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Ouf! I am ker-nackered. I have foolishly invited around a coterie of chums for lunch and tea tomorrow, and have spent all day shopping and domesticking in anticipation. (Also I went to Roehampton Library, whose online catalogue had LIED to me, but which contained an assortment of other books that looked interesting, and bought a top; more anon.) Anyway, living room and hall are now mostly tidied, I have made our starter (vee delish - always a possibility there will be none left by the time folk arrive), our pudding, and prepared veg etc, so all is going well. I have even written a timeline for tomorrow morning, which will probably be abandoned by approximately 8.03, but nevermind.

Anyway, in other news: on Tuesday night Katie and I went to see Steve Carlson and various other people perform at Underbelly in Hoxton, which was jolly nice. Nice venue with some epic sofa/throne action, and just a nice chilled-out evening. (And chilled out is right because the temperature dropped liek woah and it was fucking freezing. And raining.) On Wednesday night, we went with Chloe to see a hideous, hideous dance film at Bad Film Club chez Barbican, which may have ruined me now for life. On Thursday I had the day off (very nice; very unproductive) and buzzed into town to meet Helen and Katherine for dinner off Trafalgar Square, moving onto drinks in a random pub, where Helen made me do her work for her. Harsh, Helen, harsh. However I was bought a lemonade to compensate, so fair enough, really. Katherine and I ended up getting the 9 to Hammersmith, which was hijously slow through traffic, and then I just missed the 33 so had to wait 20 minutes, but not too bad. Friday evening, I am happy to report, I stayed in and did not communicate with anyone. Actually, I can't even remember what I did yesterday. Acquired groceries, mostly, I think. And watched the end of the last series of Doctor Who. (I love John Simm as the Master. And I love Timothy Dalton being a baddie. And I love Wilfred. And I love Ten and his epic lonely dark angst. And I love Jessica Hynes. AND I LOVE MARTHA JONES TILL THE END OF TIME.)

So, that brings us back to today, encompassing, as previously noted, a visit to Roehampton Library, a visit to Kingston to buy possibly the world's prettiest top (even though I am supposed to spend no money this month) and a roasting tin to accommodate the massive leg of lamb currently taking up our entire fridge, a fleeting visit to Sainsburys in Kingston for rosemary (which they did not have) and pancetta (which they did not have), a fleeting visit to Tesco in Richmond for rosemary (which they did not have) and pancetta (which they did not have), and finally a fleeting visit to Waitrose (also in Richmond) for rosemary (which they did not have) and pancetta (which they did not have). Poo. Then I came home and instead of collapsing with exhaustion, as every instinct begged me to do, I instead embarked upon my ambitious plan of works to get Fangirl Towers shipshape and Bristol fashion. Oh, and I laid the table, but failed to iron the tablecloth. Whatevs. And then I watched Doctor Who, which I really enjoyed (and loved young!Amelia Pond).

But I am very tired now, and so to bed.
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Ah, the dulcet tones of The Antiques Roadshow, so reminiscent of my youthful Sunday television watching... Not, of course, that I was particularly enamoured of antiques as a teenager, but it was very parental viewing. Personally, I love the old dears who are all "Yes... yes... yes... really... yes... yes..."

Anyway, I come to you exhausted from a day spent largely tidying my room. I have decluttered quite a lot, so I am rather proud of myself. Sadly, however, it has meant that I could not take advantage of the National Trust's (rather poorly advertised) free weekend, which is rather a shame, given how beautiful the weather's been today. Tant pis. Tidy room is more important, because (a) it was a shit tip, and (b) now the weather's nicer, I like to be all fresh and clean.

Yesterday, with a collection of chums, I went to Hampton Court, which was lovely. Katie and I went with the Kings four years ago, but it's different with a small child because you can't focus as well on what you're looking at. Looked at the C17th apartments, and the Tudor bits, and generally wandered around and had a nice time. It closes bizarrely early, though, and I was horrified to discover the "Henry Shop" giftshop had closed! Shock horror! As you may or may not know, my chosen memorabilia is always God's honest tea towel (functional and stylish), and I had, after considerable reflection, chosen the Hampton Court tea towel I wanted to buy. However, Hampton Court has several gift shops scattered about the place, and I didn't want to run the risk of missing a potential tea towel choice owing to an ill-advisedly early purchase. But the gift shops were closing! The horror! What was I to do? Actually, Kathryn and I just ran away to the main shop by the ticket place, which, praise the sweet baby Jee, was still open, so I bought my hilarious King Henry tea towel and all was well. After that, we returned Chez King and had mexican lasagna (yum yum yum) and cake.

