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Um, what is this? Work is allowing access to LJ and tumblr? Je ne comprends pas! But I like it...
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Is it just me or is there a whole lot more spam commenting on LJ over the past month?


Nov. 27th, 2009 02:44 pm
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Rah! Fucking LJ stole my fucking post! I was being all amusing and ace and telling you about the coconut cock cake that Emma made me, and the new lip salve I bought, and a doctor curing MS, and getting IDed for a bottle of wine (seriously? Seriously, Tesco woman? I'M NEARLY 30), and nearly dying from biological warfare on the Jubilee line, and being given a giant card made out of an archive box. But now you will never hear about these things. It is a sad day for everyone.

In other news, IT'S MY LAST DAY.

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You know what? I'm going to put myself out there and I say I fucking hate it when people pimp icons posts in comms, then lock the posts and say you have to friend them to view. How fucking wanky is that? Oh, I'll tell you: IMMENSELY SO.
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So, in light of this meme, let's hear it for me talking about things I don't usually talk about.

It was a short list.

1. Lightbulbs ([ profile] kathrynw)

I do, in fact, have an opinion on lightbulbs. I am all for energy-saving lightbulbs. Energy saving is a good thing. It helps save the planet (I know, I know: what, at this juncture, does that expression even mean any more? Well, actually, in this instance, they use far less electricity to run, which means less energy has to be produced which means burning fewer fossil fuels (a) which are not a renewable source and therefore likely to run out at some stage and (b) the burning of which produces by-products that have a detrimental effect on the environment - I assume everyone knows that; I don't even know why I even bothered to type it out) and also save us money on our electricity bill. Woo. Everyone wins. However, sadly, energy lightbulbs also suck. They take forever to turn on properly and they aren't as bright even then. Also, the design is ugly. I love the old standard lightbulbs - there's something so iconic about them. I have a standard lightbulb in the lamp on my bedside table, mostly because I'm not sure energy ones would fit with the lampshade without making it look like the lampshade was giving birth to plastic intestines.

2. The Future ([ profile] megaleena)

The future. Oh, the future. That's a pretty wide remit to ask someone to LJ about, Mog. In terms of the general future, mostly I think it's going to pobble along much as it has already. Maybe in a few years there'll be another massive leap forward in technology and we'll have flying cars, but to be completely frank with you, I don't think Britain's transport structure is up to the challenge (Britain: the country that didn't bother rebuilding and expanding on its Roman roads until the eighteenth century), so I don't really see that happening. Ditto also living on Mars; living in underwater towns; shuttle services to the moon for £37.99 (+ booking fees) with easyShuttle; Vulcans deciding we're technologically advanced enough to contact; Vogons deciding to destroy the planet to build a new hyperspace bypass; world peace. I do worry that this country is becoming increasingly authoritarian (though welcome the news that ID cards are off the agenda for the time being), but mostly I trust that the political pendulum will swing back the other way.

Alternatively, of course, we will have an actual apocalypse (likely causes: massive climate change [cf The Day After Tomorrow]; alien invasion (OK, that's less likely); massive collapse of financial systems; meteorite hitting the earth and Bruce Willis not being available to DRILL INTO ITS CORE to save us; zombies), in which I will soon die due to frequently mentioned inability to fight to the death for scattered remnants of Waitrose inventory.

For my own personal future: who knows? As Anne said, the future is a bend in the road up ahead. Maybe Captain Kirk will come through a time vortex, fall in love with me, and give me an alien STD. Maybe not. Maybe Chris will win the lottery and Katie and I will have a bookshop-cum-tearoom. Maybe I will die tragically young and everyone will weep at my funeral. Maybe I will stumble across the path of a stockbroker or doctor or Waterstones employee or IT advisor or something and get married and have generally neglected children. Maybe I will just chug along as I do now and have my little jobs and Katie and I will indeed end up as old women with scanty pensions and ceramic cats. Who knows? Or dares to dream? /Percy voice.

3. The Great Cooking Challenge 2009 ([ profile] katherinea)

Shut up, Katherine! Actually, I've done a recipe or two that I haven't LJed about, but I can't remember them now! Maybe I will try again through the Autumn...

