murphy’s latest film, Norbit. Which looks like it might possibly raise a grin or two if you have absolutely nothing to do for an hour and a half. But it makes me cross because what is with the film industry? What is so fucking wrong with being overweight? Why are only thin women film stars, and fat women (or frankly, fairly normal women) destined to remain the comedy value or the Best Friend? Why, for that matter, are we all so hung up on appearance? I am who I am in my head; what I look like on the outside doesn’t really have a great deal to do with it. Whether I am a good or bad person, whether I am mean or generous, funny or serious, clever or stupid, liberal or reactionary: NONE of this has ANYTHING to do with how I look.

2. OMFG. Heroes. The love continues unabated. And now we have hiatus for SIX WEEKS!!! Katie and I hate America now. All we have to cope with in England is a couple of weeks here and there for Wimbledon and snooker…

3. Woohoo – today is my Friday! We’re off to the Full Mooners gig tonight, which is jolly exciting, and tomorrow I have off, which is always a pleasant prospect. But my room (well, both of them) is such a fucking tip that I should probably sort it out. And I need to find the ICL student union office to buy Arcadia tickets, so I will probably do that on Saturday.

4. Guides on Tuesday went off pretty well. When we pack the programme as full as possible, we manage to keep more control over them. They finished off their ‘pennies for pencils’ things (to raise money for Guides in the Ukraine, where a bunch of people are going in the summer to run camps for the Guides there), and then we were preparing things for the Brownie meeting next week. I had them cutting out templates for little boxes for the Brownies to make and decorate (have to find out how many we’ll be having, and check that we have glue etc – fortunately discovered a stash of sticky-back felt in the cupboard, so we can use that to decorate, though I still want to get some sparkly bits as well), Hannah taught them lashing to pass on to the Brownies, and Keira had them making up questions for a running quiz. All the Guides managed pretty well, though L got sent out during notices for being disruptive. M was uber-keen as usual, though Hannah had to tell her off for trying to take over when someone else was doing the lashing. N seemed to actually be back at her normal self, which was a nice change. O also seems to be quite keen (she’s the one who’s just come up from Brownies), though she’s still quite shy about joining in with the others. We sang Thunderation, which they all enjoyed, and we will do it with the Brownies next week. Yoicks. I do love Guides, even though it’s a bit hard work.

5. Jericho was on last night, so it is downloading away. *g* I rang Katie this morning to ask her to find a DL, but she had beaten me to it. The girl’s a downloading guru. But yes, I am hoping for more Stimi. It is my Jericho OTP. Oh, and I was amused and a little bewildered to discover that my Jericho ‘fic’ (yes, that would be the one that was about three lines long) managed to find its way onto the Jericho news comm, espesh when, unusually for me, I had not pimped it anywhere (what with it being about three lines long and not particularly good). Huh.

6. I am reading a very interesting book at the moment, called Confederates in the Attic, about Southern attitudes to the Civil War (sorry, War Between the States or even War of Northern Aggression *g*), which I would highly recommend. Obviously when it comes to the more fact-based reasons behind the war (slavery, essentially), you kind of have to go with the Union on that one, but in terms of the principles of state power over federal power, it’s quite interesting to look at the dynamic there: I remember reading in a Bill Bryson book once about how the whole union of states thing was a bit woolly at first (nobody was particularly keen about signing the constitution, frex), and it’s interesting to consider that the states in the 1860s didn’t necessarily think of themselves first and foremost as ‘American’, and more ‘Carolinian’, or whatever. I think it would be worthwhile researching further, and I may do so.

7. Rah. I always reach my seventh thing and find I have nothing else to say. We had lasagna leftovers last night. Yum. Buzzcocks was very funny.
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1. Ooh. Well. Katie and I have discovered yet another TV programme. (Yes. It’s true. We are TV junkies.) We watched the first series of Hex yesterday (not as epic as it sounds: it’s English, so was about six eps). It’s a thing of beauty – sort of like Buffy crossed with the National Trust, with a scattering of fallen angels and a possibly demonic baby. And a lesbian ghost. Well, two of them, actually. One was an Egyptologist suffragette. Good times.

