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So, let's see where we stand a couple of days into this LJ revival. I'm almost afraid that I do not have sufficient events in my life to sustain any kind of daily blogging. I know. It's hard to believe. However, I just went out to the Tooting metropolis and bought a pasta salad and some caramel buttons for lunch, so let's sit here while I consume them and think of things to share.

First things first. Had a surprisingly relaxed morning (largely brought about by the fact that I woke up to wee half an hour before my alarm went off). Had an egg. Chatted to Katie. Sauntered onto the 337 and broke my journey at Southside to purchase an orange mocha as recommended by [ profile] morganmuffle - tasty tasty. And then I went to work which meh whatevs.

Subsequently, my mother broke my brain by referring, without a trace of irony, to the upcoming "hip hop happenings" of her weekend. My mother is neither hip, hop, nor happening (and neither, by the sound of it, is her weekend). I love her. Going to Barlborough in a couple of weeks' time as the pater will be in the country, so that will be pleasant. Well. As pleasant as jaunts to Barlborough ever get. I still maintain it's improved since they got the garden centre down the road.

Katie and I are going to see Edward II at the National tonight, which I am excited about. 1. I love a history play. 2. I love the Olivier. 3. Edward II (the king) is a slightly hilarious character in the annals of this, our native land. I read Holinshed last night, which at various points accused him of "naughtie rule" so that will be fun. Saturday is put aside for this year's visit to Ham House and Katie making chicken katsu curry (the actual best). Also an Ocado delivery. Exciting times.

And finally, in other news, I need a haircut.
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Having made another abortive attempt at tidying the cesspit of my room (hey, I hoovered this time!!) and showered to make myself clean for AJ, I suppose I should probably get off my arse and start getting ready to head out. Emma will kill me if I'm late (last time it was the same day I went to the Tsars exhibition at the V&A with [ profile] xanantha and all transport in London was totally fucked, and I was vee delayed), and I wouldn't want to impinge on her happy-little-face.

Also, I had a hair cut last night. It's now short again.

Also, I need to go on a sugar detox. Having started working where there's a Poundland (oh, Barnes-Sheen-Richmond, you're a lovely area, but you're shit for cheap shops), I have been eating way, way too many sweets and chocolates and such like. I feel (and quite probably look) like two barrels, instead of the usual one.

Tomorrow I plan to clear all the crap off my desk. This is unlikely to end well and, worst case scenario, I will die in one of those oft-Mail-reported tunnel-of-crap-collapse deaths.

Anyway, the wrestling calls. Think of me fondly.

PS - Sorry for more health talk, but has anyone had a steroid injection for tendonitis in the wrist? How long is it supposed to take to get back to normal?
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So, I've been a bit quiet recently, and will continue to be so: new job means no internet (or time) during the day, and I'm too tired/have too much stuff to do in the evenings. Or something. Anyway, meme! (Saving me from having to actually structure my thoughts or my head in any way.)

You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their lives, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-word answers seldom help anyone out.

1. First name: Laura/Liss/Squeen/Miss Laura/whatever.

2. Age: 29 (fuck me, when did that happen?)

3. Location: London. Woo. I love London liek woah. I've lived here for just over nine years. More specifically, I live sort of on the Barnes/East Sheen border (like such a thing exists...)

4. Occupation: I work in healthcare, and mostly faff on computers in a nonchalant auditing kind of way.

5. Partner: Meh. I am a lone wolf. A LONE WOLF, people. Also a functional mute*.

6. Kids: None. I sort of like the idea in the abstract, but I don't know how I'd feel about the reality.

7. Brothers/sisters: I have a younger brother. His name's Chris, he's 27, he recently got engaged to his girlfriend, which is quite exciting, because Bex is ace.

8. Pets: None. I'm not big on animals, although I have perhaps foolishly promised Katie she may have one real cat when we're old.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:

1. Work. I recently left my job in a private hospital to return to the NHS, which I'm quite excited about. It's quite a bizarre mix of uber-concentration at new things and boredom at not really having a proper thing to do myself. Also, I have no desk yet so my wheely chair is my kingdom. I have good feelings about this job, but I seem to be getting up very early to get there and I'm really tired! Early nights for me.

