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I am RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED about Harry Potter on Monday!! I cannot wait. And yet I must :(
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Thing the first: I have somehow managed to plot a 12-book school series allegedly written by Josephine M. Bettany, and then get super invested in the characters. I will be sharing this extensively. I cannot lie.

Thing the second: Remember this time last year, when I was obsessively posting and filling prompts at the Awesome Ladies Ficathon? I have (embarrassingly) only just got round to listening to a podfic that [ profile] podklb made of my Alice Longbottom fic, blow me bluebell bubbles, that I wrote for a Harry Potter prompt. The podfic is here (download here), and it is SUPERBLY read. Please do listen, because she did a truly smashing job.

Thing the third: Nellie, darling, remember that Bones vid I was going to show you in Dorset, only to be scuppered by the failiness of our internet? This is it. BEST BONES VID EVER.

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So, as people might have gathered, I have been obsessively writing and prompting for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon (which has been amazing and prompted some brilliant, brilliant ladyfic), and am currently working on an Arcadia/Doctor Who crossover for the not!comment!fic portion of the ficathon. Anyway (i) go and read all the awesome fic and write some if a prompt catches your eye; (ii) I will be reccing a load of it in due course, especially the beautiful things that have been written for my prompts; and (iii) here is most of the fic I've written.

STXI; Jocelyn McCoy; at home with the McCoys )

The Mentalist; Teresa Lisbon (/Patrick Jane?)/And we are leaving some things unsaid/And we are breathing deeper instead )

Star Trek XI, Winona, A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having. )

Doctor Who; Amy Pond; waking up )

BtVS; Willow; This is a gift, it comes with a price/Who is the lamb and who is the knife? )

Harry Potter, Alice Longbottom, I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick arse... and I'm all out of Drooble's Best. )

OK. Bored now. More later.
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Title: And Then They Made Out
Author: [ profile] chaletian
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: End of Deathly Hallows.
Summary: Rose decides during one Fourth Year Herbology class, when she overhears Scorpius make a funny comment about a venus flytrap and sees him scrunching up his face just so, that theirs will be a great doomed romance that will, natch, reunite the wizarding world, creating peace and harmony in its wake.

Read more... )
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So, I have decided to assuage my tragic existence by reccing some more fic. Multi-fandom, this time.

Famous Last Words [SGA, Sheppard/McKay] by [ profile] thegrrrl2002
Sheppard can't work out why everyone's telling him DADT has been repealed... DADT is el giant theme in SGA (mainly, natch, because if anyone actually found out about Sheppard and McKay's THEIRLOVEISSOTRUE romance, Sheppard would get kicked out of the Air Force), and this is hilarious because Sheppard's all WTF? over how happy everyone is for him.
Rodney. Him and Rodney--doing things. Together. That's what Elizabeth, Cadman and Teyla had been thinking and it didn't make any sense at all. They obviously suffered from over-active imagination, because he and Rodney were friends, that was all. Friends who watched movies together, played chess, went whale-watching, okay sure, ate dinner together most of the time--none of it was unusual. Just typical stuff that friends do together.

The Hard Prayer [SGA, Sheppard/McKay] by [ profile] rheanna27
I'm fairly sure this has been recced all over the shop, but whatevs, it's awesome. Post-apocalyptic earth, in which John and Rodney seem to the only two survivors. They're both fucked up, and life is weird, and this fic is beautiful. Plus, who doesn't enjoy a post-apocalyptic road trip fic? No-one, that's who.
John drinks the last of his coffee and watches McKay finish packing. John doesn't believe there's anything left at NORAD or Colorado Springs -- he doesn't believe there's anything left anywhere -- but he can see McKay does. Maybe that means McKay's not as sound of mind as he first appeared, but John is uncomfortably aware that he's skirting the borders of normal himself. McKay, at least, has managed to hang on to two things John lost a while ago: hope and a sense of purpose. Being around him makes John feel like a drowning man offered a glimpse of land; even if it's a mirage, the sight of it might be enough to keep him swimming.

we could be heroes [Supernatural, Gen] by [ profile] missyjack
How mythic heroes are created. I love the fragmented structure of this, it really suits the nature of the story. Beautifully written.
Dean and Sam Winchester traveled the highways of America in a black Chevy Impala that had submachine guns mounted on the hood, and a water cannon that sprayed holy water on the roof. It could reach speeds of 300 miles an hour and travel from San Diego to Baltimore on a single tank of gas.

One Shot [Supernatural, Gen] by InsaneTrollLogic
This is one of my all-time favourite SPN fics. A woman buys a haunted Impala. So, so, so much love for this fic. SO MUCH I CANNOT EXPRESS IT. ♥
There’s about half a second of complete silence before the radio squawks on suddenly and Black Sabbath’s blaring out of the speakers. There’s an odd sort of static under the music. Your head snaps around to investigate, but your gaze snags on a figure in the passenger’s seat. Tallish, shaggy brown hair, he’s not transparent, but he’s flickering. He cocks an eyebrow at the radio. “You know, there’s EVP on that.”

Snogging Rose Weasley [Harry Potter, Rose/Scorpius] by [ profile] drcjsnider
Yes, yes, yes, JKR's epilogue to Deathly Hallows was like a particularly bad bit of fanfic and, yes, fic writers seem to mostly use Rose/Scorpius to rehash Draco/Ginny and Draco/Hermione (and pretend that Draco wasn't such a wet blanket as he ended up in canon compared the dashing darling of fanon), but I really like how this writer characterised her leads.
“She’s been planning on dating whoever was Head Boy ever since Fifth Year,” Lily told him. "You just happen to be the bloke who is going to get the position."