2. We are up to date with Jericho, now, so looking forward to the next ep. I don’t know if this is on UK television anywhere, but it’s Jolly Good. Post-apocalyptic small-town America – you can’t go wrong there. There is much love of Stanley/Mimi (and you have to love a show that provides its own shipping name: Stanley was torn between Stimi and Manley – either way, it’s lovely). Much to my horror, however, there is no Jericho section at the Pit of Voles – what is going on?

3. I might be able to do my catering qualification this summer – woohoo!

4. I tried to recreate the scrummy quiche I had at Barnes market a little while ago yesterday. Leek, goat’s cheese and thyme. It went off reasonably well, though I should have cut up the leeks into slightly smaller chunks. Also made chocolate brandy (apple juice) cake, which would have worked slightly better had I given it enough time to set. Nevermind, there’s plenty left and it’s setting away in the fridge, so all will be well.

5. Right. Guides. Boxes. I need to work out a template so that they can make them. I have the day off on Friday, on account of the Full Mooners gig on Thursday night (and bah for having a district dinner thing on the same night, so I will have to go gallivanting into London toute seule afterwards, desperately seeking my confreres), and suspect that some of it may be spent making more boxes, and arse because I forgot to email the Brownie leaders, which I must do.

6. Notwithstanding my lament of poverty on Friday, Katie and I went shopping on Saturday, ostensibly for to buy things for Katie being a bridesmaid, which went off fairly successfully, all things considered, though I managed to spend more money than I anticipated, however did get a pair of very dinky blue striped canvas shoes in New Look, with which I am rather pleased. Was dead like a dead thing by the time we got home, though – I have no stamina.

7. I have no seventh thing. Quelle horreur. Oh, yes. Watched the end of The OC yesterday, and it was un peu shocking, and has the potential for a Great Deal of Ryan family angst, which is the best thing about The OC, so I will have to try and remember to watch it next week.
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Hmm. We're supposed to be having a sort of thing for the Brownies in our district on the 13th, mainly to show them the wonder of Guides and encourage them to move up (what with the trauma of our ever-decreasing Guide unit). Which is fine and dandy, and we have a Plan and everything. I'm going to be doing a crafty bit, and the idea is that we get the Guides to make little boxes on the 6th, and then the Brownies can decorate them with sparkly bits etc. But we don't actually seem to have a very clear idea of numbers, and we could have about a million Brownies (there are six packs in our district), and I'm not sure the Guides are necessarily up to making that many boxes. Helas. Will be emailing the Brownie leaders posthaste.
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1. I actually spent time talking about Hollyoaks at work. Last night I was forced (well, I say forced: more in the region of “Oh, don’t tell your father/grandfather/uncle what I just did… Oh, Martin/Brian/Miles, you’ll never guess what I just did!”) to tell Katie that I had even had the thought of Hollyoaks fic pass through my brain (it will never happen, I promise).

2. Tonight, we have no Guides, on account of half-term. Much as I enjoy Guides, this is a cause for joy. I shall go home, put some laundry on (for I have no clothes), watch the first ever ep of Life on Mars as what I got on a free DVD, and possibly some Torchwood, in an attempt to feel happier about writing Torchwood fic. I will not watch Jericho or Heroes, as tempted as I may feel, because (a) that would be naughty and (b) it would not be as much fun as watching it with Katie.

3. I thought I might have ticket woe today, but it turns out my travelcard is valid for one day longer than I thought. I am genuinely perplexed as to how this came to pass.

4. Question: Has anyone else ever leapt about in a fandom where they’ve never actually read/seen the original? I don’t mean like reading Highlander crossover fics, because that concept has been used in Every Fandom Ever, but like full on fandomming? I have read loads of Sentinel fic, actively sought it out, even though I hadn’t seen any of it until not long ago, and then only a couple of eps. Is this strange, or have other people had similar experiences?