2. CHRISTMAS!!! I love Christmas so, so much. I love the lights and the music and the smells and the presents and being allowed to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol (this weekend! this weekend when we put up the tree!) and going home to see my family and parties and clementines with leaves and just the whole exciting awesomeness of it all.

3. Pop culture. I love pop culture. TV and films and (these days) comic books and all that. Currently obsessing totally over Merlin, which is so adorable. I am a full on Gwen/Arthur fan, because they are ♥. But I'm watching loads of stuff: Supernatural (one has to get through it, after all), One Tree Hill (Naley!!!), White Collar, The Mentalist, Castle (OH NATHAN FILLION YOUR STUPID FACE), The Big Bang Theory (Katie and I sing the theme tune; it's highly amusing. Also: Sheldon!! ♥ ♥ ♥), HIMYM (when Katie watches it when I'm there - NPH, how are you so awesome?), NCIS (although Ziva seems to have gone quite bland these days), NCIS LA for the lolz, and probably random other crap too. Oh, TV... ♥

4. Katie, Katie, Katie, my tiny darling. Katie (as I can't imagine people haven't guessed) is my flatmate and WAS PUT ON THIS EARTH PURELY TO STOP ME KILLING MYSELF FROM MY OWN STUPIDITY. That is all. And she totally gives me all the attention I need (A LOT), which makes me happy. And she is full of win and comic genius and is a SKY FAIRY!!!!!!

5. My hair. Of course. I think the roots need dying again and my fringe needs a trim, but my hair's generally so amazingly good at the moment I'm scared to do it myself. Hmm. Quandary.

10. Parents. My parents are brilliant and very funny, and also incredibly annoying and spesh. My mother went to Abbeydale Girls' Grammar, and my father went to Abbeydale Boys' Grammar, and they met in the sixth form, started going out, went to university together and got married. My father likes going out walking. My mother has this thing for ironing. When Katie's parents have dinner with us, it's very chilled and laid back and nice. When my parents have dinner with us, there's lots of talking loudly and being ridiculous and taking the piss out of everyone and everyone being drama queens (mostly my father).

11. Who are some of your closest friends? Well, if we take a list and organise it from 1 to 10, where 1 is my best friend and 10 is someone I secretly hate... Quelle ridiculous question. [ profile] weird_bird is my BFF. [ profile] katie__pillar is the tiny flickering light in the otherwise tragic gloom of my soulless existence. I have lots of other chums too, all of whom are ace, otherwise I would not be friends with them, as I am a bitch, and do not really make any effort to be friends with people who aren't ace.

* That is a hilarious NCIS joke.
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Eh bien. It is now nearly six weeks since I dyed my hair dark in an attempt to disguise the hideous red, and I have giant light roots which make me look either old or albino. I think the time has come, children, for another hair dying extravaganza. Am off to buy dye after work; will keep you all posted.

More stuff.

Sep. 1st, 2009 12:16 am
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1. I am currently unashamedly listening to Billy Ray Cyrus.

2. I have now dried my hair. It's interesting. I've never had dark hair. It's basically gone from ginger to strawberry blonde to dyed red to dyed blonde to dyed red again and back to a sort of dark strawberry blonde (otherwise known humorously albeit a little hyberbolically as a fiery sunrise of titian splendour). And then bright red. And now dark. Weird. I'll have to pencil in darker eyebrows so as not to appear freakish! Still, the colour's gone on nicely, and it looks OK.

3. I bought an iPod the other day. Yes, I am a sheep. No, I don't care. It's black and shiny and pretty and I like it very much.


5. Note to self: Rand. Write it.


Aug. 31st, 2009 11:10 pm
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What ho, chaps! I trust everyone has had a jolly August bank holiday! I certainly have, and have every intention of now telling you about it in great detail. Good times. Ein minuten bitte, however, while I check ticket availability for Arcadia...

OK. Back now. So, Friday. Due to Ben having rehearsals, Chloe came with me and Katie to Arcadia (which was still ace, though our seats were a bit restricted view-wise, which wouldn't have been so bad but for all the people in front with APPALLING theatre manners, who kept leaning forward THE WHOLE TIME like they were never taught you shouldn't). On Saturday, I half-heartedly fettled the living room, then watched as Katie did some hoovering. Then we went to the big Sainsbury's (ooh, always a little adventure) and bought pizza and pizza toppings etc and alcohol, and then came back. Then people came for party goodness, and it was all excellent.