However, the most exciting part of yesterday was our bus travel. At lunch time we caught the R68 from Richmond, which was jolly nice, out over the bridge, through Twickenham and Teddington and finally Hampton. And then, oh then, we found we could get the bus home from Kathye's! How exciting is that?! We went to the bus stop just at the end of Kathye's road, caught the bus to Twickenham, and picked up the 33 back to our house! We were home just less than hour after we caught the bus, which, door to door, is about the time it takes on the train! Yay buses! We talked about how exciting this was all the way home. It was hilarious.
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Well, it looks to be a beautiful day out there, today! It's so exciting that spring finally seems to have peeked out of its burrow etc etc. For a couple of days last week, I didn't wear a coat when I went out! (I did it a third day, but nearly froze to death whilst being forced to wait forty minutes for a 493, so I can't really count it.) Anyway, I'm still so physically and mentally exhausted by having job that forces me to work constantly while there (ah, I chuckle but it's SO TRUE), that I am, once again, reduced to bullet-pointing my life.

♥ Megan's party yesterday was hilarious, but so much better was chatting with the grown-ups afterwards. Also, delicious chocolate cake with orange icing. Mmm. And Hannah in the ball pit never gets old.

♥ Grandpa's in hospital with his prostate cancer being crap. Boo. :( (However, slightly shaming to admit, but please don't imagine me being super-sad in a corner etc, as I don't see him a lot.)

♥ PCT board meeting tomorrow. Bound to be frustrating. Have a load of print-outs that I need to go through.

♥ Two interesting posts about women things: one here from [ profile] liz_marcs and one here from the ineffable [ profile] r_scribbles. Also, I have once again made tentative inroads into my Women I Like On TV At The Moment picspam, which may or may not one day reach fruition.

♥ I need to have a shower, and go to Richmond to take a top back to Monsoon. Also to buy hot cross bun goodness in Marks.

♥ I bought more PJ bottoms in Primark. As I wittily tweeted, the combination of Primark and pyjamas (and their proximity to where I work) will be my financial ruin. However, this is, of course, mere hyperbole. My own nature is my downfall. That's the root of some classic literature, right there.

♥ Following on neatly from the above point, once more I am selling things on eBay, if anyone's interested in acquiring GGBP books (and a few random other things).
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Given that I have only so far posted once this month, I thought I might make the effort and double it. Wowzers. So, words, eh?

♥ Oh em gee, Being Human. Awesome show. Love it so much.

♥ Dancing On Ice continues to dominate our Sundays. Danniella in the skate-off, though - wtf, people? I am now resolved to stop my habit of pity-voting, it is clearly IMMORAL. Also, ITV should hire me and Katie as commentators because we rock. Also, STFU people when Jason gives people perfectly valid criticism.

♥ I had soup for lunch and soup for dinner today. Huh. Also, two slices of M&S giant hot cross bun in a loaf.

♥ Day off tomorrow - GP then off to Staines to buy ridiculous cheap scarves in the market bit (actually, assuming there is a market bit on weekdays) and t-shirts and cardigans from Matalan. I will also, natch, be visiting the old BFF.

♥ Apparently Wil Wheaton is in The Big Bang Theory again. I am very excited by this. WHEEEAAAAAAAATON!!!!!

♥ Work is still awesome in itself, though we are now having a few staffing difficulties which makes things uncomfortable. Also, mental copy-and-paste girl at the last job seems to have gone off on one again. LOL apparently it's all very haircutgate over in St John's Wood at the moment.

♥ Speaking of, it was Cath's last day last week, so I went out with them all to see Sister Act (slightly hilarious "And I don't even think it's real fake tigerskin!" with a really good set - loved it) and have dinner etc. Nice to catch up, and see everyone (especially Emma and Ben, natch). Still need to organise my leaving do. Will not be inviting Rachael.

♥ Have been reading lots of trashy romances recently and not much else. Boo.

♥ I bought a necklace on Etsy and am quite excited. It looks beautiful.

♥ In glorious news, ITV3 have started showing Heartbeat from the beginning. Oh, Nick Rowan, I'd forgotten how much I loved you!! What with that, and the X-Files and Voyager, my early evenings bear an eerie resemblance to my teenage years.


♥ Are we having a general election soon or what? I'm fed up with all the campaign post we're getting at the moment.

♥ In other televisual news, we have rediscovered the joy of Roswell. Well, I say the joy of Roswell. It's not really that, let's be honest. It's the joy of Michael and Maria. I have been reading fic. (Also White Collar fic, when I can find stuff with Neal being a woobie and Peter having to be the FRIEND WHOM NEAL TRUSTS MOST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD etc.)

♥ Katie introduced me to Katzenjammer. They totally rock. I have listened to their album approximately fifty thousand times. I feel like everyone else should do the same.