5. [ profile] _mardybum_ is so evil it defies description. You’ve got to love her. *g*

6. Did actually have some Guiding love today, on reading the magazine. Apparently International Women’s Day is coming up on the left, and the Activate section was full of activities to do on the theme of women and women’s rights etc. I just love belonging to an organisation that provides that sort of thing for girls and young women. Quote of the magazine: “Boys were invented to play football and watch TV.”

7. (i) *Therese Raquin – NT*
We saw this last month, and I have not yet written about it. It was good; the acting was excellent, likewise the set. The stifling, monotonous atmosphere was well portrayed. I loved the creepiness of the stroke-afflicted mother-in-law. But blimey it was melodramatic. All that tossing and turning in the second half when they were coming to terms with what Laurent had done – it was a bit overdone, I thought, and rather ruined the atmosphere. It was funny in parts, as well, with the two bods from their town – it helped emphasise the rut the characters were in, the way their lives were just on a repeat button.

(ii) *There Came A Gypsy Riding – Almeida*
Saw this last night. Again, I think it was a new play.* A family in Ireland goes to stay at their holiday cottage to ‘celebrate’ what would have been the younger son’s 21st birthday, except he killed himself two years ago. The play was about how the family dealt with their grief etc, and the first half was generally good. Eileen Aitkens may have had a dodgy accent (more Cold Comfort Farm than Irish), but as the older, barking mad cousin Bridget “more of a confused fairy”, she was very funny, and in the first half I liked Imelda Staunton’s Margaret (the mother) – partly, I will admit, because her entrance involved a pile of tea towels. It’s clearly a theme. Katie and I chuckled. Quietly, obviously. But, yes, the second half went a bit wrong. Bridget suddenly presented the suicide note that Gene had left, and Margaret went a bit mad and started banging on about him cursing them all. Very unsettling, not very convincing. It was like the current grief-fest in Hollyoaks, except more Irish. It got back on track later, but I think the emotional outpourings and rampant looniness halfway through spoiled it for me.

*Not that I think Therese was a new play; but the last thing we saw at the Almeida was, je pense.
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1. Well, arsity fuck. With knobs on. Apparently, according to the PTB here at the hospital, we are going to have to wear A FUCKING UNIFORM. I cannot emphasise how very, very unhappy I am about this. If I had known about the uniform thing, I would probably have not taken the job. (Well possibly not. I’m on an indignant roll here; let’s not quibble.) And they are fairly hideous. And you have very little choice. Now, I am fat and not overly attractive but, hey, I can dress in a manner calculated to limit the impact of these sad facts as much as possible. No longer. As I said to Katie, I’m going to look like a whale in a blue plastic bag. This is DREADFUL. I don’t see why me dressing in clothes guaranteed to make me look MY WORST is going to make patients have greater confidence in the hospital.

And furthermore, while I actually believe in having school uniform, I see no reason for it in adulthood (other than in jobs where it is necessary for health/safety/hygiene purposes). Gratuitous uniform-wearing is nobody’s friend. Because it’s basically just there to stifle our individuality and, frankly, our worth as human beans. It’s humiliating. It’s a homogenizing, drone-creating system (from which, you will note, the managers are exempt), which is, I think, only going to encourage private patients (who can be tricksy at the best of times, let’s face it) to treat us as being a bit sub-par. So no, not impressed. Will attempt to pervert concept from the inside. Watch this space…

2. On a happier note, Katie and I went to see Ed Byrne at the Riverside Studio last night. It was very, very funny (though I am, obviously, incapable of remembering any of it), and I would highly recommend it. And next week we’re off to see Russell Howard, which is also very exciting. Huzzah generally for comedy. Katie – is it definite for the 8th? If so, I shall book the 9th as leave.

3. District meeting tonight. Yay. (In my sarcastic voice.) Though actually, I have yet to attend one, so it should be minorly interesting, as long as I get home in enough time to watch a bit of TV. We have Life On Mars, Heroes and Buzzcocks to watch, and the new Bones should be up to download, as well.