The Holes in the Ground [SGA/Doctor Who, Gen] by [ profile] mercurial_wit
Rodney meets various incarnations of the Doctor, and time is bendy. I don't read much Doctor Who fic, but I really, really love this, and not just because of the crossover.
"Weeell," the Doctor says, looking shifty, and runs a hand through his hair. "Spacetime is a bit more durable than people give it credit for. More like rubber than tissue paper. Bendy," he finishes lamely.
Rodney thinks this sounds like a whole lot of elusive nonsense, and he should know, but he contents himself with scowling and echoing, "Bendy," in tones that are as flat as he can manage.

The Absolutely, Positively True (Sort Of) Fictional Adventures of Hot Pilots in Love [BSG, Kara/Lee] by [ profile] widget285
I JUST SPENT OVER HALF AN HOUR SCOURING THE INTERNET FOR THIS FIC. THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE IT. Starbuck and Apollo discover that someone in the fleet's been writing RPF about their UST. Absolutely beautifully hilarious.
Her heart beating loudly in her chest, Mara turned to find herself face to face with him: Captain Vee “Adonis” Dodonna, her CAG and best friend and the object of her most romantic fantasies. Mara was in love with Vee, but it was a hopeless, doomed passion. Not only did the regulations forbid it, but there was a deep, dark and painful history between them of which they never spoke, but which kept them apart.

For the Most Part [The West Wing, Josh/Donna] by Jen
This is a lovely, lovely look at a couple whose marriage isn't perfect, but then, neither are they. I really, really like this.
Fighting is different than it used to be. Now it’s quieter and after the kids go to bed. But that means that things fester and build up and by the time they discuss something, it’s gone from nothing major to something that ends with them on opposite sides of the bed trying to fall asleep without hearing the other one say ‘I love you.’ He hates that; hates it more than anything. It’s the worst downside to parenthood he’s found.

There will be more. I'm on a roll.
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Quick Rose/Scorpius fic rec: All Our Tomorrows by [ profile] sandrine

Most of the Rose/Scorpius stuff I've seen has been slightly pants, clearly written by 14 year olds rehashing Draco/Ginny (or Draco/Hermione), but this was really, really good. And there's House stuff. I love it when people discuss the Houses, because I think it's the one giant flaw of Hogwarts, and I don't think JKR did enough to show that it shouldn't matter.
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Just for [ profile] katie__pillar, because she whinged… ♥

Title: Too Blackened A Soul
Author: [ profile] chaletian
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Snape (Neville)
Summary: Snape tries to keep control of Hogwarts.

Deathly Hallows spoilers this way lie! )
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1. Had a party. It was great - merci tout le monde for le coming, and suffering through Q Planes (though I maintain it is a fine, fine film - ah, ses monuments, ses cathedrales... - and I have a complete mental block about whether I've used the correct possessive pronoun there, or if I've managed to completely make up a jumble of letters). And also thank you for my presents. Presents are wonderful. Particularly in the shape of a BARRY & DICK VAN DYKE CLOCK!!!!!!

2. Have been watching beaucoup de Supernatural. I am with the loving, not least because of the total and utter prettiness of Jensen Ackles, even if he does have a slightly silly name. Still with the Dean/Faith OTP love...

3. Was most kindly given Waiting For God series 2 & 3 from The Katie (merci muchly), and for some reason I decided that a WFG/Harry Potter crossover was the way forward. Question not the way of the Squeen, for it is fraught with weirdiness...


“So the old coot’s dead, then,” observed the old woman, as she folded up the letter she had just read. “That’s another one gone to the great knees-up in the sky. Still, he was about three hundred and four, so I don’t suppose he had any right to complain.”

She did not expect any reply to her comments. It was Thursday, and her companion was most likely attempting as ascent of the Himalayas with Sir Edmund Hillary. Nevertheless, a reply came.

And the rest... )
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Hello everyone! Haven't posted in a while due to a complicated illness with a complicated Latin name, an accurate translation of which is not possible, but which most closely resembles 'the sickness of one whose enervation makes it hard to actually get around to doing anything productive'. Ah yes, laziness, my old friend...


1. Austria. We went to Austria and it was fine. And I would like to point out that I AM NOT A BED HOG.

2. HBP. *sigh* Really, if you haven't read it by now, you should have done )

3. SG2005. Ah, such fun. I slept in a corner on about five duvets and it was all good. Despite the sun burn. And semaphore! Lots of semaphore!! Also knots!!!

4. I have three more days of this job. No comment necessary.

Odi & Amo

Jun. 23rd, 2005 01:33 pm
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Hmm. I wrote this a while ago, as a sequel (of sorts) to I Served Him Well, my little contribution to the hmm-what-happened-to-Percy movement. It's from Ginny's POV, but I'm not sure it really worked particularly well. Though I would post, anyway.

Odi & Amo

It’s hard to hate any more. We’re all so exhausted, and hating takes such a lot of effort. Emotional energy that nobody has. We spent so long in silent, impotent rage, in dumb, miserable resentment, that it’s a release now not to hate.

But I hate him.

and the rest... )

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