And, hey, I'm bored of LJ now. Sunday: woke up not as late as I'd've liked, given that we stayed up till half two. Went shopping in Staines then continued on to chez King. Monday: went to see Hannah Montana at the kino with Kathye and Megan, then went to a fete, then had birthday tea (carrot cake woo!). Fun. Bye now.

(PS: have possibly just compounded GIANT HAIR CATASTROPHE by dying it dark. In for a penny etc. NOBODY JUDGE ME.)
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I write this sitting on the sofa. Which is less interesting, I grant you, than some other literary openings. Anyway, so much has happened for me to tell you all about, that I'm bound to leave everything interesting out. However, I will try my best, sadly hampered by the fact that I'm about to explode from an excess of chicken korma (mmm, chicken korma).

1. I can't remember whom I have previously button-holed on the subject of chicken korma. If it was you, I apologise. As PG Wodehouse so perspicaciously pointed out once, it is so difficult to know how to pitch your tale, when there is the possibility that bod A may know more of the story than bod B. Anyway, I have never really cooked a curry or anything like it, so it was with some trepidation that I embarked upon a recipe for c.k. that Emma gave me, but it turned out OK and I have now cooked it approximately fourteen times in the last week. Next stop: thai chicken curry, which I love but which I have, again, never cooked.

2. Do any more northerly folk know what's going on at the Tesco-roundabout-end of the Chesterfield bypass? They demolished the glassworks there ages ago, but apparently they're now building a giant (new) Tesco there, and there are rumours that there's going to be a bit of football stadium action on the remaining land - that's going to bugger up the traffic nicely come match days.

3. In re release of Lockerbie bomber as what is dying fairly imminently, WTF FBI man? Scotland's case, Scotland's jurisdiction, Scotland's decision. Fuck off out of it.

4. I'll stop waffling now and get to the nub of LIFE and the only topic about which anyone will have any interest. I'm sure you will all be delighted to hear that my hair has faded quite a lot, and although it is still massively, stupidly red, I no longer look like Jane Goldman, so yay. Also, Helen cut me a bob, which is ACE and also AWESOME (even though Pim's bathroom was apparently covered in my hair for quite some time EVEN THOUGH I totally tidied up after myself).

5. So, ja, the other weekend, I went to Helen's, and we hung out being ineffectual together, and then we went to Pimly's, where she cooked us Mexican lasagna (always a treat, and who knew Nellie Dean could even cook?! I thought she lived on scraps...) and we watched St Trinian's and Mamma Mia - frankly, what could be more glorious? What indeed? I hear you say. And, as mentioned, Helen cut my hair, which was a TRIUMPH because she is unexpectedly skilled in that arena. &Helen;

6. Subsequently, Pim and I went out to dinner at that gourmet institution that is Pizza Express. I had - no, wait for it - chicken caesar salad! I know! *makes I-know face* Who saw that coming? Service was fairly rubbish, as per, but we had a nice meal and chatted and bitched, and then wandered down the South Bank (which may well be MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD) to the National, where we sat on the giant grass furniture and met Katherine and brushed our hair like land-locked mermaids and had ice lollies and chatted. All vee nice. We were, however, saddened by the absence of Kathryn, who blew us off for COLLEAGUES SHE PRESUMABLY SEES ALL THE TIME. Pah.

7. The day after that was Thursday (an accurate timeline is crucial), which was my last day at work that week. Now, we have a thing at work where, when it's someone's birthday, we bring in food AS A SECRET and have a little lunch party. However, Emma and I are the only ones who have ever arranged this, and as Emma's last day had been the Wednesday, I was not expecting lunch. We continued our hilarious file purge in the morning, and then I was called into the office in a tiny emergency TO FIND THEY'D DONE ME LUNCH ANYWAY! Woo! It was so exciting! Also, Cath had bought me a bottle of No 6 Pimm's (a sort of Pimm's No 1/vodka hybrid which turns out to be DELISH). All in all, a good day.