♥ Amanda and I keep bursting into song in the office camper van. It's hilarious, but tragically we are the only ones who think so. Nobody understands our genius. WE KNEW ALL THE WORDS TO AMERICAN PIE, PEOPLE!

♥ I don't know how to bowl.

♥ I ordered vol 13 of Fables and am really quite excited about reading it. Also, I got the first issue of the spin-off thing about Cinderella, which I reckon must be finished by now, so surely that'll be out in a trade soon, right? I love her character.

♥ I keep meaning to do a post of women in TV that I love at the moment. One day, people. One day.

♥ I have a diary full of meetings now. It's slightly comical.

♥ Apparently, according to my grandmother, people are related to monkeys. Who knew?

♥ ITV had an ad for a new show with Piers Morgan. Is it wrong that I want to punch his annoying face in?
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Darlings! *enfolds everyone in an effusive hug* Happy New Year to everyone!! I know I'm a bit late in the day, but I have been a bit non est on the old interwebs, so get your good cheer here! I hope everyone had a smashing Christmas - I spent mine in the parental abode, as ever, which was jolly nice, and I got a sewing machine from my parents for Christmas, which is awesome, though I have yet to play with it. Anyway, MANY THANKS for presents from people, especially those I haven't actually seen (sheep socks, [ profile] xanantha? Sheep socks? We shall be having words, young lady! Also: [ profile] klo_the_hobbit and [ profile] katie__pillar: OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS!! Best present ever! Guess who's going to see Green Day :-)) But enough of such flim-flam. Christmas is over and life is stern and earnest and, as it turns out, FUCKING FREEZING. England is like an ice box at the moment. I have taken to having a hot water bottle in bed. Last night (and you might want to sit down for this), I closed my bedroom window. I know. Such a thing has not happened since the Great Frost of '02. Still, I get to imagine being a Russian princess in a fur hat, so it's not all bad...

What other news do I have? Hmm. Work is still awesome (oh, SQL, my tiny friend). I'm going to a PCT board meeting on Monday, so that will be larky. I have discovered the Poundland in Tooting and bought clippy fake!tupperware and some more Vanish (crucial domestic details). I have baked bread and a coconut and lime cake this evening and, when the dilatory Sainsbury's person arrives, I shall make a spot of leek and mushroom pasta.

Later: Sainsbury's has been and gone; have made dinner whilst listening to Psmith; now depart to watch Chuck. Later, darlings! ♥
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Once again, I have masses to say, but am too sleepy to actually share any of it. I still haven't told you about my presents from my last job (other than the coconut-coated cock cake, now finished), or anything much about my new job, but just imagine loltastic anecdotes with me being witty and hilarious, and that'll about cover it.

In other news, we had a tiny party on Saturday, which was grand. We tidied (Katie tidied; I did little bits) and put up the tree (Christmas tree! Christmas tree! Covered in lights and fifty million ridiculous baubles, and FAR TOO SMALL FOR ALL OUR CHRISTMAS CRAP) and I watched Muppet Christmas Carol, and then people arrived and we ate nachos and drank wine and then ate cake, and it were lovely. And then on Sunday we all went over to Staines for Darren's birthday. Megan was excessively hyper and Hannah was just ridiculously adorable. She came up to me on more than one occasion to poke my cheeks, which I deeply and suspiciously suspect she has copied from Katie (her favourite and her best).

Anyhow, that's about it. We have done epic amounts of Christmas shopping (as Katie so eloquently put it, CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IS OUR BITCH), and now poor like church mice.

Ho hum. (Also, lololol, Katie and I spent much of last night copying a bit of Eddie Izzard and being all jokey jokey and then laughy laughy. Oh the hilarity.)
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How do, chaps. Not much to report from the front. Katie and I went to Clapham this morning, then segued onto Putney. She bought a dress and a vampire cape. I bought a book (we hit an awful lot of charity shops). Well, I say I bought I book. I made Katie lend me the money to buy a book. We had lunch at Greggs. Good times. Came home. I had a snooze. Katie made dinner (sausage and mash - yum). We watched NCIS, Dollhouse (wow, that show's getting good), and NCIS LA from a couple of weeks ago. Then I watched Merlin which, tragically, was a bit meh, though Sarah Parish is always awesome. And that has been my Saturday. I know. All the cool kids want my life.
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Woo! I just checked the Radio Times site because was telling me Merlin was on tomorrow, which I thought was a tricksy lie, AND IT WASN'T!!! I am vee excited, because I am full of the Merlin love atm, mostly because of my burning passion for Prince Arthur.