4. Are there really things I don't LJ about? ([ profile] ungratefulwench)

Actually, I don't think this counts as a topic under the meaning of the act but I DON'T CARE; I will treat it as such. No, there aren't really things I don't LJ about. Basically, as everyone has doubtless noticed by now, I like the sound of my own voice (or the look of my own words - whatevs). I have lots of thoughts and they are, naturally, all AWESOME, and I like to share them, whether they're on religion or politics or books or TV or my hair or Jim Kirk and his tiny broken psyche or Spock and his emo life now that I've left him. Actually, you know what I don't LJ about? Other people. I should probably stop being so self-centred, but what is the diary concept about if not being self-centred? Answers on a postcard...
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So, I don't know that anyone's ever felt there are some CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT TOPICS OF LIFE about which I do not post, but on the off chance that that's the case, have this meme:

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post or comment about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, religious leanings*, thoughts on yaoi**, favorite type of underwear, graphic techniques, hairstyles***, sports, etc.

* I've always been so backwards at coming forwards on this topic.
** I have no thoughts on yaoi. I only barely know what it is.
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Jizzy Chrizzy, I'm writing Part Two of my Star Trek high school AU (really, I just like having the opportunity to type those delightful words) and it's like getting blood from a stone. I know what I want to write, it's just taking so long!! Thought I would take a little break and do a random fly-by post.

So, what's up with the Squeen? you ask. Meh. Not much. I'm still in my pyjamas, but I just had some cocopops, so yum. Also, am planning spag bol for dinner. Today I was also planning to be domestic, and since [ profile] katie__pillar and [ profile] klo_the_hobbit have gone off to Kingston, I have the opportunity to tidy up etc, but, um, no. I'm just sitting around writing fic and listening to Kid Beyond's I Shall Be Free (OMG I love that song) over and over again.

Yesterday, I eventually got dressed and went over to Lee to see the Brownies' exhibition, which was vee nice - good to see my chums but also to have the Brownies take me round it, because Brownies are never not hilarious. Had an OMG THIS IS HOW YOU CAN TELL THE WORLD HATES ME GIANT TRAUMA over some potatoes in Sainsbury's (over £2 for about three potatoes WTF WTF?). [ profile] xanantha and I had a good deal of squee over going to see Arcadia in a fortnight (ARCADIA! ARCADIA FTW!), I fought [ profile] pim2005 over a balloon (again) and had a disproportionate number of leg battles with [ profile] katherinea. Also made a tiny social faux pas. I also redesigned my LJ - woo. Quite pleased with the end result. LOOK AT MY WORKS, YE MIGHTY, AND DESPAIR etc etc, though hopefully will not become pair of legs in lonely desert.

Ho hum. Should get back to my fic. I am on the final stretch, and I am determined to finish it today. STAR TREK HIGH SCHOOL AU FTW!!

ETA: Oh yes, I meant to link to this from Jezebel: This is your life RomCom style. It would be funnier if it weren't depressingly true. I love being a woman but it is weird sometimes.
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1. I have lost my Austria hoodie somewhere on the way to work. *immense sad face*

2. The LJ homepage is being weird on the work computer for some reason.

3. Work email seems to be down.

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WHAT SHIP DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF: Tony & Ziva (though it's only two; I obviously don't have very shippy icons!)
ANIMATED ICONS ARE: Joyous. Except for the shit ones.

Coding can be found here
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Gacked from [ profile] gingerelanor: who's been commenting on my LJ...

Comments )
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I just updated my profile page in the manner of a teenage girl. I mean, actually, without even a hint of parody. Shame, shame on me. Must remind myself am 27, not 15.
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LJ notification
Leads our communication
On our specification
Seems there's a dislocation

Oh, dear, an abdication
No more for publication
Is there intoxication
Behind this revocation?

LJ notification
Favoured application
For our education
It needs modification!
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LOL! At the top of my flist was a post entitled "Five Times Sam Brooded Unsuccessfully". And I didn't know, for that first moment, whether it was Sam Winchester or Sam Tyler. Maybe it's something in the name...
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♥ I am bored of patient questionnaires. Maybe I should invent a mind-reading machine that can interface with my database and extract specific responses from patients, which responses can then be entered directly into the database using the power of my brain and milk bottle tops.

♥ I have not written any new fic in about a week. I fail at life.