8. On Friday, after getting up ridiculously early to pack and blow dry my hair and such like, I bopped to Victoria to meet Katherine and Pim and wend our way up to Chesterfield, where the CBB Summer Frolick was - well, actually not scheduled to take place. It was to take place in Barlborough, the village where my parents live. The mater (eventually) picked us up and we went to Sainsbury's where Katherine shopped for Frolick food and Pim and I wandered around and bought clothes and stuff. Went home and then OHNOES! TRAGEDY! Katie was cutting short her holiday to come up to the old borough of Barl, and had booked her ticket from Cornwall to Sheffield, but tragedy had struck! Fearful traffic along the byways of the west country! No train catching! No movement of any kind! EPIC SADFACES ACROSS THE LAND. In the end, she had to give up the Sheffield plan and buy a ticket back to London. I will not lie. There was a tiny crystalline single emo tear*. Anyway, as luck and the script would have it, I managed to find a relatively decent ticket for London-Doncaster on the Saturday morning, and, with a bit of (FRANKLY GENIUS) jiggery-pokery, I booked it for her. \o/

9. On Friday evening, we had savoury pancakes and my parents were ridic. I love them. They're awesome. Also, on a similar note, Pim and I suspect that our mothers may actually be THE SAME WOMAN. Have you ever seen them in a hospital together? Have you? I didn't think so. I mean, we always knew there was the daughters-of-NHS-managery-women bond between us, but even so...

10. Saturday! Frolick! Tiny plastic Jesus watched over us all, and the Frolick went according to plan (except for the bit where I kept leaving out bits of activity, but that happens with the most well-regulated frolicks). Katie arrived sans problem. The Little School even had a cake stand for all Katherine's cupcakes (lemon cakes = delicious beyond measure). I made quiches.


12. Saturday PM: back to the homestead, and time to open presents! Woo! I was in receipt of a tea towel (a present classic), a giant Cornwall pencil, a thing to make Virgin Mary toast, two pairs of Holy Socks AND PIM KNITTED ME A SHATNER!FACE! YES! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! AN ACTUAL, HONEST-TO-GOD SHATNER!FACE, LIKE SHE SWORE SHE WOULDN'T! (Yeah, she's weak. Exploit her, people.) IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE WORDS! I LOVE YOU, NELLIE!! Also, Katie made me a birthday card that had me and Jim sailing down an Amsterdam canal, while Spock watched us go, his left eyebrow a picture of emo woe. Fucking beautiful. I love my friends. Then Daddy made us his chicken curry thing, which is always yum, and Katie and I tidied the kitchen and went to bed. A smashing day.

13. Right. Sunday. Got up, had some orange juice and a tea cake. Had a shower. Faffed. Katie and I went to the station with Katherine and Pim and bid them adieu, then Mummy took us on to Grandma's, where I had more presents, and enjoyed Grandma being as ridiculous as ever. Then Chris turned up and there was a bit of chatting, and then we went down the road to see Grandpa, who was much as ever, though he'd managed to bash himself up a bit falling down the drive. Went in the garden to admire decking and fish - all vee nice, actually. We went home and had some lunch, then Mummy took us to Sheffield to catch the old coach back to London. We had a surprisingly smooth, un-awful journey. Had a bit of tea (God's honest pork pie, some tomatoes, some Babybel, some pickled onion Monster Munch, and an apple). Got home not too late, all in all. So, that was my weekend.

Anyway, that's about it. Not much else to report.

In Conclusion

Item: I am in possession of one (1) tiny plastic Jim Kirk and one (1) knitted Shatner!face.
Item: I have new short hair.
Item: I have, this very moment, been outbid on the chest of drawers I want. Damn you, eBay, damn you!
Item: Chicken korma rocks.

Addendum: My little brother, who works for Accenture, has just had a promotion and a 25% pay increase! I am very proud of him, and also very envious! Still, he's been working ridiculous hours, so I think I'd rather have my poorer paying much less working job!

* This is, in fact, a lie.
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In the harsh light of day, I regret to say that my situation seems even worse. The hair is brighter but my soul* is darker. Already three people who have no business being in our office have been up to look at it. Emma couldn't stop laughing this morning, and when I say "Emma", I actually mean "Emma, Bob and Rachael".

Heigh ho. Moving along, this always feels a bit cheeky, but for those people who were planning to get me a birthday present and want some inspiration, here be ye olde wishlist.

That's it for now.