I also love Glee. It's a slightly odd show in some ways, and doesn't seem to know if it's fish or fowl or good red herring, but it's just so sweet, and I'm sort of emotionally invested in all the characters, even the ones I don't like so much, and SUE SYLVESTER IS A BEAUTIFUL ELEGANT GODDESS OF AWESOME.

So, what other news do I have? Not very much. For dinner tonight I made roasted squash and red onion risotto, which was nice. Last night was aubergine and mozz penne, made with passata from Katie's parents, which is especially nice. In the very near future I am also spying roasted veg soup, a nice bit of leek and bacon quiche, a spot of sausage and mash, and that old stand by, spin ris. Mmm. Good times.

Anyway, other than that, I've been tidying up my room, and it's actually going quite well this time. Woo. Last night I counted about 12 dresses in my possession, which is very many indeed considering a couple of years ago I didn't have any. And today I was stressed and frustrated at work, and now I have 13 dresses and no money. :( Still, I'm wearing a nice, new dress, so I totes don't care.

The rest of tonight has been spent: watching The Big Bang Theory (oh, Sheldon... ♥), Glee and last week's NCIS, making and eating dinner, obsessively checking my email, and sitting in the dark talking to Katie about Stella Gibbons' Nightingale Wood (a truly awesome book which everyone should read) and resolving that we would not become Witherish.
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♥ Katie and I went to see (500) Days of Summer at the kino, which was really good. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. I liked the non-linear structure (style > substance). Tomorrow is Arcadia, Friday I am going to see Ben in some random melding of all musical versions of Figaro, and Saturday is Catherine's 30th birthday party, so I will be vee busy, and then Katie's parents are coming to stay for part of next week, which will be nice. I like parental visits, and, though naturally I adore my own parents, Katie's parents are an awful lot more relaxing! However, my own mater will be staying with us next Sunday night, so it will be nice to see her too.

♥ After getting back from the cinema, we made late-night spag bol. Awesome. Garlic bread and everything (good vintage, btw, Katie). Also, we randomly received a tiny avalanche of post (almost as if the PO hadn't delivered anything for a couple of weeks which surely couldn't be the case) and an Amazon parcel apiece. Woo. My shoes arrived today, and although they are exactly the same style in different colours, one pair fits while the other doesn't. Weird. Will try the red ones on again tomorrow in the hopes of a different outcome.

♥ Also: tomorrow, prepare to stand back as I talk about how a Miley Cyrus song reflects one of my, for want of a better word, philosophical beliefs.

More stuff.

Sep. 1st, 2009 12:16 am
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1. I am currently unashamedly listening to Billy Ray Cyrus.

2. I have now dried my hair. It's interesting. I've never had dark hair. It's basically gone from ginger to strawberry blonde to dyed red to dyed blonde to dyed red again and back to a sort of dark strawberry blonde (otherwise known humorously albeit a little hyberbolically as a fiery sunrise of titian splendour). And then bright red. And now dark. Weird. I'll have to pencil in darker eyebrows so as not to appear freakish! Still, the colour's gone on nicely, and it looks OK.

3. I bought an iPod the other day. Yes, I am a sheep. No, I don't care. It's black and shiny and pretty and I like it very much.


5. Note to self: Rand. Write it.
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Woo! I have the day off! Which is as well, because I was kept up ALL FUCKING NIGHT by a group of UTTER TOSSPOTS carousing RIGHT OUTSIDE my bedroom window. NOT HAPPY. In the end, I yelled out of the window, which achieved absolutely nothing, and then closed said window, which lessened the noise but pissed me off because I hate sleeping with the window closed. Tant pis.

So, you may be asking yourselves, what does the squeen plan to do with her free day? Well, I have many plans. Many and, I daresay, varied. OK. Not particularly varied. I thought I'd start with the classic "shower" move, possibly seguing into "breakfast" (I know: daring). Then I hope to go into Richmond, pay in a cheque, do a Supadrug run (I need shampoo, razor blades, and about a million other things - you know when you can be coincidentally simultaneously stocked up in all bathroom products and don't actually need to go to Boots for months? I've been doing that, but the halcyon days are over. The seven years* of plenty have turned to... well, so far, a couple of days of famine), have some lunch on the green if the weather continues fine, and maybe pop my head into the comic shop.

Of course, all this is predicated on me, um, getting out of bed. So we will see.