♥ I need to sort out my receipts for Anne. And arrange to go over my pink book with her, because I think I’ve done everything and I want my warrant (I spoke to the pater about the whole Promise/God thing, and he said clearly in practical terms it didn’t make much difference, and what mattered was what I could bring to the guides etc, but I am still not sure, and I meant to ask someone officially and haven’t done yet). And we need to finalise next term’s programme, and write to the guides’ parents about stuff, including when the start of term is. And I meant to write to Guiding about the lack of information available about 4, and I haven’t done that yet either. Once again, failing at life.

♥ We’re starting to give some thought to Chadstock. Some OTH is a must, and I think we’d all quite like to see House of Wax, because not only is it Chadful, it also has wee Jared. Plus, I really think we need some dreadful teenie film with him as the dashing hero (I know, I know, you have to be eight for that to work, but let’s go with it…). There will be no proper food at Chadstock: instead, we will utilize the wonder of the chips’n’dips bowl. Oh yes.

♥ My poo is still not blue. Think there may be something dreadfully wrong with my digestive system. My villi fail at life.

♥ I really, really want to customize my LJ properly, but I cannot work it out. Please could someone guide me through the process? I hate not being able to do it myself. My designing skillz fail at life.
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Is it just me, or is LJ absolutely dead at the moment? Surely most people must have finished Harry Pee by now?

The End.

Jul. 21st, 2007 01:39 pm
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So, [ profile] katie__pillar and I bopped off to Waterstones late last night to pick up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I had ummed and ahed a lot about which version to get, and had eventually pre-ordered the adult one, because the children's cover was so hideous, but when it came to it I got the children's cover, because all my others are, and because having an "adult" cover for a children's book is just really stupid, je pense. We only queued for about an hour or so, which wasn't too bad. But anyway, enough foreplay. On to the good stuff...

So, what did I think? )

On a final note, how much do I love LJ? I come on this morning, and basically my entire flist is talking about the book. I love that sense of community, that there are things like this that bring us all together, because we are (mostly) all fannish, and it's beautiful.
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In the wake of the Strikethrough 2007 schemozzle, I seem to have seen at least half a dozen newspaper articles about the freakishness of people on the internet. Not related to LJ, just other things. YouTube, MySpace, people stalking other people, setting up fake Facebook accounts, all kinds of things. And what strikes me about the people who write these articles is that they none of them seem to have any comprehension of what internet communities are about and how they work. They no doubt use the internet: email their friends, book their holidays, shop, download music, all the usual stuff. But I would bet that none of them *engage* in the internet in the way that we do. They do not understand that internet communities are, in a way, a separate subculture, in which social rules vary from those in the Real World, and this lack of understanding leads them to interpret, in so very many cases, internet community users as freaks and weirdos who need to get a life. Pah.
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Is it just me or are LJ notifications on the blink again?

[ profile] katie__pillar has been putting up my books. I am *dying* to see the Land of Spare Oom once all the shelves have been filled! And given that we move so soon, I think a spot of packing might not go amiss.
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Rah. Why is that I can design something from scratch but am utterly incapable of customising things like LJ? All I want is to put a picture at the top of my LJ, and I have no idea how to do this. It's enough to make a girl weep. Does anyone know how to do it?
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Jan: A - Accent: RP all the way… more or less. The odd Sheffield influence does occasionally creep in.
Feb: Have mounted pictures I bought at London Gather.
Mar: The love nest is now connected to the outside world!!
Apr: Huzzah for the wonder of the National Trust!
May: I just checked out all the people on LJ who are listed as having gone to Sheffield High School (which is where I went, obviously, not that I was just randomly looking up schools), and with the exception of one fairly aged person (who finished there when I was 2!), they are all of the born-about-1986 vintage.
Jun: I have been plagued, since I started working at St Thomas’, with a continually decreasing salary.
Jul: Ah, Demolition Man... it's such a fine piece of film-making!
Aug: The Hoff was just on the radio doing an advert.
Sep: Thing the first: article about Alexis Denisof for those who are interested.
Oct: I forgot to mention an annoying occurrence of a few days ago.
Nov: I am wearing: a yellow t-shirt; my nightie; black opaque knee-highs; black socks with pink toes.
Dec: They're getting out the photon torpedoes... it's a serious business.

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