4. I have a meeting in about half an hour and I’m a bit scared. Because it’s a proper meeting, and I’m going by myself, and I might be expected to know things that I don’t and what-have-you and it’s all a bit terrifying.

5. I have discovered humanism (well, yes, I *had* heard of it before now…), which seems quite interesting and I will have to consider further. Because I do believe (to a certain extent) in a sort of universal morality (which, admittedly, I do think is founded on the generally rather selfish Things I Wouldn’t Want People To Do To Me basis).

6. Supernatural tonight. So that’ll be tomorrow’s download. Last week’s episode was so gloriously brilliant that I’m looking forward to how they’ll continue the theme. Unless it’s shit. Which would be sad.

7. I have come up with a brilliant plan. You will more about it in due course. Suffice it to say, there is brilliance (and a huge amount of general enthusiasm and planning).
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Well, a bit of an update, eh? Qu’est-ce qui se passe in the world of la squeen? Well, not that much, really. As I said, I survived the Big Gig. Us 5, whoever they might be, were shockingly bad, Aleesha (?sp) was pretty good, as was the opening act, whose name I didn’t catch. Shayne Ward: as you would expect. Sugababes: fairly good fun. Nylon: sweet lord above, what did they do to the Eurythmics? Am wounded for life. Matt Willis: well, he was quite entertaining; songs were pretty bad. Etc etc. Wore my ‘a constant source of disappointment’ t-shirt, which was beloved by the Guides. Go me.

On Sunday, I trotted off to Kathye’s, and helped pot a couple of plants. Then I played with Megan, which is always fun (although my little finger did suffer – alas). We watched High School Musical which was classic in its cheesiness.

La. Monday. Guy’s. Well, Guy’s once I had remembered that I was supposed to be there. Whoops? Anyway, typed my little socks off, or would have done had I been wearing some. Went home. Made lasagne. I MADE CHEESE SAUCE. This is worthy of note. It went a bit lumpy in the middle (I think I had been listening a little too closely to the story of Rollo Podmarsh and his desire to go round the course in under 100, only to be nearly scuppered at the final moment by his niece, thinking he was on the verge of death, attempting to poison his nightly arrowroot to ease his passing) but some brisk whisking soon sorted that out. I have grown as a person, and feel very nearly accomplished. Sadly could not use my new and very pretty lasagne dish as it would have been ridiculously huge for the two of us. Watched Spooks. Very tense. Alas, poor Ruth! And Harry! And I wish Adam would get on with it, shag the nanny, and move on. Though from the looks of the teaser for next week’s episode, that is imminent.

I keep being bombarded with e-mails about the Special Chief Executive Q&A Session Today!!!! in which my employers foolishly expect me to be interested. To coin a phrase, as if!

Big Gig

Oct. 7th, 2006 11:54 pm
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Well, I'm back. And I survived. And have a badge to prove it *g*...

I'd forgotten how much I hate teeny pop music. Bah. It actually started out OK but got progressively worse. Wembley Arena was full to bursting with very excited Guides, who were screaming like nothing on earth, but it was actually really cool to see so many together. Our Guides really enjoyed themselves (and all purchased flashing bunny ears, so looked... well... quite...), and A and E, who left last term, bopped up for it, which was very jolly. But am pleased to be home.

And I have a confession to make. Katie, I forgot to set the video for Robin Hood. I'm very sorry. *hides*


Oct. 7th, 2006 11:29 am
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Have just got up. Need to sort myself out and collect parcel from Richmond post office, because otherwise they'll send it back to Amazon. And then I need to get to Mortlake for 3, in time to meet the Guides for the Big Gig. Meh. Don't want to go out. Want to sit on sofa and watch TV. Am so very, shockingly lazy.
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Well, it’s been about fifty years since I updated, so here goes. More or less. I will have forgotten anything LJ-able by the next paragraph, but c’est la vie.