In other news, Borders on Oxford Street is closing down. This worries me. Bookshops closing down always worries me, concerned as I am that it is CLEARLY THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF CIVILISATION (AND BOOKS), especially when they are el giant huge Oxford Street bookshops. I think the only bookshop on Oxford Street now is that little Waterstones near Selfridges. But anyway, Borders is having a closing down sale (50% off everything), so I went in. Jizzy Chrizzy. Massive mistake. They'd moved all the stock around so it looked like a bookshop might look in war-torn... somewhere; everything jammed together, in no order, with no actual good books (although - a ha! - I did find a random ancient (so ancient it didn't even have the right kind of barcode) cope of Madeleine L'Engle's Meet the Austins, so that was good). A weird and slightly unsettling experience. This is what it will be like after the apocalypse. You know that post I did a while ago, about being shit in the event of an apocalypse, and being totally unable to FIGHT TO THE DEATH for the last carton of UHT milk in Waitrose? Yep. Totally going to be the case. When the apocalypse comes, I will die fast, and, I suspect, I will die nasty**.

Anyway, that's all for now. I won't lie, I'm not stopping to have a shower. I thought I'd write to Grandma.

ETA: Fucking hell, I forgot the thing that annoyed me massively yesterday! Read an article in the Metro called Mother who is allergic to her son. They carried on with this stupid ridiculous theme throughout the tiny stupid article even after they revealed she'd been diagnosed with gestational pemphigoid WHICH IS AN AUTOIMMUNE SKIN DISEASE AND DOES NOT EVEN REMOTELY MEAN SHE IS ALLERGIC TO HER SON YOU STUPID TWATS.

* Not actually seven years. I really can't make a bottle of shampoo last that long. That, my darlings, was a biblical metaphor. I know. Hilarious.
** Yes, of course "fast" and "nasty" should both have been adverbs in the context of that sentence, but I was going for a brutal sort of literary style, appropriate to my impending peri-apocalyptic death.
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How do, chaps! Am back from frozen wastes and plan to now regale you with the post-Christmas post (didja see what I did there? Did you?).

So, Christmas, eh? Vee nice. Got some presents. Went to visit Grandad. Faffed around a bit. Bought some Christmas tat from the garden centre which has sprung up outside Barlborough. Made about sixty-seven tea loaves, and ate one slice of same. Was mostly just ace. Chiefly ace in clothes. Occasionally ace in a nightie.

Anyway, all this is mere fluff and flimsy. FUCKING SOUTH WEST TRAINS!!! is really the message of this post. “Let’s close the line between Barnes and Clapham,” some little twerp in a planning meeting must have said. “The week after Christmas, let’s do it then. Nobody goes to work.” Now, to be honest, I don’t have a problem with their thinking so far. So far, their thinking is rife with reason: of all the weeks in the year, this is probably the quietest in terms of commuting. In choosing this week for closing the line, I applaud their logic.

The part where I staunchly refuse to applaud is the part where they thought, “Well, since nobody goes to work, LET’S NOT FUCKING BOTHER TO MENTION IT TO ANYONE EXCEPT POSSIBLY AS A POST-SCRIPT TO AN OTHERWISE OVERLY-DETAILED CHRISTMAS TIMETABLE POSTER THAT NO-ONE’S ACTUALLY GOING TO READ, because that’s a sturdy plan.” Bastards.

In other news, I have watched the beginning of Leverage, a highly (and somewhat surprisingly) entertaining programme featuring none other than the high-larious Christian Kane. (At one point – look away if you don’t want to be spoiled – he rides a thoroughbred champion, ventre à terre, if I may borrow the expression from Eugenie. Bareback. Awesome!)

Also, I have high hopes of shortly acquiring a bread machine, the pros and cons of which have been carefully discussed, so don’t go giving me that ice-cream-maker-slow-cooker-ooh-you’ll-never-use-it-you-know look. And last night I finally made my celeriac soup. I followed a recipe off the interwebs, but I think I should have just done it my way and shoved some ginger in. Tant pis. Tonight we shall be dining on sausage and tomato risotto with rosemary (yum) and I may make some ginger biscuits, having taken the dough out of the freezer. Possibly some laundry might be in order, as well. Hmmm.

Theatre-wise, just to keep you up to date, we will be going to some Tom Stoppard thing (yay! Stoppard!) at the end of January, and Twelfth Night at the end of Feb. Yoicks! I’ve been dying to see that one, even though we will be up in the Gods. Quite fancy seeing Gethsemane at the National, and getting tickets to see August: Osage County again, since Katie couldn’t make it last time.
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Boo. It's me. And my hair. (Quite smooth today; I blow dried it.) Once again, I have come on to LJ and then felt completely disinclined to write anything, but here goes. So, um. Yes. New phone. It's shiny and ace and takes photos and everything. I love it quite a lot already.