* Literature does not care for my lack of belief in dualism.
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I overheard two Australian girls talking on the tube this morning. One of them said she thought the summer was probably over. The other agreed, and said she just hoped they had another nice day for something they were doing. The first one said, yes, and wasn't it something when you had to hope for one nice day in the summer. I laughed a little inside. Welcome to England, my darlings...

In other news, I made a courgette/marrow, tomato and goats cheese quiche (with parmesan and chilli pastry), so that's in the oven at the moment. And, excitingly, I made chicken korma! Properly, from scratch! I've never made a curry or anything before, so it was vee exciting. Tasted OK, though I need to tinker with the spice ratio, and also make sure I use the whole can of coconut milk next time. Still yay and also yum.

In yet more news... well, no way to beat about the bush, poppets. I've been a little bit stupid again. Sit back, and pray allow me to lay the scene.

Many years ago, when the world was bright and young and was but a nubile eighteen year old, I started to dye my hair. I continued this trend faithfully until I was about 25. Come rain or fall, I would be there with my trusty home dye kit. I varied my colours from time to time, but never did I depart the well-beloved spectrum of blonde-auburn-ginger. Time passed, and I came to realise that my hair constantly kept fading to its natural colour in about three minutes without me noticing, and dying it was a bit of a waste of time. And so, I stopped. That were four year ago come Michaelmas-tide.* But darlings, I've been wavering recently. I've missed having the ginger hair of my youth. It grieves me to have a hair colour that cannot be named (so, in fact, I'm blaming all this on [ profile] klo_the_hobbit for rubbing it in). And so...

I... I...

No. I can't. I--


Pray for me.**

* Insert Cold Comfort Farm-esque accent here, please.
** Standard disclaimer: not actually.
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I submit that one of the most valuable consequences of the film Psycho is that the famous shower scene renders completely unnecessary any attempt to describe the appearance of one's bathroom after the application and subsequent removal of red hair dye.
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Rapunzel. I can't begin to imagine why.

(It totally, totally was. Maybe that explains a lot.)

And on that note, allow me, please, to share Sara Bareilles' wonderful song, Fairytale, as introduced to my by [ profile] katie__pillar (I understand it was on a J2 mixtape! *g*):

Cut to make things tidy. )
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Woo! Can now for definite place all the countries in Europe. A small achievement, but significant. Am now trying to suppress urge to CONQUER THEM ALL now that I know where they live...

In other news, I am not going to tell you about my hair today, because that would be ANNOYING and I am trying to stop obsessing before someone spearheads an intervention. Possibly with an actual spear.

N and her new boyfriend ran into her ex-boyfriend at the weekend. He has long since planned to move to America and become FAMOUS IN HOLLYWOOD, and is apparently going to work on One Tree Hill. Oh yes. You read that a-right. N has promised that, in the unlikely event that this proves to be true, she will get back together with him for the gossip.

Today I am wearing my uniform shirt with the tip-exed buttons. I have to get my kicks somewhere.

I blow-dried my hair this morning and it's beautiful.
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Boo. It's me. And my hair. (Quite smooth today; I blow dried it.) Once again, I have come on to LJ and then felt completely disinclined to write anything, but here goes. So, um. Yes. New phone. It's shiny and ace and takes photos and everything. I love it quite a lot already.

Jade is going back to Australia after Christmas. I am vee sad about this. *sad face*

Went into Sheen this morning and bought milk and bread and mourned (again) the loss of Woolworths. Why did they close it? Why? (OK. Recent events make that question fairly redundant, but whatever.) Particularly vexing because (a) I broke our whisk and planned to replace it there and (b) our most excellent Woolworths-bought chopping knife has disappeared and I need to replace that too.

Weather was lovely today. Afternoon, I met Jess at Brentford and we tooled along to Staines for Kathye's Christmas gather, which was extremely and also very lovely. Leek and potato soup. Yum. Plan on making that tomorrow, what with plentitude of both leeks and potatoes in FT at the moment. Also maybe celeriac soup. There will be much soup in our future. We could do with a larger freezer. Tant pis.

At Kathye's, Hannah was unfeasibly adorable. I am well on the way to making her think I am AN ACTUAL STAR. Heh. Megan is still not convinced that I am not going to be a Russian queen. I am a little bit naughty. *cheery smile* In more distressing news, some bright sparks thought it would be HIGH-LAR-IOUS to stick about three million knitting needles IN MY HEAD and then see how many could be removed before my hair fell down. Katie filmed it for the mind of the posterity (or for the mind of the film project for my grandparents' Christmas present, whatevs).