1. Cinema Outings
Saw Little Miss Sunshine and Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby, both of which were jolly, jolly funny, though Little Miss Sunshine by far the funnier (and indeed better) of the films. We are off to see Children of Men next week, and hopefully The Devil Wears Prada after that. All hail Orange Wednesdays, frankly.

2. Visitors
Katie’s chum Liz came to stay with us for a week, which was very jolly. We had the world’s giantest pizza on Thursday. Just to share. Plus, first time for delivery food in the PF, so a bit of a milestone there, I think.

Then we had the grandparentals this weekend. Which was rather fine, because, as old folk go, they’re rather nice, though obviously my grandmother is stark staring mad, bless her little cotton socks. There was quite a bit of affectionate mocking going on. Once again, there was a noticeable theme of my family being *convinced* that I don’t know anything. It’s actually quite odd. It’s Grandma’s birthday tomorrow, and I have found her a card that is a painting of two naked people cavorting in front of a washing machine. It seemed oddly appropriate.

But yes, we took them off for a tour of our local Sainsbury’s on Saturday morning (always a riveting outing), then trained into London, had lunch at the Giraffe on the South Bank, then walked to the National Gallery and had a wander (Baby Jee! Baby Jee all over the shop!), and then tea. Then we went home and we made our patented lasagne (not actually patented, obviously, but I like a bit of hyperbole with my afternoon biscuit). Yum. Sunday: pobbling round Richmond and then onto Ham House for a spot of NTing. Lost Grandad (still not sure where he’d disappeared to); bought some books. Went home, had a very nice tea, watched Jane Eyre.

3. Work
Got so stressed on Wednesday (am having bad week) that I went home and had two glasses from the bottle of wine that has been lurking in our fridge since Easter. This got me quite, quite drunk, *despite* the fact that I sensibly consumed a biscuit to line my stomach in between glasses. It’s funny, actually, because in the last sentence I first typed ‘quite, quiet drunk’ which would, of course, have been a complete lie. I was very giggly and silly, and I’m quite surprised Katie didn’t abandon me at the side of the road. Hangover on Thursday. Not to be recommended. Am never drinking again.

4. Guides
Guides on Tues went pretty well, although there was some confusion with the instructions about their dashing around at Scout’s pace delivering messages aspect of the evening, so it took longer than planned. Still, it all seemed to go reasonably well. I’m running next week’s meeting, and must, thinking about, burn the CD I’ve put together for their funky music quiz (guess the decade: they’ve got Kaiser Chiefs for the 00s and Spice Girls for the 90s, and I would imagine ABBA for the 70s will be obvious enough, but I wonder how they fare with the others (80s – Eurythmics; 60s – Animals – House of the Rising Sun; 50s – Blue Moon; 40s – Vera Lynn – White Cliffs of Dover (have to check that it is actually 40s and not 30s); 30s – Glenn Miller – Sentimental Music; 20s – Al Jolson). And then they’re doing performy things themselves. All this, of course, is in homage to the Big Gig next Saturday, which obviously they’re getting quite excited about. The adults, less so, mun be said.

There’s other stuff, but I’ve forgotten it.

The US has new Supernatural. I’m so jealous. I wonder if it’ll be up on You Tube this weekend?

Oh yes. Anyone else see The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive? Interesting, n'est-ce pas?

Went to the theatre last night (Voysey Inheritance at the National) but more on that at a later date.

Bought a very pretty new lasagne dish, capable of holding lasagne for more than 4 small people. It's pink and had 20% off in House of Fraser. Yay. Have also acquired about four new v-necked three-quarter-length-sleeved jumpers, mostly in shades of green. Well, three green, one pink. And a new bra. And the following DVDs: Pleasantville, Tristan + Isolde, Sky High, Lady Jane, The Three Musketeers, Twelfth Night, Mansfield Park, Parent Trap (with the Quaid) and Devour (which I know will be shite but was only bought for Teh Pretty, so whatever). Am DVD ho. Have also bought t-shirt which says "a constant source of disappointment". I shall wear it with pride.

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