Jade is going back to Australia after Christmas. I am vee sad about this. *sad face*

Went into Sheen this morning and bought milk and bread and mourned (again) the loss of Woolworths. Why did they close it? Why? (OK. Recent events make that question fairly redundant, but whatever.) Particularly vexing because (a) I broke our whisk and planned to replace it there and (b) our most excellent Woolworths-bought chopping knife has disappeared and I need to replace that too.

Weather was lovely today. Afternoon, I met Jess at Brentford and we tooled along to Staines for Kathye's Christmas gather, which was extremely and also very lovely. Leek and potato soup. Yum. Plan on making that tomorrow, what with plentitude of both leeks and potatoes in FT at the moment. Also maybe celeriac soup. There will be much soup in our future. We could do with a larger freezer. Tant pis.

At Kathye's, Hannah was unfeasibly adorable. I am well on the way to making her think I am AN ACTUAL STAR. Heh. Megan is still not convinced that I am not going to be a Russian queen. I am a little bit naughty. *cheery smile* In more distressing news, some bright sparks thought it would be HIGH-LAR-IOUS to stick about three million knitting needles IN MY HEAD and then see how many could be removed before my hair fell down. Katie filmed it for the mind of the posterity (or for the mind of the film project for my grandparents' Christmas present, whatevs).

Off to Xanthe's for her birthday party tomorrow. Or off to Xanthe's church hall, at any rate.

Sainsbury's last night. I saw a trashy magazine with the following cover:

"Daddy sent me from HEAVEN" What. The. Fuck?! If I may extrapolate from this headline, I assume this woman's partner died and then she had his baby. Vee sad. But I reiterate: what. The. Fuck? Could that be any more arse-cringingly sentimentally twaddlish? Daddy and Mummy loved each other in a special way had sex and then Daddy went to play with the angels died and you were brought home by the stork were born. Daddy did not, in fact, send you from heaven.
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La. Had a lovely day yesterday. We arose early and made our way to Victoria, where we waited outside the Apollo for a couple of hours in order to buy day seats for Wicked, and occasionally amused ourselves by filming for a secret project. Got tickets, and then walked to the South Bank, where we looked at the Christmas market. Bought tickets for August: Osage County (actually, for this Tuesday, I think - didn't realise it was so soon!), and then went further down the river to the Ethical Christmas Market (which was in the coollest warehouse). Walked back via a food market, bought some apple juice (after a taste test) and feta cheese, and came home. Had scrambled eggs for lunch, I had a nap, and then it was time to get ready to go out. I wore a black dress and red tights which was fun. Wicked was ace - Glinda was completely fabulous! It was all excellent, though we did nearly suffocate from all the dry ice!

Anyway, there are various things I should do today, but to be honest I don't really see any of them happening. C'est la vie.


Nov. 21st, 2008 02:53 pm
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Mmm. Just made and ate some rather tasty tomato and rosemary soup, which has led to a cunning plan for tomato, rosemary and sausage risotto, which I am keen to experiment with at some point. Yum. I love food.

I have not yet done anything else practical today, except take a bag of rubbish out. Which, actually, I suppose is quite good for me.

Well, I went into Sheen, and spent the little money I had left this month after yesterday's M&S splurge. In Oxfam, rather excitingly, I *finally* acquired Poems on the Underground, as well as Batman Year One and Why Do People Hate America?. Then went to Waitrose. Filled with old bids. I got very impatient with them (in my head; it's not like I went round knocking them over or anything), then felt guilty, then felt, philosophically, that I would get my comeuppance when I reach old biddom and have people be impatient with me.
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♥ What ho, chaps! It's been a little while since I posted, so brace yourselves... though, let's face it, I always wander on and then have nothing to say, so I really wouldn't bother. So, today's thought of the day: why would anyone want a gift box of floral scented talcum powders? Why, M&S, why? But anyway, on the subject of M&S, god rot them and their tricksy 20% off sale (most things, until midnight on their website, free delivery on orders over £30 and Jizzy Chrizzy why am I pimping a major corporation?): I spent £80 (mostly on tights 0.o), which I really can't afford. But come on. What's new?

♥ We had our first Abel & Cole delivery today, which is quite exciting. Beetroot, eh? Found an interesting recipe for beetroot risotto, so look for that coming soon to a love nest near you...

♥ In a super exciting turn of events, Emma finally got hold of our annual leave cards, and it turned out, taking into account Christmas, that I still had a day and a half left. Woo! So I have promptly taken it, and plan to spend tomorrow finishing my long-languishing art project so that my floor is not covered in crap by the time everyone descends for the VERY SPLENDID AND ALSO AMAZING MAMMA MIA PARTY which is coming up soon (DVD was despatched a day or two ago... very exciting, very exciting indeed... have become Welsh...). Well, that and making tomato and rosemary soup. And washing up. And doing some laundry. And, um. Maybe I should make a list?