Off to Xanthe's for her birthday party tomorrow. Or off to Xanthe's church hall, at any rate.

Sainsbury's last night. I saw a trashy magazine with the following cover:

"Daddy sent me from HEAVEN" What. The. Fuck?! If I may extrapolate from this headline, I assume this woman's partner died and then she had his baby. Vee sad. But I reiterate: what. The. Fuck? Could that be any more arse-cringingly sentimentally twaddlish? Daddy and Mummy loved each other in a special way had sex and then Daddy went to play with the angels died and you were brought home by the stork were born. Daddy did not, in fact, send you from heaven.
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Golly, who ever saw *this* coming? Oh, that's right. Pretty much everyone.

Anyway, wooooooooo America! How exciting was that!? I was going to be sensible and go to bed after the first east coast polls closed, but frankly that was but a pipe dream, and I stayed up till they called the election, watching the BBC online and the groovy interactive map on the MSNBC website and IMing [ profile] bookwormsarah (ETA: whom I just realised I have known on the internet for the best part of A DECADE!!!). So yesterday at work was interesting... *g*

Off to see HIGNFY tonight. Russell Howard on Saturday evening - hurrah! I think I've decided to grow out my fringe. I have been a bit of a genius at work. Last night I made mushroom and leek pasta and we watched OTH (when is that show not ace? Never, that's when...). Grandad's still broken. Grandma's still a bit of a mentalist.
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There were a couple of hilarious items worthy of note on my way in to work this morning, however I would just like to share the fact that last night on the train I read The Duke and I and didn’t care who saw it. Woo.

Having shared that, I shall move on. So, on the train. I was casually glancing over at a neighbour’s newspaper (I had finally got around to (i) charging the MP3-player-formerly-and-really-currently-known-as-Katie’s and (ii) putting new stuff on there and making new playlists so I now have, among others, The Black Adder, The Lovely Tim, and Winchester Cock Rock, and was listening to that rather than reading myself). It was the Telegraph, and in the special way of that newspaper, there was an article about how ENERGY-SAVING LIGHTBULBS WILL GIVE EVERYONE CANCER!!!! or sun burn or summat. Ha, I thought. No wonder Grandma is the way she is about beef burgers and 20-spotted ladybirds and the like. And then I looked over a minute or two later, in which time yonder neighbour had turned the page, so that the next thing was A GIANT FUCK-OFF ADVERT FOR ENERGY-SAVING LIGHTBULBS. Reader, I had to chuckle.

And then, deeper into the dark heart of my journey, swaying somnolently on the Jubilee line, I was pleased to see one of the more emo boys I have ever laid eyes on. Full on emo hair (that he kept rearranging – it’s not easy keeping emo hair properly in check). Emo clothes. Emo guitar. Extremely emo grafittied rucksack. Hilarious.

Heigh ho. Anyway, since yesterday was mostly writing pomes about Other People (I know, I don’t know what came over me), I have today reverted to two pomes about me:

Not Athletic
Is The Katie’s
Sad Lament


There is a tragic happenstance I’m really keen to share
Each time it pops into my brain I can’t help but despair
When all around is death and ruin, alone for this I care
I know it’s vain, I know it’s shallow, I know I seem unfair
But frankly all I yearn to know’s the colour of my hair

-- And on that note, I was looking in the mirror this morning and you know what? It definitely isn’t blonde.

ETA: Also, NO, Gordon Brown. You do not get to rant about punishing the bankers who "fuelled the economic meltdown through their greed" when YOU WERE THE ONE WHO FOSTERED THAT ECONOMIC CLIMATE OVER THE LAST DECADE!!!* FFS. Politicians are something else.

*Do not judge my media source. It's a very colourful paper and I love it for that alone.
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Oh. Em. Gee. Did you see? Did you see the ficcing? Where did that come from? you ask. And I shrug, nonchalantly and a little bewildered, but pleased nonetheless. Actually, the CS and NCIS ones were mostly written a while ago and I just finished them off. And every single fic was mostly tiny and almost completely plot-free, so really I should just shut up and go away.

