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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for writing fic for me! I am ridic easy to please and will be delighted by actually anything, so fret not. That being said, I live for happy endings and happy families and happiness generally (especially when there is some angstiness required to get there, admittedly). So, request-wise...

Switched at Birth - Bay & Emmett
I cannot lie, I am invested in these two, even though Emmett did bad things. I'd just like something lovely with them - angst is always welcome; more so if there's a happy ending. (Oh, also, btw, I am so weak for hurt/comfort it's not even true.)

Bunheads - Michelle
Especially given the way season 1 ended, I'd really like to see people appreciating that Michelle is actually trying to make things work, or her beginning to feel like she fits into the community. Or something. :D

Sayers - Harriet Vane
Absolutely anything, as long as it involves Harriet being awesome (and in the context of her relationship with Peter, because I love them together).

The Newsroom
So unfussy with this one! I'd prefer it to be gen, but don't mind if it's not. (That being said, I'd love some Jim h/c. Or someone being a shit to Sloane and everyone being defensive on her behalf. But honestly, pretty much anything.)

So, that is all horrible inarticulate and probably unhelpful; please just have fun writing awesomeness! Thank you!
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Phew! Just got in under the wire for Yuletide. Will post tomorrow viz secret fic desires...
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Well, this is exciting! My first year doing Yuletide!

So, dear person writing for me, yay! I can pretty much guarantee I will be delighted with whatever I get, so please don't worry if you don't think you can write for my particular fantasies. In general terms, I just like a nice story with a general preference for style over substance. I don't mind slash, but tbh none of the fandoms I've chosen are ones in which I tend to slash anyone. However, if that's where your writing takes you, that's fine. I like humorous dialogue and happy endings and families sticking up for each other when it comes down to it.

Anyway, specfics... (under the cut) )

So, there we go! I hope you have fun, and really, please don't stress over it if you fancy going a bit off-piste. Thank you very much!

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