♥ After neglecting the theatre rather lamentably, Katie and I are planning to get day seats for Wicked on Saturday (maybe hopefully with [ profile] klo_the_hobbit?), and have booked for La Cage aux Folles and a Tom Stoppardy thing at the National in January. Also planning to see August: Osage County, tickets permitting, and I'd like to see Gethsemane too. Then next week we have the lovely-looking Cobra at the Bad Film Club (it has a body count of over a hundred, apparently... I'm getting little thrills of anticipation already, and that's even before I've considered Sylvester Stallone in tight 80s jeans...), whilst next month we're looking at the Christmas BFC (Batman and Robin... we're contemplating some kind of cape action...), and Tim Minchin again. Woo. Plus parties and stuff. I love Christmas. CHRISTMAS IS LIEK TOTALLY AWESOME EVEN IF I DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD AND BABY JEE WAS BORN IN SEPTEMBER OR WHATEVER.

♥ I want to do a statistics course for work purposes and am struggling to find one. Can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere that will do basic, practical stats courses (the most likely suspects seem to be ancillary university courses)?
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Ah, the traditional Monday morning post. It’s a glorious thing. Almost as glorious as the morning itself, which perked me right up the very second I stepped out of the building on my way to work. Clear blue skies, fresh air, a lovely chilly snap: what more can you ask for in an October morning? I walked briskly to the station, The Hush Sound playing very loudly in my ears, albeit not muffling the clunkety-clop of my new boots with their noisy heels, and read various passably intelligent things on my way to work. An excellent start to the day. Of course, now I’m at work in the unwindowed box that is my shared office, and things have taken a more gloomy aspect (am in receipt of cheery email from Alex asking for a dazzling variety of survival curves… thanks for that…) but still, all in all, life is merry and life is sweet, even though I don’t believe in God and must therefore be tragically unhappy with my pointless existence.

Anyway, le weekend. Saturday, Katie and I bopped into Staines (fucking South West Trains. That’s all I have to say…), to meet Kathye and Megan for the thrilling, nay, scintillating, cinematic treat that was to be High School Musical 3. Sadly Kathye couldn’t come, but we were delivered of Megan, and took her off to get lunch, embark upon a sweet-buying mission in Woolworths, and pobble around a few shops before hurling ourselves upon the Staines Vue.

Oh. Em. Gee. Don’t ever let me do that again. Do you have any idea how much high-pitched noise young girls can make? My ears are still ringing. So much enthusiasm. So much screaming. It hurt. Still, it was sort of sweet, and Megan was frankly adorable, bopping away in her little seat. Katie, likewise, quite excited. I mostly laughed, but I did enjoy the ridiculousness, and there was one song that was actually good. I also, I must honestly admit, found myself, in my tiny head, going, ‘So. Zac Efron. Hmm.’ Heh. So, then we dropped Megan off, went home via pizza and chocolate pudding purchasing, and watched SPN and Chuck (oh, Chuck! Chuck who, I cannot lie, PALES INTO INSIGNIFICANCE NEXT TO THE AWESOMENESS OF JENSEN ACKLES).

Sunday began with an indignant phone call to my mother, demanding to know whether she had stopped loving me. I will explain the background to this. My mother has, for some unknown reason, long since decided that my brother and I are CONSTITUTIONALLY INCAPABLE of remembering when the clocks change. Thus we have always received at least one, and usually two or three, reminders at each change. But some horrible mutation has occurred to this scheme. Reader, I shudder to mention this tragic truth, but this time I received not a single, solitary reminder. I know. It pains me merely to type the words. Surely the only conclusion which can be drawn from this sad state of affairs is that the milk of motherly affection has dried up. The grape of maternal devotion has withered upon the vine. All is devastation and dismay. O! O! And so I lament, etc etc. Anyway, turns out she’s decided we’re old enough to cope with the clocks ourselves, which makes a nice change, so there you go. Milk of m.a. and grape of m.d. turn out to be safe and sound. *thumbs up*

So, once that family brouhaha was resolved, we pottered around for quite some time, before making the heroic leap into outdoor!clothes and bopping into town, where Katie tried on boots and we bought comics, before agonising for about SIX WHOLE ENTIRE HOURS about where to have lunch. Eventually lunched, I bought a jumper, we went home. Pottered some more. Had cheesy mash and tuna mayo for dinner (gastronomic fucking genius, me). Watched Hairspray.