Heh. Yep, like that’s ever going to happen. So, my hair. We have a new temp, and her verdict was blonde. (Why does blonde keep winning out? Helen-the-weird-temp-who-had-some-sort-of-freakish-girl-crush-on-me went for blonde too.) Also, in the world of my hair, I have given up the idea of bobbing it, but am now contemplating growing out my fringe. What say you, citizens of LJ?

Ooh, and I have a moment of shame to share. So, this week my train/tube reading has been Islam: A Short History by Karen Armstrong, which is very interesting. However, yesterday, when I woke up, I was all pathetic and tired and couldn’t face the idea of reading something which actually required neurons to process. So I merrily put Julia Quinn’s most excellent The Duke and I in my bag too. What can beat a bit of cheery Regency rom-com of a dreary morning? Certainly not Islam: A Short History. So, picture me, clambering onto the 8.34 to Waterloo, already exhausted by the exigencies of the day. I sit down next to a middle-aged man reading a paper. This, darlings, is where my shame begins.

I make no bones about the fact that I think people should read what they want and say what they want and think what they want. All this is vee important, la la la. But I was intimidated by the man reading the paper. He had pinstripes and glasses and looked intelligent. And so, though my brain was aching from life, I dutifully took out Islam: A Short History because I didn’t want him to see me reading The Duke and I. And whilst Islam: A Short History still held my interest, I would much rather have read about Daphne and Simon and the japes and jests they get up to before everything is happily resolved in marriage. And I am quite ashamed of myself for not standing my ground (in my head) and reading what I wanted to read.

In terms of TV (may its camels increase), how lovely is The Daily Show being at the moment? Ah, it makes my little head laugh a lot.

I meant to comment on the current economic crisis, but to be honest I can’t bring myself to care about it that much. A short-sighted opinion, I fear, but there you go.
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♥ Eh bien, le weekend. Actually, I was fairly unproductive, although I did get through last week’s back catalogue of TV. Go me. Loved NCIS and Supernatural (and ficced! Actual fic!), and was glad to see Chuck back. Also watched Sanctuary (not sure about it). Ooh, and enjoyed SCC. The Terminator spin-off, that is, not my own personal squamous cell carcinoma. I like a Cameron ep. Bought some soup from Waitrose. Changed my bedlinen. Sunday I did some washing up and watched more TV and just wandered around the flat. I am going to die one day, and I will have done fuck all with my life. *thumbs up*

♥ So, apparently Gordon Brown got annoyed over the furore caused by his bringing Mandelson into the Cabinet. He is, apparently (and not altogether unsurprisingly), not a fan of the “great man” school of history, and expressed his opinion that in the years to come, Mandelson’s return would be unremembered and it would be all about the economic climate and all the, let’s face it, boring stuff like that. I hesitate to contradict our great and glorious leader, but I think he’s wrong. Children learning history don’t tend to care that much about the economic climate and movements of the masses. They like the characters. It’s all Henry VIII and Hitler; Queen Victoria and Boudicca. Not that I’m suggesting that the sadomasochistic love triangle of Blair, Brown and Mandelson, will have quite that level of fascination for our future offspring. Or maybe it will. Who can tell?

♥ Sarah Palin has accused Barack Obama of hanging out with terrorists. Uh-huh. On the one hand, this ploy is so transparent as to be laughable, and is impossible to take seriously. On the other hand, of course, this sort of disingenuous bollocks-spreading (and come on, who can seriously believe that she is sincere in what she’s saying?) is just plain wrong, feeding into the fears and prejudices of the uninformed. I really detest the kind of mud-slinging that seems to go on in any sort of political contest: it’s so sordid.

♥ Once again, I ficced! Woo! Am quite excited. Praise the darling baby Jee for bringing new TV and new inspiration to me.

♥ Am contemplating cutting my hair short. These strange feelings wash over me every so often. I will try and resist, but you never know…


Sep. 24th, 2008 11:26 pm
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Katie and I were on the bus on the way home from seeing Tropic Thunder (vee amusing). Katie took out her book to read. I glanced over. Then I had this thought. For real.

Hmm, I read vol 1 of Walking Dead, and quite enjoyed it, but frankly it just doesn't match up to watching my hair in the bus window.

I fear all hope for me may have passed.

Let us sit upon the floor and tell sad stories.

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