And then, after that, I settled into my bed, and succumbed to the compelling world of the US election. I freely admit that I am actually addicted to it. I have basically spent all my free time in the last few days reading political blogs and newspapers and polls and analysis and campaign videos and TV interviews and I think my brain is in danger of exploding. And now that Sarah Palin has gone ‘rogue’, I think it’s just going to get more exciting! Also, I ♥ the Oval Office as a ‘bummer free zone’. Which does actually seem to be the same zone John McCain is living in.
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So, you all remember that part where Katie and I get our groceries delivered by Sainsbury’s, right? Actually, surveying the evidence at hand, I should probably say that Katie and I get our groceries “delivered” by Sainsbury’s. As in, allegedly. As in, not last night. We only barely escaped having to scrape out the insides of the freezer again. We have no food. I was reduced to baking cookies (with water instead of milk) at half past nine in the evening just so we didn’t starve.

Following this, I rang up Sainsbury’s to (a little wearily, a little ruefully) request the location of our delivery. Tragedy! the person on the phone informed me. Delivery man dead! 0.o Or, OK, not dead, but in an accident that morning. Tut, said I. Dommage, said I. Was everyone else in accident, too? Was that why nobody, during the course of the day, tried to get in touch to convey this sad news? Anyway, blah blah fucking blah, you know what, I’ve had so many tragic tales of our Sainsbury’s deliveries that I really can’t find it in me to explain the ins and outs of this one. Hopefully we will have food on Friday. Pray for us, darlings.*

Woo. Lords shot down terrorist legislation. Aces. Though I was pissed off to read an article where Lord West was reported as saying that rah need such legislation otherwise terrorists will be let free onto the streets!! OMG! Terrorists! On the streets! Lock them up! Quick! Except, loath as I am to contradict Lord West, of course terrorists are not being allowed to roam the streets. The people who are being (in the context of this debate) allowed to roam the streets are, of course, people against whom, after being held for 28 days, there is not sufficient evidence to make a charge. Which is a slightly different kettle of fish.

Just finished reading vol 1 of Scott Pilgrim, which was really ace. I have ordered vol 2 and Katie is ordering vol 3. See how we work like an oiled machine, there… Also ordered another Hush Sound album, because I really, really like their music.

Jade and I have been having a pome-off. It started thus:

Her soul is decayed
Like moulding leaves
Or ragged sleeves
Or compost

Jade followed up with:

Her poo is blue
She is too
Like picasso’s bloody period
She is a monthly pain
In my soulless brain

To which I, delighted, responded:

With jewellery that’s chunky
And the mind of a monkey
Jade rocks
My socks

Jade came back with:

With strawberry blonde hair
And a mouth that has no care
Laura Rocks
My socks!!!!!

And I finished her off with:

You’ve no creativity
Like a star in a nativity
Wandering aimlessly, blind
To the search inside its mind
For individuality

(Which subsequently I feared might be harsh, though she seemed to quite enjoy it!)

* Metaphorically.
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The last couple of days have been characterised by my complete and utter stupidity. Due to going on holiday on Monday (yoicks!) I had to do my transport sums, as I didn’t want to pay for a month’s travelcard. Did my sums, came up with a plan, which involved saving about £35. Excellent, say we all. Not so excellent, say I, because I am stupid. I won’t go into details, because they make me furious with myself; suffice it to say that I have made today’s zone 1-3 travelcard cost £20 instead of £8. Rahhhh.

In other news, also rah. Now, I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way. I am pro-freckles. I like freckles. However, when I go out in the sun in the summer and get freckly, mine aren’t cute little things. No, I get ugly brown splodges all over my face which, in combination with the predominantly vermilion shade of my complexion, make me look like A FUCKING LEPER. Or at least extremely dirty. So, boo, skin.

Went to see Mamma Mia with Katie and Kathye. It was FANTASTIC – the most enjoyable thing I’ve seen at the cinema for ages, even though it was completely ridiculous. The only downside was that we didn’t get into the cinema itself until the trailers, and we couldn’t sit together, which was tragic because it is the last film during which you want to be separated from your friends. Also, Katie and I are maybe going to see X-Files in Richmond on Sunday if we have time.

Have become slightly obsessed with Russian history since the tragic revelations about Anastasia. Currently reading the Royal Diary of Anastasia (yay children’s books, is all I have to say) and eagerly anticipating the arrival of The Curse of the Romanovs, which is, natch, about Alexei going forward to 2010 to try and save his family, where he meets a Romanov descendent who is trying to cure haemophilia. How awesome is that going to be?!

Anyway, have bought a load of books recently (very self-indulgently), mainly because the time is coming for Book Decisions for the holiday. I am definitely taking The Curse of the Romanovs, also Eclipse (the third Twilight book), which I have been saving as a special treat. Also, Katie got Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? out of the library for me, and I have vol 2 of Sandman, and got Eva Ibbotson’s A Song for Summer off Amazon.

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